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Wednesday, 7 June 1995

  • LEADING ARTICLE:A fair deal for classroom lepers
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    These statistics are an admission of failure. If we abandon difficult young people with such careless disregard, there is little point bemoaning delinquency and the creation of a so-called "underclass". Once children are permanently excluded, they ar...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:From Lionheart to Stonewall
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Life may not, however, be that simple. We are talking here about the immense power that prejudice exerts over otherwise good minds. Take the "reasons" adduced by the Ministry of Defence for maintaining the ban: that allowing gays into the forces woul...

  • LETTER:The flaws of democracy
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Sir: Every year your distinguished columnist Andrew Marr pens a column complaining about the fact that the Parliamentary Labour Party elects its Shadow Cabinet ("Election that casts a poor shadow", 6 June). It reflects, all too obviously, the complai...

  • ANOTHER VIEW; Junk these union junkets
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Ann Widdecombe, the employment minister, today flies to Geneva to challenge the ILO's plans to criticise the ban on trade unions at the government's telecommunications listening post GCHQ. She will threaten to pull out altogether. We must face the fa...

  • LETTER:Islam's views on terrorism
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Sir: Iran's Foreign Minister, Dr Ali Akbar Velayati, is right to condemn the premature and false reports that Iran was involved in the Oklahoma bombing ("Velayati offers no word of hope for Rushdie", 31 May). However, Dr Velayati's claim that the Ira...

  • LETTER:Uneven playing field of justice
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Sir: Paul Vallely ("Private Clegg's friends in high places", 6 June) is right to contrast the speed of government reaction to the media campaign to free Lee Clegg with the sloth displayed in other miscarriage of justice cases. On 8 June 1993, lawyers...

  • LETTER:Scott inquiry reveals Government's grey spot
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Sir: The Government appears entirely to have missed the point of the Scott inquiry. Ever since the collapse of the Matrix Churchill trial, it has been clear that the Government behaved immorally in attempting to prosecute people whose activities it k...

  • LETTER:BBC's 'whiter than white' image
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Sir: I am sorry that Carol Vorderman finds it so difficult to accept the reasons for her departure from Tomorrow's World, following her appearance in a new run of soap powder commercials ("Dear Auntie", 5 June). Indeed, she herself agreed terms which...

  • LETTER:Hackney must face independent inquiry
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Sir: As a resident of Hackney and someone from an ethnic minority, I am outraged that the people of Britain's poorest borough, such as myself, will have to pay for the alleged fraud that has been hidden by charges of "racial harassment". This is beca...

  • LETTER:Bilious attacks on 'Modern Review'
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Sir: Jon Savage's attack on the Modern Review (Letters, 7 June) might be not unconnected with the MR's devastating and hilarious review by Julie Burchill of his book, England's Dreaming. To rub salt in the wound, La Burchill's hatchet job on Mr Savag...

  • OBITUARY:Roy Beddington
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    He taught me how to paint better. (I was one of his only two pupils, he said. The other was his daughter the painter Sarah Beddington.) I am grateful not only for his skill, but especially for the humility which allowed him to enter into a pupil's wa...

  • OBITUARY:Emilio Garca Gomez
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    He was a student of the great scholar of Arabic literature Miguel Asn y Palacios (1871-1944), to whom he dedicated one of his best-known collections in 1930, Poemas Arabigoandaluces, still a best-seller. These refined, playful, delicately textured (a...

  • OBITUARY:Sir John Bunting
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Yet it was his removal from the post of civil service head of the Prime Minister's Department in 1968 by the newly chosen Liberal prime minister John Gorton (succeeding the recently drowned Harold Holt) which heralded a marked shift in relations betw...

  • OBITUARY:Sir Jay Gohel
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Always a keen observer of British politics, Gohel joined the Conservative Party soon after arriving in Britain in 1960 and became one of its most staunch leaders. He pointed out to Asian voters that Asian values are Tory values. ''We Asians are the o...

  • Why Lancelot gets paid a lot
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Then his eye was caught by the sight of a young maiden riding slowly up the road to the castle. His smile faded. She seemed somehow to exude sadness, a discordant note in that smiling landscape, and King Arthur had an ominous feeling that her slow pr...

  • Behold the backlash, sabres drawn
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Lord Howe, with the words ''natural justice'' emblazoned on his banner, is leading it, with squadrons of Conservative backbenchers at either shoulder. Then comes the Whitehall Cavalier, Tristan Garel-Jones, sabre drawn and determined to right the ''m...

  • OBITUARY:Tony Clegg
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Though often referred to as a Yorkshireman, Clegg was born in Littleborough, Lancashire. He attributed his great business acumen to his mother, Cicely, who bought and ran a successful corner shop when her husband entered the Navy during the war. The ...

  • Gay, Sir, and ready to serve
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Four years ago, the trauma of outing deeply split the gay population in America and forced the question of homosexuality on to the front pages. This year, Britain followed almost exactly: outing polarised the gay community, and ironically, forced man...

  • LETTER:Scott inquiry reveals Government's grey spot
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Sir: John Major should say what he means by full support for William Waldegrave ("Waldegrave accused in draft of Iraq report", 6 June). Is this provisional until the final report on arms for Iraq, or has he pardoned Waldegrave before the verdict has ...

  • LETTER:Scott inquiry reveals Government's grey spot
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Sir: I note with wry amusement that the damage limitation exercise that followed the leak of Lord Justice Scott's report conforms to a traditional pattern. First, all wrongdoing is strenuously denied. Then, it is claimed, that even if mistakes may ha...

  • LETTER:Hackney must face independent inquiry
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Sir: Your articles "Hackney accused of harbouring job cheats" and "Rise and fall of man who set up the 'Untouchables' "(5 June), were misleading. As you admit, in recent years Hackney has been an example of effective local government in the inner cit...

  • LETTER:Hackney must face independent inquiry
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Sir: As a member of the disciplinary sub-committee that heard Bernard Crofton's case, I would like to respond to the article "Hackney accused of harbouring job cheats" (5 June) and Another View by Mike Craig ("Hackney's fraud squad", 6 June). It real...

  • LETTER:BBC's 'whiter than white' image
    Thursday, 8 June 1995

    Sir: I am sad and surprised to read about what happened to Carol Vorderman as a result of her appearance in a soap powder commercial. A large number of television personalities, politicians and prominent people in public life present TV commercials. ...

  • Blood in the bookshops
    Wednesday, 7 June 1995

    This may be fair enough, in that the Restrictive Practices Court is also looking at the NBA and can decide on its fairness or otherwise in a broader context. But the problem is that between now and when the NBA finally collapses - as it surely will -...

  • Missing persons? Just leave it to ex-officer Lucan
    Wednesday, 7 June 1995

    Dennis Easby. The controversial president of the Rugby Football Union who once upon a time fired Will Carling from the English captaincy for saying that the age of the amateur was past. As president of the RFU, Mr Easby had to be out in South Africa ...

  • I, too, would have acted as William Waldegrave did
    Wednesday, 7 June 1995

    No argument was advanced as to why our public broadcasting service had decided to ignore the judge's request. Without a blink the BBC, with Robin Cook in attendance, embarked on a series of captious questions aimed at traducing my friend and former c...

  • TELEVISION / There is no need to adjust your mind-sets
    Wednesday, 7 June 1995

    Curtis wasn't done any favours by the extravagant praise. Having been promised the best thing since sliced bread, you worked your way through the undoubtedly stylish packaging to find... sliced bread, a statement of the obvious wrapped up as a lone c...

  • No more living in sin, and that's official
    Wednesday, 7 June 1995

    It is 10 years since its report Faith in the City raised the wrath of the Government with its stern critique of growing poverty. Now it says the social divide has deepened. The Church's report on the family will turn half the Cabinet purple with fury...

  • Letter: The lowdown on pop culture
    Wednesday, 7 June 1995

    I would like to press Mr Ferguson on one point, however. The Modern Review was a bad magazine not because it dealt with popular culture, but because it enshrined that same high culture/low culture dichotomy ("Low Culture for High Brows") that Mr Ferg...

  • Leading Article: Britain's private foreign policy
    Wednesday, 7 June 1995

    Mr Waldegrave survived for now, though wounded, and Sir Richard probably only briefly wobbled as he cycled to his office to continue work on his explosive report. But this latest exchange is just the beginning of a bloody and attritional conflict, pr...

  • Another View: Don't let Clegg go free
    Wednesday, 7 June 1995

    The campaign to release Pte Clegg has run since he was sentenced to life, and took off in January this year when the Lords rejected his second appeal. Campaigners skilfully used the media to build Pte Clegg up as a hero and to present my daughter as ...

  • Leading Article: Israel misses its chance of peace
    Wednesday, 7 June 1995

    Yitzhak Rabin, the Israeli premier, has only himself to blame for most of his difficulties. From the moment the Oslo agreement was signed his government's future hinged on its success. Yet Mr Rabin never seemed wholeheartedly behind it. When an Israe...

  • Letter: Science students know their Newton
    Wednesday, 7 June 1995

    Though "science students do not learn their trade from original texts", it does not follow that they are ignorant of the history of their subject. Many university mathematics departments offer short courses on the history of mathematics, and undergra...

  • Letter: Older pregnancies: proceed with care
    Wednesday, 7 June 1995

    What science can do is to enable a woman to bear a child from an egg which has been donated and transferred from another woman. And since this is so, it is very reasonable that the donor, or society in general, should take as much interest in the chi...

  • Letter: Serbs' right to self-determination in a land of artificial borders
    Wednesday, 7 June 1995

    As far as Bosnia is concerned, everybody there is a minority - Muslims, Serbs and Croats. The Serbs expressed their collective views in the referendum in 1992: that they wanted the right of self-determination applied to themselves, in the sense that ...

  • Letter: Bad memories
    Wednesday, 7 June 1995

    It was true: there was hardly any standing room for the prisoners in this field. I managed to feed the crumbs through the barbed wire to some prisoners when I noticed some bodies on the ground. They had died of starvation and cold, I was told, and th...

  • Letter: Personal touch
    Wednesday, 7 June 1995

    What Mr James writes is rubbish. Village shops pay more for their goods, have higher distribution costs and pay higher business rates per square metre than out-of-town multiples. The public is swamped by advertising that has convinced them that bigge...

  • Letter: Negligible benefits of tagging
    Wednesday, 7 June 1995

    When I visited earlier this year, Washington DC had more than 22,000 of its citizens on probation and parole supervision. The number tagged had fallen from 300, in 1991, to only 58. Florida claims 15,000 people on intensive crime control supervision ...

  • Letter: Serbs' right to self-determination in a land of artificial borders
    Wednesday, 7 June 1995

    Second, in the case of Bosnia, there were Serbs and Croats, as well as Muslims, who sought independence. Unfortunately, the nature of this war has meant that anybody not agreeing with a "tear-away" group of Serbs has been terrorised, shot or "ethnica...

  • Letter: Serbs' right to self-determination in a land of artificial borders
    Wednesday, 7 June 1995

    We must reject the sophistic evasions of those like Mike Gapes, MP (letter 1 June) who, in his phrase, would "favour withdrawal". Withdrawal would lead to further mass slaughter by Serb ethnic cleansing in pursuit of Milosevic's Greater Serbia, to im...

  • Letter: Serbs' right to self-determination in a land of artificial borders
    Wednesday, 7 June 1995

    From the very start of the disintegration of former Yugoslavia, the Republic of Macedonia has followed a pro-European policy which gives a good example of how all problems could and must be solved by peaceful means. We support all the efforts of the ...

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