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Monday, 7 August 1995

  • Leading Article: A cut-out-and-keep Nigel diet
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    1. If you are Chancellor of the Exchequer (or even shadow Chancellor), resign. Previous and present holders of these posts include Ken Clarke, John Smith, Gordon Brown, Roy Jenkins, Roy Hattersley and, of course, Nigel Lawson. It is nearly impossible...

  • Robots on the heritage circuit
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    This slightly melancholy, semi-lyrical thought has stuck in my memory ever since I first read it. It is not a line of poetry, though it could be. It is not a gasp from a Mills and Boon novel, though it could well be. It is in fact one of the items fr...

  • Letter: Fall-out from Hiroshima
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Yet this conclusion cannot be regarded as definitive. The US National Academy of Sciences report (1980) on the biological effects of radiation estimates that "irregularly inherited genetic changes" would persist for ten generations. The foremost auth...

  • Vive la republique! Et vive le roi!
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Some British Conservatives admire France for this very reason; if you are turned on by authority, central control, and robust, even faintly paranoid nationalism, the Fifth Republic has a lot to be admired. The Mururoa atoll testing is a good example ...

  • Peace with a terrible price
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Yet the more immediate significance of Croatia's success is that it may bring a speedier settlement of the conflicts that have torn apart former Yugoslavia for the past four years. Suddenly, there is a grim clarity to the maps that show which nationa...

  • Letter: Whose waistcoat?
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Sitting in my waistcoat, the sub manager strongly reminded me that I was not a Mississippi gambler ... Why was the sub-manager wearing Mr Fennemore's waistcoat? Yours faithfully, Michael Williams Handsworth, Birmingham 3 August

  • Letter: Writer's cure for fear of showering
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Like many writers of horror, he was gentle, kindly and very courteous. He gave many interviews about his work and always managed to raise a smile when the reporter quipped that she had been unable to have a shower for months after seeing the movie. F...

  • Letter: Masonic promise
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Yours faithfully, M. B. S. Higham Grand Secretary United Grand Lodge of England London, WC2

  • Letter: In the aftermath of Croatia's re-conquest of Krajina
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Western Europe should now offer a deal to the luckless peoples of former-Yugoslavia geared towards what they have in common. Croatia and Serbia could be promised close association with the European Union and substantial economic assistance, if the fo...

  • ANOTHER VIEW: Keep your distance, Will
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    While I'm sure that theirs truly is nothing more than a close friendship, it is a pattern we have seen before with Diana - and Will Carling should beware. He was right to admit to their friendship immediately - nothing wrong with that, after all he d...

  • Letter: Why judges want a Bill of Rights
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Whom can she have been talking to? It sounds suspiciously like the Charter 88 mob, who are well known to be among the great misleaders of our generation. If Ms Toynbee reads the Bill of Rights, she will see that it confers powers on the judges far be...

  • site unseen : Rose Window, Winchester Palace
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    When exposed in public, most straying churchmen offer profuse words of apology. But not all. In particular, successive bishops of Winchester once made huge and unrepentant piles of money from a string of brothels which they owned in Southwark in medi...

  • true gripes : swimming pool fascists
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    But swimming pool fascists are excellent swimmers. They swim in perfectly straight lines and do not care who gets in their way. However much space you give them, they always take more. If they collide with you going up the pool, and you get out of th...

  • backgammon
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Most checker-play mistakes in backgammon are not made by considering Play A and Play B and choosing the wrong one but by not realising that Play C was a viable alternative. A variation on this theme is agonising over the choice between Play A and Pla...

  • Letter: Fall-out from Hiroshima
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Hiroshima was in the zone occupied by the British and Commonwealth forces. Has any research been carried out as to the health of British personnel who served there? I was stationed at the RAF base at Iwakuni, which was 18 miles from Hiroshima, and ma...

  • Letter: In the aftermath of Croatia's re-conquest of Krajina
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    This, ostensibly small, new intake of refugees will not be the last, and given the instability of many societies throughout the world, the likelihood is that refugees will always be in need of sanctuary, and the areas that have taken most immigrants ...

  • chess
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    For the first four rounds, everything seemed to be going smoothly for the top seed, Matthew Sadler. Not only did he win all his games, but the man expected to be his closest rival, Mark Hebden, was having some miserable results. In the fifth round, h...

  • yesterday was...
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Bruce the Labrador, who was reported to have found his 500th cricket ball. Bruce's skill in finding lost balls has helped several Durham cricket clubs. His owner, Mr Moralee, 88, from Chester-le-Street keeps a record of his finds. The 500th was in a ...

  • Letter: Why judges want a Bill of Rights
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Joshua Rozenberg's attack (letter, 4 August) on Polly Toynbee misses this point and is also misleading. Ms Toynbee arguedthat judges are now making up our constitution as they go along. Often to our benefit, perhaps, but it is no way to run a country...

  • Letter: Fall-out from Hiroshima
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Why do we never see any well-educated persons erecting expensive notices inscribed "No more Nankings"? Yours sincerely, Shamus O. D. Wade Secretary The Commonwealth Forces History Trust London, W3 4 August

  • Letter: In the aftermath of Croatia's re-conquest of Krajina
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    The constitution that was created for the newly independent state provides written guaranteed rights for all minorities. The Croatian flag dates back to 1300, so it is ridiculous to identify it with a puppet state run by a small number of quislings a...

  • come home Albert, all is forgiven
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    Hugh Howard thinks it will make a dynamic Christmas decoration covered with a glass dome, quarter-filled with polystyrene packaging chips, with ring lighting fitted in the base and irregular blasts of compressed air to create a snowstorm effect. The ...

  • Mr Christopher's bag of bones
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    There were something over 2,000 American MIAs (missing in action) in Vietnam, as a result of the war. There were 300,000 MIAs on the North Vietnamese/Vietcong side. While the form of the Saturday ceremonial was doubtless chosen with extreme care and ...

  • Spot the incompetent doctor
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    Dr Archer was called because Alfie had spent the night vomiting. He was delirious and had a temperature of 106F. The GP had agreed to turn out only after an acrimonious conversation with Alfie's mother on the phone. When he arrived, he kicked a bowl ...

  • The Sixties? Say no more
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    I'll tell you why people go on and on about the Sixties. It's because they've just written a book about the Sixties, and they want people to buy it. That's why I've brought the subject up today. I've just written a history of the Sixties. But it's no...

  • LETTER : Why cool logic eludes the Brits
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    Sir: Returning from two weeks in the Mediterranean to encounter temperatures almost as high in England, I am intrigued by the different approaches to keeping cool when indoors Mediterranean logic recognises that light is heat and also that from mid-m...

  • LETTER : The Mancunian candidate
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    Sir: As a party member in one of Labour's "Birmingham Four" suspended constituencies, may I congratulate Ken Livingstone for having highlighted the injusticeperpetrated by the party hierarchy against ordinary party members, not just in Birmingham, bu...

  • LETTER : David's poetry, Solomon's wisdom
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    Sir: Geoffrey Hinton (Letters, 3 August) moves your correspondence about King David from his circumcision to his clothing. Could I move it further, to his morals, by quoting the verse I was taught in Sunday School: King David and King Solomon Lived v...

  • No. 25: Circumnavagism
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    Ms Clayton's story is disputed by carping "yachties", who believe she was assisted on at least one occasion, by a BBC film crew. The issue of whether she did or did not circumnavigate the world is now highly circumfused. The same condition is rife in...

  • LETTER : Bravo, banzai, encore, more!
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    Sir: It is not only between the movements of symphonies that applause for music can break out (Letters; 30 July, 4 August). A few years ago at the ultra-conservative Metropolitan Opera House in New York, the audience stopped the third act of Wagner's...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Directing the Bard from the boards
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    "On your imaginary forces work." Indeed, imagine the new millennium, and a spanking new bridge across the Thames taking tourists and day-trippers from St Paul's cathedral to the trendy waterside cultural centre of Bankside, where they could wander ar...

  • LETTER : You can blame violence on the box, Mr Bragg
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    Sir: Melvyn Bragg refers to a "complicatedly implanted moral code" in children which, he believes, TV is powerless to break. He goes on to dismiss those that challenge this viewpoint as either "tyrants, or insecure authoritarians", and he implicitly ...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Croatian victory is not yet won
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    In this light it is hard not to see the Croatian victory as welcome. Last month, the Serbs looked unassailable, overwhelming the United Nations "safe areas" of Zepa and Srebrenica, slaughtering hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people put to flight by ...

  • LETTER : The stone circles of black Africa
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    Sir: A.D.C. Hyland (letter, 2 August) backs up his claim that "Blacks have been players in the stage of British history for thousands of years" by asserting that Stonehenge was built by Berbers. Stone circles have been found in Africa, so Stonehenge ...

  • LETTER : Abuse of statistics
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    Sir: It is true that exposure rates of children are probably much lower nowadays, as suggested by Professor O'Carroll (letter, 3 August). However the next step in the argument about statistics on child safety is whether exposure rates have any bearin...

  • Why the Bomb did not win the War
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    This version of history has become the received wisdom for two reasons. We know everything that is to be known about the horror of those first aggressive nuclear explosions. No events in the Pacific War - nothing else in the whole course of the Secon...

    Monday, 7 August 1995

    While the grandmasters have been fighting for the championship title in recent years, the biggest crowds have tended to gather around the board at which Bazza was displaying his remarkable chess philosophy. Opening 1.h3 and 2.a3 (h6 and a6 with Black...

  • bridge
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    North 4 Q 9 6 3 ! A K 7 6 4 2 # K Q 2 3 West East 4K 10 8 7 4 J 4 !10 8 ! Q J 9 5 #10 8 4 3 # J 9 5 2 2Q 7 5 2 J 10 9 South 4 A 5 2 ! 3 # A 7 6 2 A K 8 6 4 2 This was a perplexing hand from a recent teams' event. With exactly eight top tricks in Thre...

  • LETTER : The Mancunian candidate
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    Sir: How easy it seems to write articles such as Ken Livingstone's Another View ("Asians won't go away, Tony", 3 August, which claims knowledge of "scandal", "racism" and "imposed white candidates". The reporting of decisions taken by Labour's Nation...

  • Diary
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    Last week Julia and I found that our political incorrectness extended to having since early childhood been steadfastly pro-Cavalier and anti- Roundhead - and not just on sartorial and joie de vivre grounds. We reject the 1066 And All That compromise ...

  • LETTER : You can blame violence on the box, Mr Bragg
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    Sir: Melvyn Bragg suggests that those concerned about the impact of TV and video violent images on the behaviour of children and young people are hooked on the notion this is the single cause of crime and violent behaviour. No one I know who is conce...

  • LETTER : You can blame violence on the box, Mr Bragg
    Monday, 7 August 1995

    Sir: Melvyn Bragg implies that a book by David Gauntlett consists of "detailed research" on the (possible) effects of television ("You can't blame it on the box", 4 August). The work does not, however, contain any new information but consists of quit...

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