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Tuesday, 29 August 1995

  • LETTER : Laying the land to waste
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    Sir: While Nick Brown's concern for hill farmers (Letters, 26 August) is welcome, I fear he will find matters have moved on since the idea of paying farmers for environmental outputs was promoted a decade or more ago. The unpalatable truth is that fa...

  • LEADER : The terrible case for restraint
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    There are, indeed, strong political arguments, as well as moral reasons, why the West ought to hit back with force against the perpetrators. One is that Western leaders, meeting in London last month after the seizure of the Muslim enclave of Srebreni...

  • The more civilised we become, the more we are intrigued to show that we could manage with our bare hands and brains
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    It's not that I despise grand holidays in tropical paradises. It's more that I am struck by the way the essentials of a holiday draw on the same deep needs which fed our religious discussion of Paradise, feed our modern version of the love of wildern...

  • LETTER : The impact of Charismatics' radical approach
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    Sir: So the Rev Francis Bown feels orthodox Christians should be warned against the "Charismatic folly" of personal commitment, healing miracles, baptism in the Holy Spirit, individual salvation and the reality of a lost eternity for those outside of...

  • LEADER : A dunces' debate
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    It was all inevitable. For most of the post-war period two facts sat uncomfortably alongside each other. The first was that a British university education was to a higher standard than that of most other countries. The second was that the proportion ...

  • Eminently qualified - for some other job
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    Now, throw away his expertise and give him something entirely different. Let's make him Chief of Staff of the Army of the Rhine, or Deputy Chief of Defence Staff. We could send him to serve a spell in Oman, Malaya or Borneo and he could write a book ...

  • LETTER : Have we forgotten Srebenica already?
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    Sir: The recent coverage of the death of Jill Phipps reminds us how regrettable the trade of animals to the Continent has become, and how much the animals suffer. But where are the brave Jill Phippses to protest against the slaughter of thousands of ...

  • LETTER : The impact of Charismatics' radical approach
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    Sir: After the recent revelations of scandal in the Church of England in South Yorkshire, it is easy once again to blame the Charismatic Movement for allowing such things to happen. Yet, just as many a fond couple look back on their courting days as ...

  • LETTER : Xenophobia stalks Romania again
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    Sir: Adrian Bridge ("Romania set for new row with Hungary", 26 August) is right to draw attention to the provocative distribution by the Romanian government of Romanians Hunted Down in Their Own Country. The book repeats allegations, originally made ...

  • LETTER : A load of hot air about Met Office
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    Sir: Chris Blackhurst's article ("Met men 'made inaccurate claims'," 25 August) is an insult to our 1,500 members at the Met Office. Weather forecasters and other professionals have not fiddled the books to boost their pay packets. In fact, they have...

  • LETTER : 'M' is for me
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    Sir: I noted your report on the speech made by Janet Street-Porter (26 August). As a cable subscriber, I am able to view her station, Live TV. Having done so, and viewed the content of her programmes, may I be the first to offer my life subscription ...

  • Thank you for that subversive clan
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    The Royal Family especially was idealised by the press: lovely granny, hard-working mummy, handsome daddy with medals on his chest, kiddies with sleeked-down hair and velvet-collared coats. Such intrusions on their privacy as took place took the form...

  • LETTER : Western outrage
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    Sir: The release of the human rights campaigner Harry Wu is laudable, as was his work to expose China's appalling prison regime. But the West's outcry is slightly risible, especially when the UK is introducing "boot camps" and the US puts you away fo...

  • Simply shocking (they hope)
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    Now Klein has withdrawn a series of advertisements for his clothes, under pressure from organisations such as the Catholic League and the American Family Association. The ads showed very young teenagers in very provocative poses and were attacked as ...

  • meanwhile...
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    Core, what a contest American attempts to export apples to Japan ran into problems with the oriental way of eating. In Japan, apples are washed, peeled, cored and cut into slices before serving. Biting into them is simply not done. The Americans, acc...

  • ANOTHER VIEW : Don't worry, it's only women
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    With its known aversion to free speech - with thousands in its jails - and the infamous treatment of unwanted girl babies, China is hardly the obvious place for a conference on women. But then trade is fast becoming the main criterion for action and ...

  • word of mouth weather
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    The long, hot summer is over but this is the calm bef-ore the storm, and unless we get an Indian summer it will soon be raining cats and dogs, and memories of this hot spell will be lost in the mists of time. Still, there's something about this time ...

  • Television
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    The matter was so unusual that it restored a degree of innocence to an audience very practised in the genre of the adversity documentary, an audience which broadly thought it had seen everything. Well, it hadn't seen this... and besides, the film was...

  • chess
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    Without Black's h-pawn, the position would be an easy win for White. The simplest way would be to play Ra8, a6, a7 then push the f-pawn to f7. After Black's Kxf7, White plays Rh8, queening his a-pawn or winning the black rook after Rxa7 by a check on...

  • LETTER : Have we forgotten Srebenica already?
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    Sir: Your leading article of 14 August exhorted the world to exact "full punishment" for the slaughters of Srebenica, "one of the most hideous atrocities of the Yugoslav conflict". The opening lines of that essay, The speed at which news is reported,...

  • LETTER : The impact of Charismatics' radical approach
    Wednesday, 30 August 1995

    Goodman Sir: I find the Rev Francis Bown's attitude to Charismatics both ignorant and alarming in his desire to rid our churches of any Charismatic expression (Letters, 25 August). Such views are not uncommon. What he expresses in his letter is a car...

  • LETTER: First to the peak
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    Sir: Dr A. Chatterjee (Letters, 25 August) says that Hillary and Tenzing chose never to reveal which of them arrived first at the summit of Everest. I remember reading, some 20 years ago, an interview with Tenzing Norgay in which he said (I paraphras...

  • LETTER: Efficiency by rail
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    Sir: The reason why Michael Meacher is right to condemn the giveaway of Red Star (contrary to your editorial of 22 August) is that, in the transport field, environmental efficiency is at least as important as business efficiency. If you want to get a...

  • LEADING ARTICLE:The Truth is not Out There
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    The X-Files - tag line: The Truth Is Out There - concerns FBI ggents Mulder and Scully and their close encounters with, in no particular order, aliens, vampires, shape-shifters, ghosts, missing links and the fearsome results of covert government drai...

  • true gripes traffic police
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    We all know why this happens. The policemen act friendly because it makes their job easier. They have a long day ahead of them and if they can win their "clients" over by making light of the whole thing, there will be a lot less hassle for all concer...

  • site unseen Blue Ball Yard mews, London
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    It would be wrong, however, to romanticise the good old days and claim that our cities in the past were anything other than smelly. No sanitation, no drains, elementary hygiene, bad breath, worse armpits... you get the message. In particular, the cit...

  • LETTER:Figures for army brigades in Burma
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    Sir: Your correspondent David Cooke (Letters, 24 August) says that he met U Aung San when serving in Burma and that Lord Mountbatten addressed a son of Aung San as "Your excellency". As the last British Assistant Resident, Putao, I myself met Aung Sa...

  • it looks like...
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    Swedish humour, as the state-run liquor distributor refused to handle a British cider called "Dynamite" on the grounds that the product's name was misleading, fallacious and inappropriate. There is, however, a Swedish vodka called "Black Death". A ba...

  • chess
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    White starts and the first player to promote a pawn, capture all his opponent's pawns, or run his opponent out of legal moves, wins the game. With one pawn each it's trivial, with two pawns each it's easy, and with three pawns each, the bright child ...

  • LETTER:Water meters: an equitable cure for shortages?
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    Sir: To suppose that demand for water (or any other physical thing) can go on increasing indefinitely is childish. Sooner or later, demand management for all finite resources is inevitable; and metering/pricing is the obvious method. It can be made e...

  • What Mother did with my whatsits
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    So valuable was Picasso's genius, for example, that he was able to pay quite hefty bills simply by scrawling his signature on the backs of used envelopes, and the rumour persists in cafes of the south of France that when smaller sums were involved he...

  • Who should own the voice of Scotland?
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    Let's start with the newspaper and work backwards to the country. If there is a Scottish establishment, then the Scotsman, founded in 1817, is undoubtedly part of it. Along with the General Assembly of the Kirk, the Bank of Scotland, the financial in...

  • LETTER: Successful girls
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    Sir: It is obvious that schools such as mine, which are able to select their pupils, will get better GCSE and A-level results than their neighbours which cannot. League tables in the past few years have shown this. However, the recent report from Man...

  • LETTER: Keep troops in Gorazde
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    Sir: We are appalled at the British government's decision to withdraw our troops from Gorazde (report, 26 August). It sends completely the wrong signal to the Bosnian Serbs and will encourage them to attack this so- called UN safe haven. There are 60...

  • LETTER: A worse scramble for college places
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    Sir: You refer to the debate ("New college entry system would end scramble for places", 23 August), which has been continuing warmly for some months now, about a possible replacement for the current system of university and college admissions, operat...

  • ANOTHER VIEW; Brent Spar hangover
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    Both ITN and the BBC were invited on to the Brent Spar platform by Greenpeace in the early stages of the campaign, but both declined. Other broadcasters who did send reporters have not complained about their interaction with Greenpeace nor about any ...

  • LETTER:Water meters: an equitable cure for shortages?
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    Sir: So the Government has decided that the best way to cure present and future water shortages is to press for the greater use of water meters. At customers' expense, of course. The fear of higher bills will therefore solve the problem. We are a cou...

  • juste a mot
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    This week, our lexico-friendly survey of the current English wordscape provides a value-added entertainment moment - infotainment, if you like - without any funky-trainspotter factor in the sort of language any kidult can understand. So if you're not...

  • Un peu trop radical for Chirac
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    The sin the minister committed was his questioning, on a widely heard radio programme, of the perks and pension benefits enjoyed by the public sector. This unleashed a clamour of fury from the powerful state sector just when the prime minister needed...

  • LETTER: Spread the word: Belfast is friendly
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    Sir: I would like to comment on your article on Belfast and how to advertise it (Media, 22 August). I am an Australian tourist. In the past three months I have travelled through France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Ireland ...

  • LETTER: Vive la differential
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    Sir: Free collective bargaining failed the low paid and for this reason the trades unions now support a statutory minimum wage policy ("Unions to set low-pay target", 24 August). For most trades unions this is the opposite to what they said under the...

  • LEADING ARTICLE: New broom for Ulster Unionism
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    Mr Molyneaux believed he served his people best by working quietly behind the scenes. He was so invisible that even close followers were never quite sure how to pronounce his name. Seeing his role as defending a citadel rather than advancing a cause,...

  • LETTER:Figures for army brigades in Burma
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    Sir: While I agree that the Indian Army should be appropriately honoured at any commemoration of the war in Burma, I question Major G. R. Bide's statement (Letters, 24 August) that there were 750,000 Indian troops, who represented 75 per cent of the ...

  • LETTER:Water meters: an equitable cure for shortages?
    Tuesday, 29 August 1995

    Sir: The Department of Environment's proposals on water conservation encourage metering for people's homes ("Gummer backs spread of meters to cut water use", 21 August). Save the Children is very concerned about the impact such a policy could have on...

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