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Wednesday, 2 August 1995

  • We've saved the ozone. What next?
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    This international success story shows that when governments are convinced of a scientific case, they are capable of taking dramatic action. Once the Antarctic hole was recognised as a fact, the world's nations were remarkably quick in agreeing to ph...

  • Asians won't go away, Tony
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    The document says much about Labour's determination to win at any cost, but it is particularly insensitive in a constituency where barely 1 per cent of voters are non-white. It also says a lot about the absence among Labour's leadership of anybody wi...

  • Letters: Fairer alternatives to motorway tolls
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    Sir: The discussion about motorway tolls has again brought the Automobile Association on to the radio and newspapers, as a spokesman for its members, pressing for greater spending on roads. The AA chooses to call its customers "members", but they mer...

  • Letters: Summertime rules
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    Fennemore Sir: Karen Wheeler's article "Take off that jacket, sir, and chill out" (29 July) reminded me of the occasion in the early Seventies when, as a young bank cashier, the hot weather got the better of me and I removed my jacket. Sitting in my ...

    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    Indeed, having to weld "I'll spell it for you" every time I utter my surname has become a pointless reflex, especially when pitched against the nation's telephonists (aka graduate temps). Despite spelling my name with the patience and clarity of a Se...

  • letters: Lay down the law
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    Sir: The checkouts at our nearest branch of Sainsbury's bear a notice that reads: "Please lay all bottles on their side". Do, say, six bottles all share the same side? Yours faithfully, J. W. King Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire

  • Letters: Fairer alternatives to motorway tolls
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    Sir: There is a form of taxation which, in addition to raising revenue for the Government, will discourage unnecessary car journeys, penalise gas-guzzling unenvironmental motor vehicles, spur manufacturers into developing more efficient cars, reduce ...

  • Letters: What David wore
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    Sir: Martin Goldenberg (letter, 27 July) is, of course, right that Michelangelo's David is uncircumcised and that, therefore, a gift of replica to Jerusalem would inevitably be shunned. However, the report (22 July) that Jerusalem seems likely to acc...

  • Patients who kill are victims too
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    Sir: The victims of a flawed mental health care policy include the killers as well as the killed. To argue, as Jane Zito does (Another View, 28 July), that patients who kill should not receive compensation, distracts attention from the root cause of ...

  • Letters: Statistics on child safety
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    Sir: Today's news reports (eg, BBC Radio's Today, BBC TV news and ITN's News at Ten) claim that child safety, at least in regard to murder by a stranger, is much the same as it has been for 50 years, because the incidence rate is similar. Wrong! The ...

  • letters: Lay down the law
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    Sir: Maureen Blakesley (letter, 1 August) is to be praised for her support of standard English. Unfortunately, the example she complains about is in fact correct: Waitrose is right to say "lay all bottles down", as "lay" is what people do to objects....

  • Letters: Formula is an offence to officers
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    Sir: John Copas (letter, 27 July) misses the point. The mathematical formula to be used to predict the chance of re-offending was greeted with mirth, then anger, by probation officers, not because they do not understand statistics, but because it had...

  • Is this the start of something good?
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    To this cacophony of conflicting economic indicators is added the disinformation of the politicians. Yesterday we had Michael Heseltine, Deputy Prime Minister, greeting the highgrowth rate, prospects for rising living standards, improved competitiven...

  • Death on a building site
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    The slow, cumulative total of fatalities and injuries in the construction and building industry does not usually provide enough drama or headline attention to generate the immediate appearance of a sober government minister laden with something-will-...

  • False polarities in Bosnia
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    Sir: Bernard-Henri Levy ("The spirit of Europe lives or dies in Sarajevo", 31 July) argues, or at least insists, that the Bosnian government stands for the enlightened principle that You can be a Serb, a Croat, a Jew or a Muslim ... and yet belong .....

  • Letters: Government and science research
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    Sir: The worrying thing about moving the Office of Science and Technology (OST) to the Department of Trade and Industry ("No Minister, this is not a good idea", 25 July; letter, 27 July) is not so much what it says about the Government's understandin...

  • The Beaujolais n'est pas arrive
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    The Herald's theory to explain the absence of grouse is all to do with the prevalence of a tick that lodges in the grouse and infects them, causing anaemia. I don't know what form anaemia takes in birds, but if it is anything like the human form, you...

  • On the side of the angels in the library
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    Libraries in a World of Cultural Change, "the first independent study of the public library network in Britain for more than 50 years", goes some way to meeting that need by listing most of the important facts and trends. It corrects excessive depres...

  • Taking the sting out of Bosnia
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    To be specific, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has done a rarely done thing, which is to make a public appeal to 30 governments, including Britain, to take more refugees from Bosnia: 5,000 in total plus contingency planning for a f...

  • Letters: Fairer alternatives to motorway tolls
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    Sir: The response of the Labour Party to the introduction of tests for motorway tolls ("Road fees will be another poll tax", 1 August) includes a number of valid points (for example, if adopted, road tolls would lead to an increased use of secondary ...

  • Letters: Fairer alternatives to motorway tolls
    Thursday, 3 August 1995

    Sir: Like Charles Arthur ("Foreign trippers to stretch system", 1 August), I have been wondering how the high-technology solutions mooted for motorway tolling would cope with visitors from abroad. The more I think about it, the more it strikes me tha...

  • Only alternative
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    Sir: I am a keen supporter of correct English usage and so was very interested in Danny Penman's article on Oxford University Press's decision to sanction the use of the split infinitive (31 July). I noticed that Dr Lamb, chairman of the London branc...

  • Private treatment in NHS hospitals
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    Sir: Your article concerning the pressure being put by some trusts on insured casualty patients ("NHS hospitals get private work from casualty patients", 28 July) to agree to be admitted privately raises several important points which must be of conc...

  • Unfair trial for journalist
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    Ackerman Sir: On 1 August, Pen centres joined writers around the world to protest several aspects of the case against the American journalist Mumia Abu- Jamal who is due to be executed on 17 August for the murder of police officer Daniel Faulkner ("D...

  • Small books, great profits
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    Sir: James Fenton's article "Cheap, small, and perfectly formed" (31 July), though eminently sensible, may have given the impression that standard paperback sales are suffering as a result of the Penguin 60s phenomenon. Authors and rival publishers m...

  • meanwhile...
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    Roach riches Rebecca Lynn of Florida won the first prize of $1,000 and a year's supply of Combat products in a national competition in the US to find the house most infested with cockroaches. "We have to shake the shower curtains free from roaches to...

  • chess
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    1...h5 keeps the knight out of g4, but invites 2.g4!? or, more positionally, 2.Nf3 with Ng5 to come later. 1...Qf5 still leaves Black with problems after 2.Ng4 when 3.Qxf5 Nxf5 4.Nf6+ is threatened, winning the d-pawn. 1...Nf5 defends h6 and tempts 2...

  • word of mouth : slimming
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    No crash diet, no calorie counting, just pop a pill and out goes Humpty Dumpty and in slips Boney Maroney, bye bye jumbo, step right up, slim Jim. Only yesterday you were as big as a house, broad in the beam and, face it, practically a tub of lard. T...

  • Should we feed Thomas Creedon?
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    His parents, Con and Fiona Creedon, are brave people. After much deliberation, they have sought permission from the courts that he should be allowed to die. They do not want him to suffer any more. Hearing of these severe handicaps, many people would...

  • Dropping off before Malin Head
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    "Many listeners," Mr Green said yesterday, " testify to the soothing, not to say soporific effect the forecast has on them." Yet, from 2 October, insomniacs will have to wait an extra 12 minutes for their snooze fest. There will be an extra programme...

  • ANOTHER VIEW : No more trial by tabloid
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    We were in the middle of a circulation war between the tabloids. All we want is that the newspapers should print accurately what happens in court. Now they are in competition with each other to get out whatever they can first, no matter how unfair it...

  • Independence in its sights
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    Croatian army generals, fresh from a string of successes against Serb forces in central Croatia and western Bosnia, are confident that the end is nigh for the Republic of Serb Krajina, the rogue state established in 1991 by militants among Croatia's ...

  • It isn't music to my ears
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    What worries me about Sir John is that he is guilty of the same crime. For years he has been promoting new concert music and encouraging young composers to write the sort of music that young composers feel they have to write. And for years the public...

  • Small books, great profits
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    rom Mr Adam Horovitz Sir: The essential drift of James enton's article ("Cheap, small and perfectly formed", 31 July) seems to be suggesting that the Penguin 60s' format should only be used as a sampler for literature. Surely it would be more innovat...

  • Change of heart
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    Sir: I was intrigued to read Julie Burchill's attack on John Lyttle in today's newspaper (letter, 31 July), particularly the part where she described herself as "an important member of the gay community". Could this be the same Julie Burchill who, in...

  • Uganda's 'no-party' leader
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    Sir: David Orr's article about President Yoweri Museveni (" 'Such man of Africa' is very much on the mend", 31 July) fails to mention a number of important facts which cast a somewhat different light on the policies and achievements of the Ugandan le...

  • Judicial review is a mere Elastoplast
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    Decisions taken by ministers and even by Parliament are increasingly struck down by the judges. MPs jealous of parliamentary sovereignty complain that the judiciary is usurping their power. It was the judges who struck out the Foreign Secretary's dec...

  • Competitive spirit
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    Sir: Helen Browning (letter, 31 July) is against free trade in agriculture in case it allows competition from countries with lower environmental, social and animal welfare standards than our own. Could it just be that our farmers can't cope with comp...

  • Blacks' place in British history
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    Sir: Tom Sutcliffe's teasing mockery (Weekend, 22 July) of the board game Nubian Jak is misplaced because the young British blacks, for whom Nubian Jak was invented, do need positive role models, and need to know, too, that blacks have been players o...

  • Lasting legacy of Hiroshima bomb
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    Sir: Your editorial of 29 July "Blinded by the light of Hiroshima" repeats the official myth that there was no fallout in the two cities and that the bombings with crude uranium and plutonium weapons "amounted to just the firebombing of two more Japa...

  • Richard D North
    Wednesday, 2 August 1995

    The picture has always been a national icon. I rather take the catalogue's point that the scene is not merely or mostly about the obsolescence of sail now that steam is around. It is just as much about the redundancy of glory now that England is at p...

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