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Monday, 26 June 1995

  • Learning English as she is spoke
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    Which election? The one in which John Major wants to be leader of the Tory Party (which he already is), so he is resigning the post he already has in order to stand for election to the post he already has. Oh, yes, that one. What do you find puzzling...

  • Doom is Major's best weapon
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    Redwood is bad news for Major for some paradoxical reasons. He is not a single-issue obsessive but a shrewd right-wing policy man with an eye on Middle England. He is not a classic gold-plated shit; when he says that he hasn't gone round being disloy...

  • Letter: No 'dreadful duty' on the disabled
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    I cannot see that compassion and respect for full civil rights, however vociferous some people may be in proclaiming those rights, are at odds with each other. Indeed, I wonder if you can have one without the other. If Mr North visited the Leonard Ch...

  • Letter: Just pour me a glass of coconut
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    Green, unripe coconuts do contain a watery fluid, often called milk, which is one of the most refreshing drinks I know - fresh from the tree, the husk ripped off and holes punched in the eyes to let the drink out. However, this fluid certainly does n...

  • Which way should I vote next week?
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    Since I want to see my party win the next general election and I believe that most people want to see Britain and its laws remain the province of a British parliament and British Courts, I consider that I have little choice in the matter. John Major ...

  • Letter: SDP gave a choice to the electorate
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    First, Ms Toynbee fails to recognise the fact that a big majority of former members and supporters of the SDP and the Alliance neither had, nor had ever had, any particular interest in the Labour Party or what happened to it. They joined the SDP beca...

  • Letter: Flight of fancy
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    Yours faithfully, Pamela Harewood Leeds 26 June

  • ANOTHER VIEW: A duty to choose unselfishly
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    As a long-time supporter of the Down's Syndrome Association dedicated to caring for families affected by Down's, I applaud his first two sentiments. His is a positive attitude which will ensure that his daughter gets the best possible care and life o...

  • Leading Article: From reptile to Newt
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    Not that you can believe everything he says. It is hard to accept that Mr Redwood's primary quarrel with John Major is, as he claims, crossness over the calling of the leadership battle. If Mr Major "turned a soap opera into a crisis", Mr Redwood is ...

  • Letter: Superstores have passed their sell-by date
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    Mr Robinson sees superstores as a response to "the basic needs of a car- borne society". But it is now widely agreed that a fundamental aim of transport policy should be to enable people to satisfy basic needs such as grocery shopping without having ...

  • Letter: Labour's new education policy
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    1. If foundation and community schools are to enjoy virtually identical status and funding, what is the purpose of creating two sectors within the secondary system? 2. If selection in general is to be discouraged or prohibited, why does the new polic...

  • Leading Article: Some other happy ending
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    Why was our response to this pair of likeable, pragmatic, but basically ordinary young journalists so over-heated? Partly, no doubt, because the media ensured that it would be so. But there is also, surely, another reason. Compared with the normal st...

  • True gripes; electric toasters
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    Our first toaster, a chromium-plated Morphy Richards job which did two bits of toast without fuss or frills, lasted four years. Since then, toaster technology seems to have gone into decline, if not reverse. Over a period of about 30 years, we have h...

  • Site unseen: Peterborough Cathedral
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    Which explains why, much as I admire and respect St Paul's Cathedral, it is Wren's smaller and more intimate City churches which I love. St Benet's, St Mary Abchurch, St James Garlickhythe... these are the gems which even confirmed agnostics like mys...

  • Backgammon
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    One player, known as "the box", plays against the remainder, known as "the team", one of whom is designated "the captain". The team may consult about their moves but the captain has the final decision. The players rotate in strict order. Let's say th...

  • Which way should I vote next week?
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    I have taken the view since John Major's election that, as a straight and honourable man in the middle of the Euro-debate, he was the person most likely to provide a peace plan that might create unity. A peace plan promoted by Mr Major would not be r...

  • Chess
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    After two tense draws in the Kasparov-Kramnik match the issue had to be resolved by a five-minute shoot-out. Kramnik, playing White, needed to win to go through to the final but missed several chances before the game was finally drawn after 66 moves....

  • Yesterday was...
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    Turtles, with the Maldive islands banning the catching, sale, importation and exportation of turtle products for the next 10 years. Eating turtle meat is already banned in the Maldives under Islamic law. A bad day for: Sloppy journalists. A Chinese c...

  • Letter: Superstores have passed their sell-by date
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    The people of Ulster will not consume more just because a new shop arrives. Many smaller retail operators will close or reduce their staffing levels, distribution warehouses and cash and carry wholesalers will be similarly affected; and, if normal su...

  • Letter: Superstores have passed their sell-by date
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    Children in French supermarkets seem to enjoy the experience of imitating parents and helping with their delegated bit of the buying-in. It is a common experience to see them swelling with pride at the feedback they get on being so helpful and respon...

  • Letter: Labour's new education policy
    Tuesday, 27 June 1995

    But in two key respects, the world has changed since the Seventies. First, whether we like it or not, there are now more than a thousand grant maintained schools. Secondly, with the introduction of local management, 85 per cent of the schools' aggreg...

  • After the euphoria, the Norma option
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    For a really infectious euphoria, there's nothing like a dramatic gesture, a simple act of daring, a demarche, to excite the sympathy. Philip Larkin wrote a poem about the psychology of these gestures, which begins: Sometimes you hear, fifth-hand, As...

  • Scrabbling for an interesting position
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    However, Lisa Lind of Chiseldon, Wilts, says: "Games of the Scrabble type can be thought of as combinatorial play in which 26 elements (letters) are arranged into sets (words). In other words, bloody boring! To liven it up I'd take it into the bathro...

  • Leading Article: Tinker, tailor, soldier ... police?
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    Since that time it seems that MI5 has been trying to consolidate a role in tackling organised crime and in particular the drugs trade. This is the natural terrain of the Special Branch and Customs and Excise. Mrs Rimington insists that MI5 has skills...

  • Letter: Less secrecy in EU deals
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    When acting in its legislative mode the Council should meet in public and its proceedings - including the amendments discussed and voting records - should be published. Not only would this add clarity to the often Byzantine methods by which EU laws c...

  • Letter: The man who lived for 167 years
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    In an old scrapbook I have a newspaper clipping reporting the death in 1975 of "the world's oldest man" in Altamira, north Brazil, one Doroteu de Souza who had been born on 4 April 1808. Yours faithfully, Peter Daniel Worthing, West Sussex 23 June

  • Letter:L The spirit of the SDP lives on
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    She may not see former SDP members being active in the Liberal Democrats, but they are. At all levels, in Parliament, in county halls and town halls and at constituency level, former SDP members are playing a full part in the party which they helped ...

  • Letter: Was the Aitken fax a CIA plot?
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    The date of Mr Robertson's misdirected fax is written in the American style: month first followed by day; then, on the second page of the fax, under point two, there occurs the phrase: ". . . to stop all enquiries into you, period". "Period" is the A...

  • Leading Article: John doesn't need another Douglas
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    That short-term calculation is precisely the wrong way to choose who should become Foreign Secretary in the run-up to the Inter-Governmental Conference on European integration, which will make critical decisions on the extension of the community east...

  • Letter: Tackle racism by losing racial tags
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    Only by getting rid of racial tags such as "white", "Asian", "black" et al can we begin to get rid of racism. This is what Nelson Mandela and the government in South Africa are trying to do, hence his "Rainbow People" quip at the opening ceremony of ...

  • Letter: Leading qualities
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    Yours faithfully, Maggie Butcher Academic Administrator Gresham College London, EC1 22 June

  • Les ennuis de Monsieur Major
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    "La cle, s'il vous plait," I said to the pretty hotel receptionist on my return to our hotel, at the end of last week. "Chambre numero onze," I added, to show that my French was almost limitless. "Ah, Monsieur Kington - you must return home at once,"...

  • Letter: Esteemed equerry
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    Yours faithfully, Richard Rutter London, SW3

  • Letter: Local government demands the highest standards of probity
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    There is no evidence whatsoever that standards of probity in local government are lower than in central government, quangos or the private sector. There is some evidence to suggest they are higher and there is certainly the likelihood of greater scru...

  • ISMISMNew concepts for the Nineties
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    Departing from the public arenas of politics or business has become an enterprise demanding subtlety and finesse. It is no longer sufficient to clear one's desk and mutter insincerities about spending quality time with one's offspring. The concept of...

  • Even Lomu can't beat Mandela
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    The match, sure, was a nail-biter. Tens of thousands of words have already been written dissecting the South African game plan, extolling the physical commitment of the forwards and the ferocity of the backs' defence. The real reason South Africa won...

  • Letter: Superstores keep shoppers happy
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    The large grocery retailers have invested heavily: in the latest technologies (bar coding, computerised stock control); in creating pleasant surroundings for their customers; and in developing innovative product lines (notably, convenience meals). Th...

  • Letter: Media survey an exercise in futility
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    Year after year, however, the Independent Television Commission solemnly avers that some supposedly precise percentage of the viewing public believes that television is biased towards the Conservatives ("Viewers say BBC bias favours Tories", 22 June)...

  • Euro-sceptics: surfing the tide of history
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    Worn out by sniping from his backbench critics, from a hostile media and from Margaret Thatcher, Major is asking the party to declare whether it wants him to continue to lead it or not. But much deeper questions are at stake. The election is not just...

  • Bridge
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    South opened One Diamond and West overcalled with Two Diamonds (showing the major suits and weak or strong but not intermediate). The rot started when North bid Two Hearts. He intended this, in the modern style, as merely showing a sound raise in dia...

  • This is the week that was
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    1862: Joseph Wells, the father of HG Wells, becomes the first bowler to take four wickets in four balls in a first-class match. 1901: Professional chauffeurs protest at a move to stop them wearing moustaches. 1939: Public executions are abolished in ...

  • Chess
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    Peeved at the inflationary offers from other potential sponsors, they sought to restore some sense and dignity to the spirit of the game by proposing that the match be played in their Snug Bar (which their own players always found most congenial). Th...

  • Letter: Local government demands the highest standards of probity
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    Camden came into existence only in 1965 and Labour has not held control "for generations"; the Conservatives have controlled the council during that period, and between 1976 and 1980 Labour enjoyed only a very slim majority. Labour is, however, very ...

  • Letter: Local government demands the highest standards of probity
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    Labour-controlled Southwark is one of the toughest local authorities in the country on cracking down on housing and benefit frauds. Staff who misuse their positions are sacked and Labour councillors who tried to use their influence to swing a grant o...

  • Diary
    Monday, 26 June 1995

    Today Northern Ireland will see the launch of a light blue ribbon to be worn by campaigners for the Families of the Disappeared - people whose loved ones were abducted and murdered by the IRA and who want their remains back so they can bury them dece...

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