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Monday, 31 July 1995

  • A dull job in need of some imagination
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    Any denunciation of a trade by someone quitting it is bound to cause splutters from those left behind. The estate agent who rises at the firm's annual dinner to announce that he can stick the filthy lies and tedium no longer would be heard with no mo...

  • Is society breeding child-killers?
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    The incidents are singularly revolting - profoundly depressing precisely to the extent that they provide images of a grotesque invasion of innocence and normality. What activities could more exactly evoke the idyllic summer routines of childhood than...

  • Let the parrot lead the Proms
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    It seemed obvious to me that we couldn't really celebrate this new book unless we had read it, so I patiently sat down and read The Business of Music by Ernst Roth. When I got to the party I took a glass and circulated, saying to complete strangers, ...

  • For whom the road tolls?
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    Can this be the answer? Well, that depends upon what is seen as the question in the first place. Who are supposed to be the beneficiaries of this plan? Is it supposed to be the industrialist or the shopper who will profit from transport costs, which ...

  • Rules to kill English with
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    Naturally, this will engender a backlash from those who see their role in life as defenders of that notorious oxymoron "correct English". As if correct English were to the language what "full English" is to the breakfast: a comprehensive, wholesome, ...

  • LETTERS: Lay and clerical discord over Pugin window
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    Sir: I write with the exciting news that Sherborne Abbey's 1995 A. W. N. Pugin award for sheer effrontery has been awarded to Peter Cormack (letter, 26 July). At the recent consistory court, Mr Cormack represented the Council for the Care of Churches...

  • A clean-up plan for social work
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    The Department of Health knows this. So do local councils. Both have responsibility for children's homes and should have learnt the lessons of past scandals. Yet, as we reveal today, they preside over a shambolic system of checking up on would-be emp...

  • LETTERS: Realistic response to drug use
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    Sir: pounds 15 a quarter for cannabis (25 July)? Please tell me where it is in Britain that you can score that cheaply. In Liverpool, pounds 15 will get you an eighth of standard gear and about a third of an eighth of oil (even better than superskunk...

  • LETTERS: Applause pause
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    Sir: I have heard the audience applaud the third movement of Tchaikovsky's Pathetique Symphony (letter, 30 July), in concert hall or on radio, since the first one I heard at a Prom in 1931. This used to make Sir Henry Wood very cross: he stamped and ...

  • LETTERS: On line for blood service reform
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    Sir: It is difficult to understand how the National Blood Authority's national IT system could be called a "runaway disaster" ("Blood chief resigns over computer 'disaster' fear", 27 July). There is unanimous agreement that a national system is neede...

  • LETTERS: Short and sweet
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    Sir: On 26 July, you reported that our sperm counts are rapidly decreasing. On 27 July, you carried a brief piece saying that over the last 10 years, the number of childless women in their mid-thirties has doubled. Is there, I wonder, a connection he...

  • LETTERS: Mercury's fulfilled potential
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    Sir: I would love to know what your City columnist (26 July) believes is the potential which, he says today, Mercury has "failed to fulfil". Far from failing, Mercury continues to grow at around 15 per cent annually. Against a competitor heavily favo...

  • LETTERS: Revealing Jewish graven images
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    Sir: Martin Goldenberg, referring to your report "Jerusalem shuns the naked David" (22 July), points out that Michelangelo's David is uncircumcised. Surely, this must have been due to Michelangelo's thoughtlessness rather than to the 15th-century Flo...

  • LETTERS: For posterity
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    Sir: Most supermarkets still use the ungrammatical notice "5 items or less" - except Marks & Spencer, who have amended their notices to "5 items or fewer". Now Waitrose has added to Supermarket English with the injunction, "Please lay all bottles...

  • LETTERS: Report-writing for individuals
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    Sir: As a teacher who hates writing reports, I read with interest Hilary Wilce's article, "Teachers, you could try harder" (27 July). She was correct to assume that teachers spend hours and hours writing reports and dream about the "good old days" wh...

  • ivory towers William Hartston
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    There has been a great deal of research on pigeons' homing abilities and a splendid paper by D Porter and A Neuringer ("Music discrimination by pigeons"; Journal of Experimental Psychology, 1984) which showed that pigeons can learn to discriminate be...

  • true gripes information superhighway
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    Ten years ago they were telling us how "user-friendly" their interests were. Like all jargon, the phrase "information superhighway" serves to gloss over the bits they don't unders- tand. Even more annoying is the way that they use it as though we cou...

  • site unseen Wilberforce House, Hull
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    I can't vouch for hell, but Hull and Halifax are certainly full of interest. Take Hull for instance. Although the city centre has been pedestrianised and is neat, if a little dull, head east towards Queen's gardens. Hull's maritime links are immediat...

  • chess William Hartston
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    The event ended in a tie for first place necessitating, according to the rules, a four-game play-off between the two best players Phobia and Dementia. The first game reached the diagram position with Phobia, playing Black, to move. Had they been huma...

  • yesterday was...
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    Cautious sado-masochists, with the news that the new Dutch prostitutes' union, Prosex, intends to set higher regulatory standards for client safety, including a nearby key for all handcuffs and an insistence that all bondage equipment can be unfasten...

  • LETTERS: Realistic response to drug use
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    Sir: The rise in young people's drug use ("A generation that sees drugs as no big deal", 25 July) rightly prompts urgent reconsideration of the relevance of the "criminal" tag to, in some areas, the majority of young people. It also demands a more re...

  • LETTERS: Lay and clerical discord over Pugin window
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    Sir: "Glass Warfare at Sherborne" was an apt headline (Letters, 26 July) for the responses to James Fenton's concerns (24 July) about ecclesiastical exemption from planning controls, in general, and the removal of Pugin's stained glass window, in par...

  • LETTERS: Lay and clerical discord over Pugin window
    Tuesday, 1 August 1995

    Sir: I can understand James Fenton's stout defence of the Pugin west window at Sherborne Abbey in his article on 24 July ("Old, faded - but no, vicar, not thrown away"). However, I cannot see how he can turn the failure of his viewpoint to win approv...

  • A little symbolism for home owners
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    Most of the ideas for giving home ownership a tonic, such as tax breaks for people with negative equity or increased mortgage tax relief, would be inflationary or costly or both. After years of tax manipulation and distortion in the housing market, h...

  • LETTER : Damaging complacency of Government inaction on oestrogen
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    From Dr Michael Warhurst Sir: The Government's call for more research but no action in response to this week's report on the health implications of oestrogenic chemicals is complacent and short term. Some of these chemicals have been known to be oest...

  • Benefits of CAP reform
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    Sir: As one of the "panel of experts" brought in by William Waldegrave to consider the future of the Common Agricultural Policy, I am concerned that the panel's report should not be interpreted as an attempt by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries ...

  • Vietnam, hope of the Western world
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    Expansion of Asean to a 10-member grouping is causing some problems familiar in Europe. One or two of the core members are nervous that the organisation may be about to lose its cohesion and identity; with the addition of Vietnam's 72 million people,...

  • LETTER : Find a better way to win votes
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    Sir: "Issues can be discussed between parties, but in an election one is out to get votes." So said Peter Mandelson on TV. What a defence of the sleazy tactics used by him in the Littleborough and Saddleworth by-election! Had he been selling financia...

  • The spirit of Europe lives or dies in Sarajevo
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    has fought a passionate campaign in France for the Bosnian cause. He helped to forge the "Europe Begins at Sarajevo" movement, comprising some of the country's most prominent intellectuals, to fight the last European elections. In the run-up to the r...

  • LETTER : Britain's road of missed chances
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    Sir: Your reviewer Ross McKibbin (25 July) accuses me of failing in my book The Lost Victory: British Dreams. British Realities, 1945-1950 to mention the Land Rover, "a remarkable vehicle", introduced in 1948 . But in point of fact the Land Rover, re...

  • Find a better way to win votes
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    Sir: With the Tories polling nearly 10,000 votes in the Littleborough and Saddleworth parliamentary by-election, no opposition politician should take for granted their defeat at the next General Election. The Liberal Democrats and Labour dare not all...

  • LETTER : In defence of George Soros
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    Dr Ian D. Thatcher Sir: We were disappointed by Tom Stevenson's open letter to George Soros (27 July). Capitalism exists, why not exploit it? It is not the case that George "humiliated 'us' "; the market is impersonal. It is also easy to forget the g...

  • LETTER :The other side of touring cravans
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    Sir: John Lyttle's open letter "Dear Caravanners" (24 July) presented a one-sided picture of touring caravans. The National Caravan Council (NCC), the representative body of the caravan industry, is most disturbed that the heading to Mr Lyttle's arti...

  • The school wall won't fall down
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    An internal frontier runs through Britain. People cross it under cover, shamefacedly, by slipping cash to the guards. If they are caught, they protest that they were forced across. To say they had strayed over inadvertently would be risible. The fron...

  • Cheap, small, and perfectly formed cheap A short, sharp shock for writers
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    These slim volumes of roughly 60 pages each have obliterated the rest of the visible market. The only authors who can hold their own against them are Patricia D Cornwell with The Body Farm, Maeve Binchy with The Glass Lake and Stephen King with Insom...

  • A slight list to the north
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    (I realise I am running the risk of being called a racist in calling Scottish newspapers foreign, but as the Scots are rightly so insistent that their country is another country and not a region or province, then surely a newspaper from another count...

  • LETTER : Lyttle things mean a lot
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    Sir: As an important member of the gay community myself, I object most strongly to John Lyttle's morbid autopsy of his own sexual failings (28 July). Might I remind Mr "Lyttle", as I believe he spells his name, that we are ambassadors for our sorely ...

  • creativity decline of the Roman hiccup
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    Well-meaning though these suggestions are, we find them all prepositionally faulted. Perhaps we did not make it clear, but we sought ideas for things to do with hiccups, not for or to hiccups. Jill Phythian clearly got the correct message: "Attach yo...

  • bridge Alan Hiron
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    North opened One Heart and, lacking the values needed for a Two-level response, South bid One No-trump. North raised to Two and, reasoning that if the clubs rolled he might easily make nine tricks, but that if they did not even eight tricks might be ...

  • ISMISM New concepts for the Nineties
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    Sunday, 23 July, the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, now also marks the inception of National Ice Cream Week (the Feast of the Consumption) and serves as Disability Awareness Day. St Dominic's Day, 4 August, has become merely a curtain raiser to Nati...

  • this is the week that was
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    1910: Dr Crippen is arrested at sea, the first arrest by radio. 1965: Cigarette adverts are banned on British television. 1971: David Scott and Jim Irwin drive on despite a jammed front wheel on their Lunar Roving Vehicle (Moon Buggy). 1 August: 1793...

  • chess William Hartston
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    The British Championship itself, has, at the last count, a field of 48 players including four grandmasters. The favourites are Matthew Sadler, who has scored some fine results in recent European tournaments, and Mark Hebden, whose busy schedule of we...

  • Diary
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    "Better come with me," he said comfortably. "Barry's dead." "How can he be dead?" I asked indignantly. "He was only 50 and very fit." "Keeled over," he said. "Goes to show you're a fool to take anything for granted." On my return I reported my distre...

  • LETTER : Damaging complacency of Government inaction on oestrogen
    Monday, 31 July 1995

    Sir: Concerns about the reduction in the quality and quantity of human sperm are timely ("Watch out, oestrogen about", 26 July). Further research is clearly needed but some conclusions can already be drawn and some actions should be taken now. Since ...

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