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Tuesday, 19 September 1995

  • Letter: Inside interest in the external audit
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    I needed years of intensive study under articles to become a qualified accountant in 1938. Even so, I needed a lengthy refresher course before returning to employment with my former professional firm in 1945; and for the remaining 35 years of my care...

  • chess William Hartston
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    Seen in the context of a 20-game match, the contest is developing into an intriguingly tight fight, with neither man prepared to take the sort of risk that could give his opponent the opportunity to score the first victory. In terms of the individual...

  • Letter: Fears in the nuclear
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    Mr McRae says that the Magnox reactor is intrinsically safe because it is designed to overheat very slowly. So, protests about its dangers are irrational. But how did this particular design come to be adopted? Surely, public concerns about safety had...

  • Letter: Acute need to avoid a two-tier NHS
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    I had the privilege of working in the NHS for 40 years, from its foundation in 1948, as a trainee, and later consultant, surgeon. It is fair to say that it became one of the nation's most valued services, and yet one of the most economical health sch...

  • ANOTHER VIEW: Attack of Lib Dem vapours
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    It's already happening. There are now more than 40 joint administrations at local government level in England - local authorities where the two parties have shared out committee chairs and work co-operatively. But the best example of co-operation has...

  • Letter: Moral choice
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    His name is Simenon. Yours faithfully, Doiran Williams Whitbourne, Worcestershire 16 September

  • Letter: Fears in the nuclear industry
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    Ultimately, the safety of the industry depends on the experience, commitment and morale of the scientific and engineering staff. Will Nuclear Electric encourage them to talk openly about redundancies and short-term contracts of employment, so that th...

  • Leading Article: The prime of Mr Brandon Lee
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    The original Brian had attended the same school some 16 years earlier, but had left early with no qualifications. He was so unremarkable that even those teachers who spanned both his school careers do not remember him. And so Brian MacKinnon lived ou...

  • Highway robbery in the cathedral
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    I was horrified, too, for a different reason. It means that some very important documents will have to be changed. For instance, do you remember the poem by Philip Larkin called "Church Going"? It's the one that starts: Once I am sure there's nothing...

  • There is nothing, even in a liberal regime, that makes prison attractive
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    Mind you, it's not hard to see why the prisoners at Hewell Grange, near Redditch in Worcestershire stay put. Firstly, there is the grim fact that anyone who does wander off immediately loses Category D status and returns to a nastier place. But beyon...

  • Letter: We must save the Serbs from their folly
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    The basic fact is that the victory in the north-west is primarily a victory of the Bosnian army, highly motivated and now quite well equipped. The Serb rout is not stage-managed and will not stop. It is irreversible and must put paid to the whole gam...

  • Letter: Daily spread
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    Alternatively, can you assure us that the coating has been cleared as fit for human consumption? Yours apprehensively, John Wilkin Newcastle upon Tyne 17 September

  • Leading Article: Faulty diagnosis, dangerous remedy
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    First Rodney Walker, outgoing chairman of the NHS Trust Federation, called for tax breaks for private health insurance to allow the NHS to concentrate on the elderly, the poor and emergencies. Then the Royal College of Physicians sought a kind of nat...

  • Letter: Inside interest in the external audit
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    In theory, auditors are appointed by the shareholder to represent their interests. In fact, auditors are appointed by the Board to represent their own, often quite different, interests. Thus, there is often a strong motivation to appoint, or reappoin...

  • word of mouth jaw jaw
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    After Neil Kinnock, a man who would beat his gums and run off at the mouth in a torrent of verbal diarrhoea as soon as give you the time of day, Tony seems like a man of few words, less of a bletherer and not so full of hot air, but a windbag in his ...

  • meanwhile... Some news stories of the past week that you may have missed
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    Spotty problems The Dalmatian Club has voted, by 106 to 71 against co-operating with the Walt Disney organisation in a remake of the film 101 Dalmatians. In the cartoon version 30 years ago, Disney animators drew 6,469,952 spots. This time they will ...

  • Letter: Fears in the nuclear
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    By smoking, I increase the probability of ill health, premature death, actuarily calculable as x. Whether I am frightened or complacent about the risk will be affected by my assessment, possibly intuitively, of personal factors such as my age, family...

  • Letter: Common policies
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    An analysis of the 35 policy documents published by the two parties, starting with their 1992 election manifestos, shows that Labour and the Liberal Democrats have broadly similar policies across a whole range of issues, including constitutional refo...

  • Letter: Acute need to avoid a two-tier NHS
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    The immediate Government reaction that he is being much too gloomy is probably correct, but only if the decision is taken to release the NHS from the wasteful and inappropriate market system under which it now struggles. Both the Audit Commission and...

  • The Bank's gain is our loss
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    At its worst, it looks suspiciously like another symbol of the English disease, abandoning his post as head of the CBI in the earthy world of industry for the thin, heady air of high finance. The best British brains have always drained away into the ...

  • Why Paddy can spend, spend, spend
    Wednesday, 20 September 1995

    Given the cramped confines of modern political discourse, this was a surprisingly left-wing speech. Mr Ashdown will not like the description; it causes him trouble in the South-west of England. He would prefer something easier on the ear, like radica...

  • Letter: Of races,hurdles and sporting chances
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    Sir: Roger Bannister remarks (report, 14 September) that "black sprinters, and black athletes in general, all seem to have certain natural anatomical advantages", and he asserts that the "black race" (not defined) has through some magical evolutionar...

  • Chess
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    Indeed, after that game Kasparov was reported to have stormed out of the playing room, refusing a request to talk to the paying spectators, some of whom were less than satisfied with the value received for their $75 tickets. Meanwhile, Anand chatted ...

  • Letter: In defence of the intelligent villain
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    Sir: George Orwell once wrote an essay in Tribune entitled "Decline of the English Murder". In it, he calculated that of the nine murderers whose reputations had "stood the test of time" (and who perpetrated their crimes between 1850 and 1925), eight...

  • Yesterday was...
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    General Vladimir Nikitin, deputy commander of the strategic rocket forces at the Plesetsk launch site in northern Russia. The site has had its electricity restored after being cut off over the weekend for non-payment of a 72.6bn rouble bill. A bad da...

  • Backgammon
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    What is required here is the simple application of the arithmetic outlined in the previous article. The only other piece of knowledge that is required is that of understanding the possible rolls of two dice. Let's cover that first. There are 36 possi...

  • Letter: Of races,hurdles and sporting chances
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    Sir: Your suggestion that social and economic pressures may be as important as physical characteristics in explaining the dominance of black athletes is borne out by evidence from another sport: boxing. As is well known, the outstanding practitioners...

  • Letter: In defence of the intelligent villain
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    Sir: As a member of the Crime Writers Association, I am pleased that the Independent takes such innocent pleasure from our little controversy over PD James's snobbery. No chance, I suppose, that you will now start actually reviewing books written by ...

  • Letter: Virgin territory
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    Sir: Danny Penman is wrong to believe that Virgin Atlantic is the first airline to actively target gay travellers ("Virgin targets the pink traveller', 16 September). American Airlines has marketed successfully its network and products to the gay and...

  • Letter: Marr's question needs a reply
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    Sir: Andrew Marr's new book, Ruling Britannia, is as important for the nation's political system as Will Hutton's is for our economic system and we ignore them at our peril. Mr Marr cannot be written off as another "panacea of the fashionable left" (...

  • Letter: Grotesque solution
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    Sir: Viewed from the park, the Royal Naval College at Greenwich already provides a frame for that monstrous monument to Thatcherism, Canary Wharf Tower. Could there be a more grotesque solution to the grotesque dilemma the Government has set itself, ...

  • Heroes have their place
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    Today's books could hardly be more different. They have bright covers, colour photographs and lots of contemporary source material. They are also, in many cases, more accurate. Gone is the story of King Alfred and the cakes, simply because there isn'...

  • Letter: Of races,hurdles and sporting chances
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    Sir: Various correspondents (letters, 16 September) have rightly pointed out that sporting success is a complex matter that depends on a number of factors, including opportunity, resources, role models, climate, and sheer hard work, as well as natura...

  • Letter: Not always a case of love vs abortion
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    Sir: I was saddened to read Dominic Lawson's Another View ("Choose love, not abortion", 14 September). Sometimes such a choice does not exist. Last October, my wife and I learnt, from a detailed scan of our baby after 17 weeks' gestation, that such w...

  • Site Unseen: The Conduit, Sherborne
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    A spartan diet, brutal discipline inflicted via the buttocks by demented sadists, rampant homosexuality - all part of the manifold delights for which parents voluntarily shell out huge sums of money. Charles Dickens's scathing exposure of Dotheboys H...

  • Your cash point is watching you
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    I wondered what kind of thing they meant. A limpet mine, perhaps, fitted by some unhappy customer to whom the bank had given wrong advice, resulting in some petty bankruptcy which had contrived to annoy them? Or a camera, perhaps? Maybe there was som...

  • True Gripes: Sneezes
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    Ah, yes, that's always the refrain. There's a nasty cold doing the rounds, and the Angies of this world are always willing vectors for the diaspora of infection, bringing down hapless colleagues and customers in their wake as they snuffle through the...

  • Leading Article: Paddy and the pink bonbons
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    It was, of course, between Mr Ashdown's TV talk and Mr Maclennan's platform oratory that we were given Mr Blair's interview, in which he said that he would be prepared to talk policy with the Liberals both before and after an election. What does this...

  • Leading Article: Use your power to refer, Mr Lang
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    Yesterday's announcement of the latest bid brings matters to a head. PowerGen, the electricity generator, has agreed terms for taking over Midlands Electricity, which distributes and supplies power. Great news for Midlands' shareholders: they stand t...

  • Hong Kong's vote for confusion
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    In less than 22 months, when the whole lot is handed over to China, the wealth of the world's eighth largest trading economy will be Britain's justification for a century and a half of colonial rule. Whether this is enough, whether its 6 million subj...

  • An olive branch or a deadly embrace?
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    Liberal Democracy, gathered here in Glasgow, is unsure how to respond. Neither would you be: at the Littleborough and Saddleworth by-election this summer, new Labour was slapping the smaller party about, showering its pretensions with spittle and abu...

  • Letter: Calling Swedish banks to account
    Tuesday, 19 September 1995

    Sir: In his article on Jewish accounts in Swiss banks ("Lost treasure of the Nazis' victims", 16 September), David Horovitz concentrates on efforts over the years to persuade the Swiss banks to examine their archives (and their consciences?) more tho...

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