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Sunday, 4 June 1995

  • LETTER:Responsibility for home loans
    Monday, 5 June 1995

    Sir: As an independent surveyor/valuer in the residential sector, I find it is commonly agreed among those of us "at the sharp end" that the peak in prices of late 1988 was entirely the result of Nigel Lawson's budget (which deferred the loss of doub...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:Supping with the devil over Bosnia
    Monday, 5 June 1995

    The devil, in this case, is the Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic. Western governments rightly believe that he is the strongest character in the Balkan landscape, the man with most power over disparate Serb communities strung out across Bosnia, Cr...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:Yankee Doodle dandy for Britain
    Monday, 5 June 1995

    But, if you are surprised, you have merely been fooled into thinking that the British desire to reconstruct Continental holiday bliss in these colder climes has held back the cultural tide from across the pond. It hasn't. And the evidence is so obvio...

  • LETTER:Bosnia: how we got to this point
    Monday, 5 June 1995

    Sir: Andrew Marr's suggestion that the Bosnian Serbs "fear" a return to the "negotiating table" is incorrect ("No withdrawal, no war; and no neutrality", 1, June ). The Bosnian Serbs have always been prepared to negotiate with the Bosnian Muslims. Si...

  • LETTER:The cockiness of the new
    Monday, 5 June 1995

    Sir: Jonathan Glancey's article on Uppark ("A fantasy, lovingly rebuilt", 2 June) asserts that life in Britain today is so full of changes and chances that we positively need a country-house fantasy to fall back on. There may be something in it, and ...

  • LETTER:Cyberspace bores
    Monday, 5 June 1995

    Sir: Our sympathies must go to Roy Sutherland, defrauded of pounds 1,000 on the Internet (report, 2 June). However, is life in cyberspace really so dull that it must be spiced up with chilli sauce ordered on the World Wide Web, albeit direct from Cal...

  • ISMISM; New concepts for the Nineties; No. 18: Sidism
    Monday, 5 June 1995

    In a series of highly successful privatisation initiatives, public services were sold off so cheaply that even ordinary people could make a quick buck by buying and then selling at the earliest opportunity. Sidism achieved its apotheosis during the a...

  • LETTER:Groucho grouch
    Monday, 5 June 1995

    Sir: I am amazed at the amount of column inches you have wasted writing about Julie Burchill and the emotional crises of her superficial coterie. Is any of it of any real interest outside of the Groucho Club? Or do you think that London is the centre...

  • Drivel that deserved to self-deconstruct
    Monday, 5 June 1995

    Since Toby Young's announcement last week that - the views of Julie Burchill to the contrary notwithstanding - the latest issue of the Modern Review would be the last, the national press has been enjoying a frenzy of speculation on this subject, aide...

  • Company man takes a dive
    Monday, 5 June 1995

    Political commentators have all met a redundant middle manager, or at least talked to a taxi driver who has. They are at one in attributing part of the Government's unpopularity to the growth of white-collar job uncertainty, as hitherto stable compan...

  • Diary
    Monday, 5 June 1995

    Just after dawn last Tuesday, as I printed out the typescript due with my publisher that morning, I asked myself why I have never finished a book at a sensible time of day. The answers I proffered myself were that optimism makes me always underestima...

  • LETTER:Tagged with success
    Monday, 5 June 1995

    Sir: Contrary to the assertion ("Tagging delay as US equipment fails", 1 June) of the Association of Chief Officers of Probation, the use of the electronic tag in penology in the US is steeply on the increase. It is also on the increase worldwide, wi...

  • China's doing well enough
    Monday, 5 June 1995

    This disjuncture between the politics of repression and the economics of opportunity is troubling from several standpoints. It sets in apparent opposition the different dimensions of human rights: rights to a decent standard of living versus the righ...

  • LETTER:Searching for evidence about GP fundholders
    Monday, 5 June 1995

    Sir: There is a simple error of logic in your theory that because GP fundholding works, we need more of it. As you rightly point out, fundholding works at the expense of the non-fundholders. Fundholding patients compete for hospital resources and are...

  • LETTER:An invitation to the Irish
    Monday, 5 June 1995

    Sir: The likelihood that the Queen will follow up Prince Charles' successful visit to the Irish Republic is surely welcome. She would make such a visit in her capacity as Head of State here, rather than as head of the Commonwealth. But is it not time...

  • It's the Ministry of silly sundries
    Monday, 5 June 1995

    ''We can't have people refusing titles. Remind me why he refused it,'' said the Minister. ''The letter from Conyers just says, 'Dear Sir, I herewith return your offer of a knighthood. It is very nice of you to think of me, but I have always felt that...

  • LETTER:Searching for evidence about GP fundholders
    Monday, 5 June 1995

    Sir: Your assertion that "GP Fundholding has plainly worked" cannot be allowed to pass unchallenged ("The Positive Side of Fundholding", l June). My review of the literature on fundholding suggests that there is only limited evidence in support of yo...

  • LETTER:Bosnia: how we got to this point
    Monday, 5 June 1995

    Sir: Since taking charge of the conflict in Bosnia, the five-power Contact Group has achieved a record of almost consistent failure. They have failed to reverse the foreign invasions of Bosnia; to support the preservation of a secular, multi-faith, p...

  • Crisp new tenor
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    Not only audiences but critics, harder to please than the paying public, have most of them gone overboard. Alagna is "full of bravura, with a ringing top", one wrote. "His tenor is gaining power by the year and he is not afraid to use it at full thro...

    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    However, the original tycoons weren't businessmen - they were Japanese shoguns, or commanders-in-chief. Early in the 17th century the shogun Tokugawa Iyeyasu, that benevolent despot, took over pretty well all the Mikado's secular powers and in 1635 i...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Peacekeeping all the way to catastrophe
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    Consider the sequence of events that led to the present crisis, a sequence that began only 13 days ago. Bosnian Serb forces seized UN weapons and began firing on Sarajevo. The Muslim-led Bosnian government forces fired back. The UN issued ultimatums ...

  • LETTER : How to distinguish between Labour and Conservative
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    You are wrong to lump Labour's policy of toughness on crime with the Conservatives'. Labour also aims to tackle the causes of crime through attention to the distribution of wealth,devolution to local bodies and the availability of resources to public...

  • LETTER : Can ideas ever be banned?
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    Instead of worrying about people's opinions, the question, as Bishop Berkeley so clearly saw, is to be able to think. And thinking is certainly in short supply within the German state legislature. If history has taught us anything it is that you cann...

  • CAPTAIN MOONLIGHT : Porn King and I ... a stroll in Hay ... Sher height
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    "Oh, you know Jimmy?" he exclaimed. "We were just having lunch in Le Caprice! Let's call him in. Hey Jimmy!" he yelled, and Jimmy couldn't have bounced in more quickly if he'd been listening at the door. "She done me! I get to 39 wiv'aht having one a...

  • Keep your tin hat and gas mask within reach, Mr Major
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    The Tory Party is not pacifist but it has always been pacific. David Lloyd George was kicked out of the Coalition premiership by the Conservatives in 1922 principally because of his military adventurism on the Greek side against the Turks. "We cannot...

  • British Rail card sir? That'll do nicely, thank you
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    This all seems perfectly reasonable to the Germans, but it would not be as appropriate in this country. If British Rail brought out a credit card I don't think the idea would meet with the same response. Can you really imagine a waiter in a posh rest...

  • Thank Major for stable house prices
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    Since he was a junior Treasury minister at the time of the boom, it has been widely remarked, a larger slice of the blame for that spiral lies with him than it does with the imprudent people who beggared themselves with massive mortgages or with the ...

  • Why be so careless with the facts?
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    The truth about pollution and penises is somewhat different. Scientists are concerned about the effects of certain pollutants that appear to mimic female hormones, and thus could inhibit the development of male sexual organs, but they are a very long...

  • quotes of the week
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    Lord Owen making his first speech to the House of Lords You are the most interesting thing to come out of Docklands since the Kray Gang. Ken Livingstone, Labour MP, addressing the board of British Gas at its annual general meeting I felt like an old-...

  • LETTER : NHS staff in pay dispute
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    Jocelyn Prudence PAMs, London WC1

  • LETTER : No mortgage False claims
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    This allegation, made by both The Cook Report and the Daily Mirror in 1990, was found by an inquiry headed by Gavin Lightman QC to be "entirely untrue" - not surprising in view of the fact that I had no mortgage in the last quarter of 1984. Accountan...

  • LETTER : Can ideas ever be banned?
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    Their purpose is served by attempting to mythologise the events of those days. By doing so they can subvert fact into fiction, and in the absence of any personal testimony, inevitable as the survivors of the camps pass away, reduce those facts to the...

  • LETTER : Gear for plant hunters
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    The pith helmet or sola topee and the knife are reasonable to conjure up but not plastic bags and snake-bite serum. Plastic bags are a post- 1950s phenomenon and snake-bite serum varies with the type of snake. As a Colonial Office publication puts it...

  • LETTER : How to find a good trustee
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    National Council for Voluntary Organisations research shows that the main reason why people become trustees is a commitment to the cause of the charity. Only 29 per cent even bother to reclaim expenses. The pool of potential trustees is far from empt...

  • LETTER : How to distinguish between Labour and Conservative
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    Kate Ashbrook Chairman The Ramblers' Association London SW8

  • LETTER : When Edward D Wood really died
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    Ian Townsend, Surrey

  • LETTER : Church Mission Society correction
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    P A Dowsett, Church Mission Society, London SE1

  • LETTER : Manipulation isn't power
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    Manipulation is generally understood as the exertion of influence by indirect means rather than by asserting one's right to overt authority. A woman who resorts to manipulation may succeed in achieving her ends, but in so doing she unwittingly reveal...

  • LETTER : Through the eyes of innocence
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    Does it really matter that Wood may have been an asexual mother's boy, an opium eater, a manic depressive, a suicide and a late starter? Gaugin's life, for example, was equally flawed. He was an even later starter and died of syphilis through his own...

  • A vile calumny on our politicians' wives
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    For a time in the early Seventies, I was an occasional guest with Anouska Hempel and that admirable songbird Vince Hill on the immortal Call My Bluff (now, alas, long-forgotten). To be perfectly honest, I still accept the odd invitation to present Wh...

  • We may frighten each other but the wild things find us tame enough
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    Sorry, this isn't supposed to be a nature column, and if all I've described were in the countryside it wouldn't be worth mentioning. But it's happening in an inner-London borough, six miles from Leicester Square. Those foxes have their earth in a sub...

  • LETTER : When laudable goals and fine words offer simplistic solutions to complex problems
    Sunday, 4 June 1995

    This critique of local government officers and the use of external consultants have given public services a new language. Notions such as the pursuit of excellence and total quality management are difficult to resist because they combine laudable goa...

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A Christmas without hope: Fears grow in Gaza that the conflict with Israel will soon reignite

Christmas without hope

Gaza fears grow that conflict with Israel will soon reignite
After 150 years, you can finally visit the grisliest museum in the country

The 'Black Museum'

After 150 years, you can finally visit Britain's grisliest museum
No ho-ho-hos with Nick Frost's badass Santa

No ho-ho-hos with Nick Frost's badass Santa

Doctor Who Christmas Special TV review
Chilly Christmas: Swimmers take festive dip for charity

Chilly Christmas

Swimmers dive into freezing British waters for charity
Veterans' hostel 'overwhelmed by kindness' for festive dinner

Homeless Veterans appeal

In 2010, Sgt Gary Jamieson stepped on an IED in Afghanistan and lost his legs and an arm. He reveals what, and who, helped him to make a remarkable recovery
Isis in Iraq: Yazidi girls killing themselves to escape rape and imprisonment by militants

'Jilan killed herself in the bathroom. She cut her wrists and hanged herself'

Yazidi girls killing themselves to escape rape and imprisonment
Ed Balls interview: 'If I think about the deficit when I'm playing the piano, it all goes wrong'

Ed Balls interview

'If I think about the deficit when I'm playing the piano, it all goes wrong'
He's behind you, dude!

US stars in UK panto

From David Hasselhoff to Jerry Hall
Grace Dent's Christmas Quiz: What are you – a festive curmudgeon or top of the tree?

Grace Dent's Christmas Quiz

What are you – a festive curmudgeon or top of the tree?
Nasa planning to build cloud cities in airships above Venus

Nasa planning to build cloud cities in airships above Venus

Planet’s surface is inhospitable to humans but 30 miles above it is almost perfect
Surrounded by high-rise flats is a little house filled with Lebanon’s history - clocks, rifles, frogmen’s uniforms and colonial helmets

Clocks, rifles, swords, frogmen’s uniforms

Surrounded by high-rise flats is a little house filled with Lebanon’s history
Return to Gaza: Four months on, the wounds left by Israel's bombardment have not yet healed

Four months after the bombardment, Gaza’s wounds are yet to heal

Kim Sengupta is reunited with a man whose plight mirrors the suffering of the Palestinian people
Gastric surgery: Is it really the answer to the UK's obesity epidemic?

Is gastric surgery really the answer to the UK's obesity epidemic?

Critics argue that it’s crazy to operate on healthy people just to stop them eating
Homeless Veterans appeal: Christmas charity auction Part 2 - now LIVE

Homeless Veterans appeal: Christmas charity auction

Bid on original art, or trips of a lifetime to Africa or the 'Corrie' set, and help Homeless Veterans
Pantomime rings the changes to welcome autistic theatre-goers

Autism-friendly theatre

Pantomime leads the pack in quest to welcome all