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Tuesday, 8 August 1995

  • LETTER : Long history of British blacks
    Wednesday, 9 August 1995

    Sir: Geoffrey Littlejohns (letter, 7 August) makes an error in assuming that the history of black settlement before the Fifties and Sixties is spurious and invented. What of William Cuffey active as a Chartist, Mary Seacole who was with Florence Nigh...

  • Tough on fraud, tough on ...
    Wednesday, 9 August 1995

    Suddenly, all that has changed. Labour vies with the Conservatives to condemn it. When Mr Lilley recently announced a major anti-fraud drive, the response from Donald Dewar, Labour's social security spokesman, was not to warn of benefit snoopers hara...

  • LETTER : Cost of favouring first-time buyers
    Wednesday, 9 August 1995

    Sir: Colin Brown ("First-time buyers may get tax break", 7 August) grossly underestimates the cost of restoring Miras to 25 per cent of interest, from its present level of 15 per cent for all borrowers. The overall cost of restoring Miras to its prev...

  • The Frank and Brian Show
    Wednesday, 9 August 1995

    Brian's advantage in this tedious battle is that his party controls virtually no councils at all any more, so there is not much scope for Tory embarrassment. Frank's secret weapon, however, levels things out. Whenever a group of Labour people fall fo...

  • LETTER : What is great literature?
    Wednesday, 9 August 1995

    Sir: I have a certain amount of sympathy with Richard Hoggart's review of Libraries in a World of Cultural Change (3 August). I think it is wrong that public libraries, which are increasingly short of funds, should squander money on cheap fiction whi...

  • LETTER : Christianity, the great divider
    Wednesday, 9 August 1995

    Sir: Monica Furlong's general indictment of religion, because it seems to make everything worse by dividing people (Faith & Reason, 5 August), allows an exception for some religious leaders, particularly Jesus, who "manage to make the great creat...

  • LETTER : TV violence: case studies and role models in the visual media
    Wednesday, 9 August 1995

    Sir: Melvyn Bragg defends TV ("You can't blame it on the box", 4 August) typically robustly in terms of its alleged influence on young people but it seems too much a riposte to TV's detractors. He explicitly accepts TV as one of a range of potential ...

  • History rebuilds itself, this time as farce
    Wednesday, 9 August 1995

    From its inception this project seems to have been specifically designed as a provocation or rebuke to English cultural attitudes. Shakespeare is, after all, more than just the greatest creative artist we, or perhaps humanity, has produced. He is als...

  • Mr Smiley and the Crisp trick
    Wednesday, 9 August 1995

    The problem of John Major can be stated briefly as follows: how can someone who consistently turns up in opinion polls as the most uninspiring Prime Minister of all time possibly remain so cheerful and unaffected by it? How, indeed, can he seem to th...

  • ANOTHER VIEW : Walsall on the front line
    Wednesday, 9 August 1995

    Part of the problem is that our critics are presenting their own version of Labour's policies. Unison accuses us of Thatcherite policies, while Walsall's Conservatives describe us as left-wing. Small wonder there is confusion. Against this background...

  • LETER : TV violence: case studies and role models in the visual media
    Wednesday, 9 August 1995

    Sir: With regard to Melvyn Bragg's article "You can't blame it on the box" (4 August), I have recently reviewed the literature on screen violence and children for a paper addressed to paediatricians. I was struck by the absence of case studies: speci...

  • LETTER : Cause for applause
    Wednesday, 9 August 1995

    Sir: I would like to add a few thoughts on applause in general agreement with Michael Varcoe-Cocks (letter, 7 August). Spontaneous reaction by a whole audience is a compliment to the composer or writer and to the performers and habits vary according ...

  • Cook's tour of Europe: a guide
    Wednesday, 9 August 1995

    Preaching for Europe? In August? Robin Cook, the one-time leading Labour anti-marketeer? Mr Cook has made a speciality of summer campaigns. Last year his project was to rescue the Post Office from privatisation. Now he is trying to persuade Britain t...

  • LETTER : Leaky argument
    Wednesday, 9 August 1995

    Sir: Your report on water leakage from the mains ("Leaks waste 826 gallons of water a day", 4 August) quoted Thames Water as saying that a tap dripping once a second wastes 10,000 gallons a year. For that to be true, all those drips would have to be ...

  • Rattigan worked with a monkey on his lap and overlooked by curious and unsober airmen
    Wednesday, 9 August 1995

    One of my half-uncles was air-gunnery officer Rattigan's commanding officer in West Africa during the writing of the last part of the play. Rattigan worked with a monkey on his lap (from the tree opposite) and overlooked by curious and unsober airmen...

  • word of mouth piggery
    Wednesday, 9 August 1995

    That's the problem with this country. If you're on the pig's back and you're starting to get the sow by the ear, before you know it people are saying you're as independent as a hog on ice (which means, inexplicably, very cocky) and you get caught pla...

  • meanwhile...
    Wednesday, 9 August 1995

    1995 has been delayed The villagers of Berchules, Spain, rang in the new year at noon on 5 August. Complete with Christmas trees and traditional Christmas fare, the festivities had been rescheduled after a 13-hour power cut on 31 December had wrecked...

  • chess
    Wednesday, 9 August 1995

    While Sadler had a short but exciting draw in the seventh round with Matthew Turner, Arkell and Parker moved ahead with good wins. Arkell's victory over Aaron Summerscale (who had started the round as joint leader) was a typically patient and risk-fr...

  • Leading Article: A cut-out-and-keep Nigel diet
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    1. If you are Chancellor of the Exchequer (or even shadow Chancellor), resign. Previous and present holders of these posts include Ken Clarke, John Smith, Gordon Brown, Roy Jenkins, Roy Hattersley and, of course, Nigel Lawson. It is nearly impossible...

  • Robots on the heritage circuit
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    This slightly melancholy, semi-lyrical thought has stuck in my memory ever since I first read it. It is not a line of poetry, though it could be. It is not a gasp from a Mills and Boon novel, though it could well be. It is in fact one of the items fr...

  • Letter: Fall-out from Hiroshima
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Yet this conclusion cannot be regarded as definitive. The US National Academy of Sciences report (1980) on the biological effects of radiation estimates that "irregularly inherited genetic changes" would persist for ten generations. The foremost auth...

  • Vive la republique! Et vive le roi!
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Some British Conservatives admire France for this very reason; if you are turned on by authority, central control, and robust, even faintly paranoid nationalism, the Fifth Republic has a lot to be admired. The Mururoa atoll testing is a good example ...

  • Peace with a terrible price
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Yet the more immediate significance of Croatia's success is that it may bring a speedier settlement of the conflicts that have torn apart former Yugoslavia for the past four years. Suddenly, there is a grim clarity to the maps that show which nationa...

  • Letter: Whose waistcoat?
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Sitting in my waistcoat, the sub manager strongly reminded me that I was not a Mississippi gambler ... Why was the sub-manager wearing Mr Fennemore's waistcoat? Yours faithfully, Michael Williams Handsworth, Birmingham 3 August

  • Letter: Writer's cure for fear of showering
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Like many writers of horror, he was gentle, kindly and very courteous. He gave many interviews about his work and always managed to raise a smile when the reporter quipped that she had been unable to have a shower for months after seeing the movie. F...

  • Letter: Masonic promise
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Yours faithfully, M. B. S. Higham Grand Secretary United Grand Lodge of England London, WC2

  • Letter: In the aftermath of Croatia's re-conquest of Krajina
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Western Europe should now offer a deal to the luckless peoples of former-Yugoslavia geared towards what they have in common. Croatia and Serbia could be promised close association with the European Union and substantial economic assistance, if the fo...

  • ANOTHER VIEW: Keep your distance, Will
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    While I'm sure that theirs truly is nothing more than a close friendship, it is a pattern we have seen before with Diana - and Will Carling should beware. He was right to admit to their friendship immediately - nothing wrong with that, after all he d...

  • Letter: Why judges want a Bill of Rights
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Whom can she have been talking to? It sounds suspiciously like the Charter 88 mob, who are well known to be among the great misleaders of our generation. If Ms Toynbee reads the Bill of Rights, she will see that it confers powers on the judges far be...

  • site unseen : Rose Window, Winchester Palace
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    When exposed in public, most straying churchmen offer profuse words of apology. But not all. In particular, successive bishops of Winchester once made huge and unrepentant piles of money from a string of brothels which they owned in Southwark in medi...

  • true gripes : swimming pool fascists
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    But swimming pool fascists are excellent swimmers. They swim in perfectly straight lines and do not care who gets in their way. However much space you give them, they always take more. If they collide with you going up the pool, and you get out of th...

  • backgammon
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Most checker-play mistakes in backgammon are not made by considering Play A and Play B and choosing the wrong one but by not realising that Play C was a viable alternative. A variation on this theme is agonising over the choice between Play A and Pla...

  • Letter: Fall-out from Hiroshima
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Hiroshima was in the zone occupied by the British and Commonwealth forces. Has any research been carried out as to the health of British personnel who served there? I was stationed at the RAF base at Iwakuni, which was 18 miles from Hiroshima, and ma...

  • Letter: In the aftermath of Croatia's re-conquest of Krajina
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    This, ostensibly small, new intake of refugees will not be the last, and given the instability of many societies throughout the world, the likelihood is that refugees will always be in need of sanctuary, and the areas that have taken most immigrants ...

  • chess
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    For the first four rounds, everything seemed to be going smoothly for the top seed, Matthew Sadler. Not only did he win all his games, but the man expected to be his closest rival, Mark Hebden, was having some miserable results. In the fifth round, h...

  • yesterday was...
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Bruce the Labrador, who was reported to have found his 500th cricket ball. Bruce's skill in finding lost balls has helped several Durham cricket clubs. His owner, Mr Moralee, 88, from Chester-le-Street keeps a record of his finds. The 500th was in a ...

  • Letter: Why judges want a Bill of Rights
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Joshua Rozenberg's attack (letter, 4 August) on Polly Toynbee misses this point and is also misleading. Ms Toynbee arguedthat judges are now making up our constitution as they go along. Often to our benefit, perhaps, but it is no way to run a country...

  • Letter: Fall-out from Hiroshima
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    Why do we never see any well-educated persons erecting expensive notices inscribed "No more Nankings"? Yours sincerely, Shamus O. D. Wade Secretary The Commonwealth Forces History Trust London, W3 4 August

  • Letter: In the aftermath of Croatia's re-conquest of Krajina
    Tuesday, 8 August 1995

    The constitution that was created for the newly independent state provides written guaranteed rights for all minorities. The Croatian flag dates back to 1300, so it is ridiculous to identify it with a puppet state run by a small number of quislings a...

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