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Wednesday, 23 August 1995

  • The world according to Gates
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    On the face of it, this is an odd state of affairs. Windows, in all its incarnations, is no more than a code that makes computers function. So far, it has been a rather unsatisfactory code. Apple, the company that first realised the importance of mak...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Learning to love taxonomy
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    No one, not even those most imbued with civic pride for their native city, would think to compare Cardiff with prelapsarian Eden, but the Welsh capital is this week the venue for an activity with profound roots in our culture: the naming of the plant...

  • A short break from Britishness
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    It was wet and sticky. It was called rain. Police cars toured the area, asking us to keep calm and not have a go. Umbrella makers danced in the street, hardly daring to hope that bankruptcy might be avoided after all. People who had stayed up all nig...

  • LETTER:Inspiration to achievement
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    Sir: If the achievement of extraordinary sporting feats means spending one's life on holiday, why have so few people chosen this path? Yours faithfully, Jill Allenby Cardiff 22 August

  • LETTER: Trial and error: animals in custody
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    Sir: It is quite understandable that the cat owner whose beloved pet was savaged to death by a dog is in shock ("Bull terrier arrested for cat killing" 21 August). For over 50 years the law has recognised that severe shock can constitute an "injury"....

  • LETTER:Asian heroes unseen at VJ Day
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    Sir: I write to express both indignation and sorrow at the treatment accorded to the representatives of the Indian Army who marched in Saturday's VJ Day Parade and for many of whom an otherwise memorable day was sadly marred. The 14th Army, under the...

  • LETTER: Hong Kong's road to democracy
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    Sir: Neville Maxwell's letter (21 August) giving his account of recent political developments in Hong Kong is wide of the mark. First, it was not possible to introduce a more democratic system of government in Hong Kong before 1984, because the Chine...

  • LETTER: A theatre that walks on water
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    Sir: It seems most unlikely that the stratagem of the players to transport the large timbers of the dismantled theatre at Shoreditch to the Southwark side of the river for the new Globe in December 1598 went on carts via the difficult, if not impossi...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: A tragedy on the border
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    Zaire claims that it has had no choice but to take this action - and that criticism from the West is hypocritical and unhelpful. With no sign of a large-scale return to Rwanda by the refugees, the Zairean authorities were faced with the de facto crea...

  • LETTER: Disillusionment in the House
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    Sir: Your report that the retirement of Conservative MPs "paints [an] embarrassing picture of disillusionment for the Government" is wholly misleading ("40 Tory MPs who are voting with their feet", 21 August) . I can only speak for myself, but my dis...

  • LETTER: How Labour can follow Keynes
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    Sir: There is, says Andrew Marr ("Labour's president without precedent", 22 August) no serious possibility that Tony Blair's New Labour will engage in large-scale neo-Keynesian policies. The Delors employment package (delayed in the UK by Conservativ...

  • LETTER:Inspiration to achievement
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    Sir: While one can admire the Tibetan sentiment, "It is better to have lived one day as a tiger than a thousand years as a sheep" (report, 18 August), there is perhaps also something to be said for Ecclesiastes 9: 4-6: But he who is joined with all t...

  • Privacy, the press and happy hypocrites
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    Newspaper editors are only the executive agents of British voyeurism and hypocrisy, constantly dodging between what they know their readers really want and the demands from politicians. The ministers are speaking on behalf of those same readers (who ...

  • ANOTHER VIEW; The wrong kind of outing
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    Apart from a few tut tuts, Barrymore's outing by the tabloids has provoked no widespread media inquisition or denunciation of the perpetrators. How strange. Just five months ago, the same newspapers that now have so gleefully outed Barrymore were sin...

  • LETTER: Clean streets make our cities sweet
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    Sir: Could I send out a plea to shopkeepers and authorities to wash the pavements during this protracted dry spell? The road sweepers do a wonderful job to clear the litter from our streets, but how much sweeter would our cities be with freshly washe...

  • LETTER:Questionable proof
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    Sir: I'm afraid Pamma Baker Cassidy (Letters, 23 August) is in error when she claims to have "proved" that A-level and other examinations have not lowered their standards, on the ground that questions in the 1980s and 1990s are almost identical. The ...

  • LETTER:Inspiration to achievement
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    Sir: Has it never occurred to S. James (Letters, 22 August) that the human race succeeds and prospers through the individual pursuit of self- fulfilment? And that this ambition and the personal qualities that drive it serve to inspire others to great...

  • LETTER:Asian heroes unseen at VJ Day
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    Sir: When serving in Burma as an RAF intelligence officer, I had occasion to meet Aung San, commander of the Burmese guerrilla forces (and father of the admirable Dung San Sucho) and Thakin Than Tun, leader of the Burmese Communist Party. They told m...

  • LETTER:Inspiration to achievement
    Thursday, 24 August 1995

    Sir: So, according to Mr S. James of Chaulden (Letters, 22 August), Alison Hargreaves was "lucky", "selfish" and died "on holiday" on K2 while neglecting her family responsibilities - behaviour to be expected of a Thatcher child. To denigrate a life ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:Red star over New Labour
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    What has incensed Meacher is the proposed Red Star management buy-out for just pounds 1. British Rail first tried to sell Red Star two years ago, but could not find a purchaser. Since its parcel delivery arm has been losing around pounds 9m a year, t...

  • ANOTHER VIEW; Don't delay talking peace
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    Sinn Fein, the SDLP and the Irish government have expressed concern about the British government's negative attitude towards the peace process, its refusal to move to the essential next step - all-party peace talks - and the potential for this vacuum...

  • LETTER: Condemnation for Israeli war crimes
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    El-Shazly Sir: At the start of the bombing of Iraqi forces, in January 1991, and following the downing of allied aircraft and the parading of their crew on Iraqi television, an outcry ensued. There were calls summoning Baghdad to respect internationa...

  • POLEMIC; Priests who get high on power
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    It was a disaster waiting to happen. The charismatic, happy-clappy movement in the church encourages highly emotional responses among worshippers; and there is nothing more succulent to a minister who also happens to be a power junkie than the sight ...

  • Between Waterworld and Judge Dredd
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    Will it last? Sadly, the odds are that when rain and clouds return, the mellow mood will disappear. Britain has lost a good deal of its confidence in being an ordered, peaceful society. One reason is that we've become frightened of open spaces, of go...

  • LETTER:Price of Far East's success too high for West
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    Sir: We used to get them pretty regularly coming around the sixth form college in Singapore, where I taught for six years until the end of their last school year - the David Howells, who were thrilled to find such order and discipline and astounding ...

  • LETTER:Council cyclists
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    Sir: We in Wandsworth have an enlightened council which pays rates to employees using bicycles on council business (letter, 19 August). I'm not sure that Wandsworth Council would appreciate the "loony left" tag, though! Yours sincerely, Richard Goale...

  • LETTER:Exam standards: compare and contrast
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    Sir: Following the GCSE results last year, the A-level results this year and, perhaps, the GCSE results to be released on Thursday, the improved pass rate has been devalued by claims that exam papers are now easier. Could this be true? I searched thr...

  • LETTER:Lessons Labour should recall
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    Sir: Frank Field criticises our colleague Roy Hattersley for not being modern enough in the anti-poverty strategy he advocates for the next Labour government ("Poverty, but not as you know it, Roy", 18 August). He tells Roy to look forward to the new...

  • Sorry, je ne regrette rien
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    "Sorry?" said Big Bertha, standing next to him at the bar. I should explain to the more sensitive of my readers that Big Bertha is not actually very big. Nor is she called Bertha. We call her Big Bertha because her friend, Eileen, is enormous and we ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: Barrymore and the chalk line
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    The case of Michael Barrymore is a classic of its kind. There is no public "need to know" whether Barrymore is gay, alcoholic, Buddhist or vegan. His act has always been based on a sympathy for people, and a gentle comedy. He does not make gay jokes,...

  • I rather like the idea of people being born to rule, or rather to serve by governing
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    So I recognise something John Biffen said the other day, half in jest. He said he was a "Tory of deference". When I rang him at home in Shropshire to unpick this idea a bit, he laughed and said he had been a very disobedient Tory, at least so far as ...

  • word of mouth brass tacks
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    Sure he's ring-rusty, and half a round with a gold-digging Boston Irish patsy who's more used to pumping iron than throwing punches doesn't prove he's still got lead in his pencil. But the time inside seems to have put the iron in his soul, and that ...

  • LETTER: Mac vs Micro
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    Sir: No wonder Microsoft is taking over the world. They managed to take over 20 pages in your independent publication without there being any mention of their main rival operating system, Macintosh System 7. System 7 has been available since 1991. On...

  • Bigger profits, fewer cures
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    It makes financial sense, say the City columns. It's necessary for survival, maintain the companies. Dragging a drug to market over the hurdles of research, development and testing by the authorities takes on average 10 years, costs on average $200m....

  • LETTER:Price of Far East's success too high for West
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    Sir: David Howell's essay, while rightly drawing attention to the prodigious economic growth being enjoyed by much of Asia, seems to me wrongheaded in its pessimistic tone. "Energy starvation will dish them, we are reassured," he writes, as if the do...

  • LETTER:Price of Far East's success too high for West
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    Sir: The depressing and superficial vision presented by David Howell becomes even more depressing when you remember that the author is an MP and chairman of the Commons Foreign Affairs Selection Committee. He still uses economic growth as the sole ya...

  • meanwhile...
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    Pigs down plane Flatulent pigs caused an emergency landing when a flight from London to South Africa was forced to turn back because its fire alarms went off. "The collective heat and methane that 72 pigs gave off caused our alarms in the hold to act...

  • chess
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    The position in the first diagram was reached with Black to play in the game Jackson-Buckley. The correct plan here is to keep the pawn on a3 and try to bring the king to the Q-side. For example 1...Ra2+ 2.Kg3 g6 3.Ra7+ Kg8 4.Ra7+ Kg8 5.Ra8+ Kf7 6.Ra...

  • LETTER:Exam standards: compare and contrast
    Wednesday, 23 August 1995

    Sir: When it comes to discussion of teachers' pay, we are told that teaching standards are falling and that teachers will have to work harder to justify any pay increase. Yet, when record A-level results are announced, we are told that the exams have...

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