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Sunday, 13 August 1995

  • LETTER: Grateful for the dead
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    Sir: So Jerry's gone ("Dead heads mourn passing of rock legend", 10 August). Captain Trips has taken the big one. Living in America, the thing about the Grateful Dead was that you always knew they'd be back. It was incredibly reassuring - that there ...

  • A legacy of disadvantage
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    At the same time a plea was entered for those couples in their twenties who "do things properly" and wait to have a child only to find their place on the council house queue jumped "by much younger women with illegitimate children". These days, Mr Re...

  • LETTER: Performance pay for MPs
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    Sir: Having just negotiated the pay for senior civil servants and, in effect, for MPs themselves, at a basic increase in the pay bill of 2.7 per cent, may I make one or two points to the "outraged" MPs mentioned in your report (" `Cheated' MPs' anger...

  • Hiccup or belch?
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    Sir: William Hartston (Health, 9 August) describes the traumas he has endured with a week of almost uninterrupted hiccups, but the caption to the accompanying photograph describes him as "the eructating author". The Concise Oxford English Dictionary ...

  • this is the week that was
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    1893: France becomes the first country to register motor vehicle licence plates. 1908: The first international beauty contest is held at the Pier Hippodrome in Folkestone, and is won by Nellie Jarman, 18, ahead of a field that included six English, t...

  • Bridge
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    As North, I opened One Diamond and South responded One Spade. With a little in reserve I raised to only Two Spades. As my raise might have been based on only three card support, South then tried Two No-trumps and I made the decision - as it turned ou...

  • Thorns in the side of peace
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    Yet the ancient art of coat-trailing seems as popular as ever. The weekend parades were only the latest in a series that has disturbed the peace as both loyalists and republicans display an insatiable appetite to stage demonstrations that can lead to...

  • LETTER: The Japanese apology: forgiveness and compensation
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    Sir: Chris Brunning (Letters, 8 August) wonders if there has been any research into the health of British personnel who served with the British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF) in Japan. The governments concerned do not even have a clear record o...

  • ISMISM New concepts for the Nineties
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    Up until this time the word grass (def. to inform upon, to denounce to the authorities, to sneak, to snitch) was always used pejoratively. In post-war popular literature informers were those who, at school, "told" on their fellows; or who in wartime ...

  • LETTER: Tito's legacy foretold
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    Sir: Those who equate the effects of Croat repossession of Krajina with Serb ethnic cleansing are entitled to their views. But Serb cleansing is a direct product of the Greater Serbia policy, which originated when Serbia was still under Turkish rule ...

  • A maze of original suggestions
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    "Practise conservation with the maze," suggests Nicholas E Gough. "Plant a new maze along all the routes of the old one so that an exact replica can grow before the old one wears out. Then have patience." Andy Berry wants to plant a differently-colou...

  • Political platitudes that allow genocide
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    Thousands of people are missing. If they are alive, they are bound to be in urgent need of help. But reports indicate they are not alive. The Americans believe they know where they are buried, and so they have published their evidence. The question o...

  • A sorry way with apologies
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    Well, I have just received a rather puzzling letter from Japan and I can't make out what it means. Is it from the prime minister of Japan? Yes, it is. How on earth did you know that? Oh, he's been writing to lots of people recently. What has he said ...

  • LETTER: Born to be a vicar
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    Sir: How I empathise with Martin Castle (Letters, 11 August). Married to a newly ordained priest, I am now frequently introduced as the curate's husband: and as a 58-year-old man running my own full-time business, it seems very odd, so late in life, ...

  • War crimes and punishment
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    Yet, if the fundamental principles underpinning our societies are to retain their strength, then we absolutely must not allow Srebrenica to fade from the memory. More than that, there must be a relentless effort to track down and bring to justice the...

  • LETTER: Omission on Arab maps
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    Sir: Robert Fisk points out that Israeli government maps and statistics about Israel and its neighbours do not mention a Palestinian entity between Jerusalem and Jordan ("Five million Arabs who don't exist", 11 August). No doubt when the peace proces...

  • LETTER: Tony's friends
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    Sir: In attacking Tony Blair for having a bunch of buddies ("Tony's friends: the group that guides a leader", 11 August) Richard Burden, Labour MP for Birmingham Northfield, is showing an extraordinary ignorance of history and humanity. All leaders, ...

  • Chess
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    There are some 22 surviving ex-British champions. Only one played in Swansea. There are around 25 British grandmasters, of whom three took part. It was fitting, however, that the destination of the title was decided by a final-round game between two ...

  • LETTER: The Japanese apology: forgiveness and compensation
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    Sir: The demand for an apology by those who endured great suffering in the hands of the Japanese military during the Second World War deserves everyone's deepest sympathy ("Japanese apology `is not enough'", 12 August). There are, however, two import...

  • LETTER: Born to be a vicar
    Monday, 14 August 1995

    Sir: Martin Castle (Letters, 11 August) asks about the labelling attached to vicars' children. I can talk about the reciprocal. My father was in the Indian civil service in the days of the Raj. When I tell people that I was born in what is now Pakist...

  • Mushy peas ... Captain's haddock ... Mandy whip backlash
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    n AND NOW, competition time! You will remember that I asked you to send in your unusual postcards for my summer exhibition. Bubbly this week goes to the charming view of Cromer, that refined Victorian resort in Norfolk. The card is signed Pelagius, w...

  • LETTER : The Scots are not one people
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    Mr Ascherson, like the Scottish National Party, would have us believe that Scotland is a more homogenous place than it is. However, Scotland is not Edinburgh: there is Glasgow and the Clyde with its strong southern Irish influence (and its own potent...

  • LETTER : Kobe alliance
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    Hugh Hanning Leonard Cheshire Association of Pathfinders London EC1

  • Land of hope and glory gets darker still and darker
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    These days strikes are few and far between and life proceeds more smoothly. Or does it? On Tuesday I was among the 4,000 people who had to leave the Albert Hall half-way through a Prom when London Electricity was unable to supply sufficient power for...

  • quotes of the week
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    Will Carling, denying claims of a liaison with the Princess of Wales Tony Blair has more chance of being selected than Norman Lamont. Michael Bilton, chairman of the Stillington branch of the Vale of York Conservative Association, on the former Chanc...

    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    Patricia Sogbanmu, Glasgow

    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    Richard Marsden

  • LETTER : Comprehensives work when the teachers are up to it
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    I have taught for 21 years in comprehensive schools in Scotland, the North-east and the West Midlands. I have found teaching pupils of all abilities to be interesting, challenging and rewarding. If there are any heads, schools or groups of teachers f...

  • The world would be just perfect without women
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    Women are considered irredeemably evil if they buy the wrong brand of washing powder, leave their children in the care of others, or gain a few pounds. Men, on the other hand, are never irredeemable. Whatever they have done, other men will find it in...

  • Pull the curtains tight. The light hurts our eyes and we are tired
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    Politicians encourage us to fear and mistrust our partners in the European Union. We seem to be less and less keen on knowing what's going on in the outside world. According to "The Cruellest Cut", a submission just made to the Treasury by three majo...

  • LETTER : Who says we're meritocratic?
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    But even if it were a desirable aim, are we really any nearer to it than 40 years ago? The author uses Margaret Thatcher as the model of the meritocrat, but would she ever have achieved the highest office had she not been married to a millionaire? Wo...

  • LETTER : Welsh quango quandary
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    You reiterate old and wild charges from employees and former employees with most to lose from my policy. I am surprised you ignore the other argument, and forget your usual scepticism towards quango power. John Redwood House of Commons London SW1

  • LETTER : Remembering George Wigg
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    So much for opinion. The fact is that at his court hearing Wigg was acquitted of kerb-crawling, whatever contentious remarks the magistrate made to cloud the outcome. Surely that matter ought to end there. Ivan Rowan London SW10

  • LETTER : Comprehensives work when the teachers are up to it
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    The comprehensive system motivates increasing numbers of our children to strive for and achieve degrees from our established and newly found universities. The parents of many of these children never had the opportunity of a higher education. The grow...

  • Tory backbenchers need help or at least new caterers
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    One way of looking at this is to say that there is nothing new under the sun; another, to acknowledge that there has indeed been a parliamentary decline since 1959, but that recently it has become more precipitate. It was, in short, ever thus, but in...

  • But what if he had won?
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    A man grown old is remembering a moment in his boyhood. It was 23 July 1745, and young Clanranald had been taken on board the French warship Du Teillay anchored off South Uist. When he felt his heart swell, he did not yet know that the man with the n...

  • A very focused Blur
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    He is Suggs, formerly of Madness, and now a solo artist. But the description also fits Damon Albarn, lead singer of Blur, as snugly as his parka jacket. Suggs is well aware of the similarity. "I saw Damon at the football," he said when we spoke last ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Every right to boil over
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    This is a temptation we should resist. It may provide short-term relief (and green grass), but like most expressions of temper, in the longer term it will only make things worse. The water industry has moved from public to private ownership but the g...

  • words
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    THERE'S nothing new about road rage - people have been going berserk on the highway for generations. What is new is the expression itself, and it's an apt diagnosis. is an old corruption of the Latin rabidus, which meant mad, applied to both dogs and...

  • LETTER : Comprehensives work when the teachers are up to it
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    With a school of sufficient size it is possible to provide enough teachers for all levels and for a very wide range of subjects. Also in minority subjects, particularly music, it is possible to provide itinerant teachers who go from school to school ...

  • LETTER : And now for Derek Bonham's next trick...
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    Should anyone who is clearly so poor at the "guess which tumbler the pea is under" trick be trusted with the management of such a company? Having one tumbler the wrong way up and filled with liquid is bad enough (the pea will usually float), while th...

  • LETTER : Not such a great pay deal
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    There is nothing "unique" about the new salary agreement for NUM officials which is considerably worse than the "linked" arrangement (instituted by my predecessor, Lord Gormley) which tied officials' and staff members' salary increases to National Co...

  • LETTER : Tree houses and tall storeys
    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    Not so many of us would want to live in the kind of houses illustrated, but if we had more imagination we would build very beautiful homes close to, and more in touch with, nature, as do people in British Columbia and other parts of afforested Canada...

    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    D W Warwick Farnham, Surrey

    Sunday, 13 August 1995

    l l TO COMPLETE Andrew Gumbel's list in "Tosca - out with a bang" (6 August), the famous French actress Sarah Bernhardt should be added. Early this century, while flinging herself off the ramparts in the title role of Tosca, she hurt her leg so badly...

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