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Monday, 19 June 1995

  • How to treat the mentally ill :LETTER
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Sir: Dr Phil Thomas's letter ("Medication and madness", 16 June) is a sad case of question-begging prejudgement of tragically important matters. He asserts that the issue concerning the relative merit of drugs and of "understanding" is a matter of "v...

  • Europe says yes to open-access TV :LETTER
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Sir: Andrew Neil warns that "the folk who run Britain's media" ("Any more takers for digital TV?", 16 June) are in danger of letting the future pass them by. His warnings are timely but, in the meantime, he has allowed an important event to pass him ...

  • Degree of flexibility :LETTER
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Sir: I do not know what you mean by "Many courses are narrowly conceived: for example, the mix of disciplines in Oxford's famous Philosophy, Politics and Economics course looks inflexible by today's standards" ("The price of an Oxbridge degree", 13 J...

  • You can't show that, it's political
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Paul Vallely finds a grey area somewhere between tribal peoples and tobacco companies Listen ... can you hear it ... it's the sound of the hillsides of Rwanda where in their thousands the dead lie silent ... Listen ... it's the only message there wil...

  • changing places Canaletto's Greenwich Hospital
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    His enchanting views of Georgian England depict a world of order and elegance where the sun apparently always shined. The seamy side of life - the squalid "Gin Lane" of his contemporary William Hogarth - is conspicuously absent from his work. He was ...

  • Red gums
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Cost of taxing Tax collectors in Beijing have been banned from attending banquets at public expense. New anti-corruption measures prevent officers from using public funds for dining, dancing or night-clubbing.

  • Stolen in error
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Surface mail A man in Abu Dhabi has stuck more than 4,000 postage stamps on his white gown to turn himself into a walking stamp album. Ahmed Rashid Abdullah al-Sawalih, 42, wants to travel around the world with his stamp collection to promote philate...

  • How I would rescue Aitken
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Mr Hatton was, if anything, in an even worse position than Mr Aitken: hated by the political parties, attacked by all sections of the media and presented as somewhere between Adolf Hitler and Attila the Hun. I had first to create a media platform for...

  • Positive immigration policy
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Sir: Your leading article "A dangerous complacency about race" (17 June) makes out that the only Asians with skills are those who have come via East Africa. This is not so. South Asians of every kind are represented across the spectrum of professiona...

  • Positive immigration policy:LETTER
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Sir: I think Bhikhu Parekh ("The race for respect and recognition", 19 June) is wrong to argue that "respect and recognition" represent an advance for black people. "Recognising" or celebrating ethnicity tends to obscure why it should be an issue in ...

  • Dismantle and recycle that oil platform :LETTER
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Sir: If Shell can dump 14,500 tons of metal in the Atlantic, what is the point of homes recycling tin cans? Is our action a mere drop in the ocean? Yours faithfully, ROGER BEESON London, SW18 18 June

  • Radioactive particles at Dounreay :LETTER
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Sir: I feel I must take issue with the recent spate of articles by your Science Editor and your Scotland Correspondent, reporting the recommendations of the Department of Health's Committee on the Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (Coma...

  • Tunnel vision :LETTER
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Buchanan Sir: It is depressing to find London Underground so unwilling to consider the need to rethink its attitude towards Marc Brunel's Thames Tunnel (Lord Howie's letter, 15 June.) The spot-listing of the tunnel should have stimulated some recogni...

  • Lottery forewarning :LETTER
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Sir: Even before George Orwell's prediction of the National Lottery in 1984 (letter, 10 June), St Paul, in his letter to Timothy, wrote: People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge...

  • Judgement day :LETTER
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Sir: I have no doubt that, in the abstract, both the Lord Chief Justice and Michael Beckman QC are right. "Quality should be the only" criterion for appointment to the bench (letter, 17 June). Sadly, the political and legal systems do not operate in ...

  • Take heed of Frank's maverick plan
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    It would seem that they are walking with their eyes wide open towards a great disillusion. Donald Dewar, the social security spokesman, is among the very best Labour frontbenchers. He is armed with the fruits of the Borrie Commission on social justic...

  • Dismantle and recycle that oil platform: LETTER
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Sir: In your leading article "Greenpeace, right or wrong" (16 June), you say that the energy used to dispose of the platform on land would be greater than dumping at sea. You forget to take into account the fact that, if disposed of on land, the thou...

  • Who wants to live to 130?
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Researchers of our proposed longevity are basing their studies on a peculiarly tough variety of earthworm, and there is justice in that, too. We haven't been very nice to worms over the centuries: small boys impale them on hooks to lure fish, and no ...

  • true gripes good mornings
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Shortly afterwards I began to encounter the dentist's receptionist on my way to school. At first I looked forward to seeing her as she was quite attractive. She always smiled and said "Good morning", and I continued my journey with a spring in my ste...

  • Black holes expected
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Town cleaned up The mayor of Agua Preta, Brazil, has hired 17 former prostitutes as street cleaners after closing down the town's red-light district. "We're now free to walk the streets," said Maria de Barros, 43, a former prostitute. "Even married w...

  • Dismantle and recycle that oil platform :LETTER
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    Sir: It is a sad indictment of our society that, in the same week as Brian Appleyard writes an excellent article concerning the spiritual bankruptcy of our money-worshipping culture ("Money makes the world go away", 14 June), and on the same day that...

  • chess
    Tuesday, 20 June 1995

    The world's best player, Garry Kasparov of the PCA, and the most enduring chess politician, Florencio Campomanes, the President of Fide, ended their long feud with a plan to unite the two world titles. Kasparov, once Campomanes's most virulent critic...

  • How to turn a whatsit into a thingummybob
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    I'm sorry. We've just noticed that her letter is in fact headed "Midgets", not "Widgets". So no prize there, I'm afraid. "Only an absolute idget, could find any use for a widget," says Luela Palmer. "A widget," says Paul Clark, "can be combined with ...

  • When the minister has to face the fax
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    But this is what the public relationers adviser, Patrick Robertson, appears to have achieved. He sent a fax, as he thought, to Jonathan Aitken's private secretary. This was received by a certain David Scholefield. The next day Mr Scholefield received...

  • How to win elections: do less
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    The major issue at the next general election will not just be who runs Britain for the next few years but whether there is a Britain left to run at the end of it. Labour and Liberal Democrat plans would pass so many powers to Brussels and to devolved...

  • LETTER:Nuclear testsin the Pacific
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    Sir: The recently announced decision by France that it will conduct further nuclear tests in the Pacific is contemptible. As my own small protest I have decided that I shall no longer buy any French wines, but shall rather, as a gesture of solidarity...

  • LETTER:No over-reaction on child sexual abuse
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    Sir: I would like to address a number of points, of both accuracy and substance, which are raised in Rosie Waterhouse's article "Crying wolf puts more kids at risk" (15 June). 1. By using the term "sexual interference" the NSPCC is drawing attention ...

  • LETTER:Herbal remedyfor headlice
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    Sir: Helen Kon's plaint about the pervasive headlouse ("Face the fact: life is lousy", 14 June) moves me to write. There is an effective alternative to pesticidal headlice preparations: quassia, a bitter bark, sometimes drunk infused as a tonic and o...

  • LETTER:Information needed on drug use in psychiatry
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    Sir: I have had a diagnosis of schizophrenia since 1985. I have been taking neuroleptic (anti-psychotic) drugs for the past 10 years - both orally and intravenously. I believe I have a right to make an informed choice, not to be told that because of ...

  • Chess
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    Such a viewpoint would be missing the point. For a well-constructed problem can equal the beauty, and far exceed the purity, of anything one may find in a game. You just need to make the effort not only to solve it but to understand what the composer...

  • Diary
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    With the assembled company I discussed a recent conversation with the playwright Brian Behan, when he said it behoves us all to encourage persons of the paramilitary persuasion to write books. "Once they start writing books they are on their way out....

  • Bridge
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    The options were One, Two or Four Hearts. One might allow the opponents into the act (South's singleton spade suggested that they might compete); while Two would exaggerate the quality of the hand. He chose Four, resigning himself to missing a possib...

  • LETTER:Radio reflects church thinking
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    Sir: I must respond to the call from the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (LGCM) for Premier Radio to lose its licence because of its "inflammatory editorial policy" (report, 13 June). We have been accused of acting arbitrarily and of attempting to...

  • LETTER:Victims ofCommunism
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    Sir: Steve Crawshaw's excellent and chilling report on the post-war Buchenwald "Gulag" (12 June) seems to have been marred by a misleading picture caption. Although the text makes clear that the official fiction about the camp holding "Nazi bigshots ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:England's sweet chariot crashes
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    For the neutral, and for the rugby purists, yesterday's victory by the New Zealanders over the English was a joy. They slung the ball about and ran with it; we - until a last, magnificent and futile rally - preferred to continue our trust in boot and...

  • LETTER:Fear of themacho female
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    Sir: I'm really looking forward to seeing the Tank Girl film ("She's raw, she's rough, she's our new icon", 16 June). Maybe it will bring back memories of the bad girls I hung around with as a teenager, 30 years ago, before we all "settled down" to m...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:Smoke clears over the NHS
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    Yet, already, through the smoke, a peace settlement is beginning to take shape. All the main political parties have agreed on a long contested but fundamental principle - that those, such as hospitals, who provide healthcare should be separate from t...

  • What every man fears
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    The appointment last week of Louise Woolcock and Pauline Clare as, respectively, the school captain of Rugby and the Chief Constable of Lancashire are just the latest examples of the trend. By this I do not of course mean that there is a trend for wo...

  • LETTER:Landmines ofthe Nineties
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    Sir: I wonder if I am alone in being shocked at the inclusion of the Valmara 69 "Bounding" landmine in the article "The most stylish products of the Nineties?" (12 June). Perhaps Tibor Kalman's selection and description of the land mine's destructive...

  • LETTER:Information needed on drug use in psychiatry
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    and Dr P. Bracken Sir: We should be grateful to Mind, Marjorie Wallace and others for highlighting the issues surrounding the use and abuse of drugs used in psychiatry (Letters, 12 and 13 June). Such drugs have been prescribed widely for nearly four ...

  • The race for respect and recognition
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    Linford Christie, one of the greatest sportsmen Britain has produced, announced his retirement, claiming that neither the British media nor the author of his unauthorised biography had treated him or his achievements with the respect they deserved. W...

  • ISMISM; No.20:Nononoism
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    (past tense) A nostalgia for past events or situations the unpleasantness of which you have forgotten. As in "Wasn't it wonderful to see old Maggie on Frost the other day. At least she was a real leader", or "Of course we were poor - my mum drank, my...

  • LETTER:Nuclear testsin the Pacific
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    Sir: The French Ambassador says (Another View, 16 June) "the suspension of the nuclear tests in 1992 was a little too early, in that it did not allow France to obtain all the data needed for the move to laboratory simulation already made by other nuc...

  • LETTER:Nuclear testsin the Pacific
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    Sir: The French Ambassador, Jean Gueguinou, (Another View; "Nuclear tests are safe", 16 June) makes a poor case on behalf of a country with a reputation for logical thought. How does the independence and defence of France depend on the safety and rel...

  • This is the week that was
    Monday, 19 June 1995

    1846: The first official baseball game is played between the New Yorks and the Knickerbockers at Hoboken NJ. 1885: The Statue of Liberty arrives in New York from Paris. 1910: Father's day is instituted by Mrs John Bruce Dodd of Spokane, Washington. 1...

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