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Saturday, 1 July 1995

  • l IN YOUR list of MPs who pose a threat to the Prime Minister
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    George Crivelli Kidderminster, Hereford And Worcs

  • War poetry
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    It might be more appropriate to compare "First Gulf War poetry" with that written, say, in Britain and France during the Hundred Years' War. A search for literature - especially any written by soldiers - during that period might make an interesting p...

  • Militant about gay rights - and socialism Only a socialist society will bring gay rights
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    We do believe, however, that prejudice will never disappear while we live in a society based on class division and inequality. We therefore link our day-to-day battles against prejudice and discrimination to the struggle for a socialist society which...

  • We have to study the media if we want to understand the world
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    Tim Gay Open University Chulmleigh, Devon

  • We have to study the media if we want to understand the world
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    Richard Hoggart Farnham, Surrey

  • Rise of Islam
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    The mosques in Britain are overcrowded every Friday at jummah prayers. An increasing number of schools, colleges, universities and places of work have prayer rooms. More and more Islamic study circles are being held throughout Britain and there is an...

  • Come to see the real Worth
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    W Lockhart (Head Boy) and eight prefects Worth School Crawley, West Sussex

  • YOUR leader "A threadbare challenge from a nobody"
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    I did. Trisha Rendel, London W4

  • More marchers, less refuse
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    Keith Flett London N17

  • We have to study the media if we want to understand the world
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    Students have always gone to university to prepare for careers in law, medicine, teaching and business because of the perceived prestige and value of these professions. Most "conventional academics" may feel that entertainment is not worthy of seriou...

  • Paths away from addiction
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    1. AA and NA do not have "methods". They are autonomous self-help groups for people with alcohol and drug problems. They are not treatment. 2. I do not refer to the treatment at Broadreach as "Minnesota Model". 3. We do use the first three to five st...

  • If it were so it would be, but as it isn't it ain't
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    GE Spence Liverpool

  • More marchers, less refuse
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    I personally brought with me on the march two heavy sacks of my own domestic refuse, which I proudly dumped in Victoria Park. However, I didn't notice many other people doing the same, so I am at a loss to understand how the London Borough of Hackney...

  • If it were so it would be, but as it isn't it ain't
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    The genesis of the book is well documented. It was a spontaneous act on a summer afternoon; a tale invented to entertain three little girls during a long boat trip. The participants recorded their memory of the occasion - that Carroll made up the sto...

  • words Lewd
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    HUGH GRANT's arrest in Hollywood for "an act of lewd conduct" reminds us that the spirit of the Pilgrim Fathers is still alive in the States today. It's not so much that Americans are more easily scandalised than we are. That old word lewd is what ma...

  • CAPTAIN MOONLIGHT: Poetic licences ... gnome alone ... the number of the beast
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    n MAKE Your House Into A Home With Captain Moonlight. You know, people often say to me, "Captain, the trouble with this country is that we still have tremendous ideas and imagination, but we seem to have lost the knack of being able to capitalise on ...

  • United by power lust Ungoverned power lust
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    This creates a preposterous situation for a modern democracy and one that must be almost incomprehensible to foreigners. The electoral system gives us an unrepresentative Parliament; the constitution provides wholly inadequate checks on executive pow...

  • We are all in the same European boat; wherever it leaks, we all get wet The game that matters is to design a Europe in which we feel safe
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    That capacity to see and yet not to understand is still around in Europe. Outside the gates of Nato and the doors of the European Union, a crowd of applicants is gathering. There are something like 11 of them, all except Malta and Cyprus from East an...

  • The excuses run dry
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    It was at it again last week. Scarcely had the sun come out on this hitherto chilly summer when the season's first hosepipe and sprinkler bans were being imposed - accompanied by strictures on householders for being "inconsiderate". And the air was t...

  • Proud to work with such great political minds
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    Our press conference on Monday was a huge success. You may have noticed me standing behind John Redwood, three along from Mrs Gorman, one down from the formidable Captain of Industry Mr Ernest Saunders. In the past few days, we have been deluged with...

  • Unpaid, unsung and ready to tell the truth
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    "But what would you tell them?" "The truth, I suppose." "Exactly." And now here was a case that offered a carefree experience in which I might discover my steadfastness, if any, under cross-examination: "Come now ... yes or no." "I don't think the qu...

  • Never apologise, never explain
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    Traditionalists will feel a sense of loss; we can't help wondering where it is all going to end. Because the trouble with saying sorry is that, once you have started, it's difficult to know where to stop. And there is quite a bit of apologising to do...

  • No place in history for gay victims of Nazism
    Sunday, 2 July 1995

    In all the 1,245 pages of this massive work, which purports to be the definitive account of the Hitler regime, there is not one reference to the persecution of homosexuals. This means that, for all its undoubted strengths, The Rise and Fall of the Th...

  • EU's secret minutes
    Saturday, 1 July 1995

    Sir: Your story "EU faces legal storm over backroom deals" (23 June) should at last bring the issue of secret Council minutes into prominence. Anyone who closely studies the implementation of EU directives becomes aware that unpublished Council minut...

  • Footballers are free to go on the wing
    Saturday, 1 July 1995

    Sir: Jon Holmes and Struan Marshall criticise the footballers' transfer system in the light of the Jean-Marc Bosman case now before the European Court of Justice ("The player vs the transfer trap", 21 June). They are entitled to their views as agents...

  • Leak detection
    Saturday, 1 July 1995

    Sir: There is a simple remedy for Sir Richard Scott that would enable him to trace the source of any future leaks of his draft report: ensure that each circulated copy of the same original passage has small differences in wording. Yours sincerely, Ti...

  • Excuses not to hire older staff
    Saturday, 1 July 1995

    Sir: A few weeks ago I noticed a job advertised in the local press by a large life assurance company. Age limits of 22-35 were indicated. I wrote to the company asking why it found it necessary to discriminate in this matter for a job that could be d...

  • Waste of water in the garden
    Saturday, 1 July 1995

    Sir: The sad aspect of the water shortage ("Sunshine turns heat on water supplies", 29 June) is that much of the water used on gardens is wasted through incorrect methods of watering and cultivation. Many gardeners use a 'little and often' approach t...

  • In hope of finding the Shellduck
    Saturday, 1 July 1995

    Sir: I was distressed to see, in your photograph of plastic ducks on the Cam, that few of them had managed to maintain an upright stance (Home News, 22 June). I have long had an affection for these appealing creatures, and can remember the time when ...

  • Any parent's hardest choice
    Saturday, 1 July 1995

    Sir: Regarding Claire Rayner's article today (Another View, 27 June) I too am sorry that the Lawsons are using their disappointment at the birth of a daughter with Down's syndrome as a stick to beat other, less fortunate parents with. Ms Rayner is ab...

  • Too liberal usage
    Saturday, 1 July 1995

    Sir: Members of the Liberal Party, who believe that the Liberal Democrats' acceptance of the equal status of social democracy undermines their liberal pretensions, are used to the Liberal Democrats being referred to as the Liberal Party without corre...

  • Tory games
    Saturday, 1 July 1995

    Sir: Andrew Marr refers today to the possibility of "demands for loyalty oaths all round" if John Major wins the first round of the election for the leadership of the Conservative party. It was a common practice of late medieval kings to require oath...

  • Tory games
    Saturday, 1 July 1995

    Sir: The Conservative party likes to make much of the phrase "level playing field". It was, therefore, instructive to learn that its leadership election rules are all but on the level. What election allows new entrants half way through? I hereby decl...

  • Tory games
    Saturday, 1 July 1995

    Sir: I am confused by Andrew Marr's contention (29 June) that John Major "dreams of being freed from the clawing, wretched succubi of the past few years". Succubi are demons in female form who seek to have intercourse with men in their sleep. What ex...

  • Sticky Chinese fingers close to the honey pot
    Saturday, 1 July 1995

    It is absolutely no surprise that the daily reminder of China's imminent takeover is being recorded in Peking but not in Hong Kong itself. After Britain in 1984 agreed to relinquish sovereignty, China's foreign minister Wu Xueqian told the Chinese pa...

  • An election with the wrong candidates
    Saturday, 1 July 1995

    One of the problems is John Redwood. He was billed as a fresh, young general who would light the fuses within the party and explode the myths of post-Thatcherite Toryism. But instead of providing a compelling critique of the party's difficulties, Mr ...

  • The hotel sex test
    Saturday, 1 July 1995

    Not that politicians observe the distinction. As John Redwood did his unbelieveably tedious Salome's dance this week (did I imagine cries of "keep 'em on"?) it went virtually unnoticed by his dwindling audience that - roundabout the fourth veil - he ...

  • Life of the party, but not the soul
    Saturday, 1 July 1995

    The ancient rulebook of British Conservativism contains many crossings- out and splashes of Tipp-Ex. "Members shall wear cavalry twills while leisured" - gone. "Members shall not take their own political views too seriously" - almost illegible now, a...

  • PROFILE: Brave face of a cosmetic image scandal
    Saturday, 1 July 1995

    This is the job Elizabeth Hurley has signed up for with the cosmetics giant Estee Lauder. She is no longer just Elizabeth Hurley, small-time actress and big-time girlfriend of Hugh Grant; she has been reborn as a concept: a complex package of looks a...

    Saturday, 1 July 1995

    I cannot see why Tory women are supposed to die for Michael Portillo's good looks. The man has revoltingly greasy hair, a disgustingly pudgy nose, no discernible chin and a permanent expression of smugness - Harry Enfield, comedian. He cared passiona...

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Our leaders lack courage in this refugee crisis. We are shamed by our European neighbours

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Labour leadership: Andy Burnham urges Jeremy Corbyn voters to think again in last-minute plea

'If we lose touch we’ll end up with two decades of the Tories'

In an exclusive interview, Andy Burnham urges Jeremy Corbyn voters to think again in last-minute plea
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The Arab Spring reversed

Tunisian protesters fear that a new law will whitewash corrupt businessmen and officials, but they are finding that the new regime is becoming as intolerant of dissent as its predecessor
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