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Thursday, 21 September 1995

  • Letter: Taking responsibility for the `Versailles of London'
    Friday, 22 September 1995

    we need to keep the buildings in public ownership, not for its own sake, but because public ownership is more likely to give the buildings a purpose and style of management more suited to their world reputation and their position in our national heri...

  • Why can't we all go back to school?
    Friday, 22 September 1995

    His motives remain mysterious. Contrary to first reports, he was not exactly a low achiever first time round. But whatever his intent, the episode is symbolic of how the rules on how we order our progression through life - education, work, family and...

  • Letter: Low-paid but highly qualified
    Friday, 22 September 1995

    The boom in higher education, in which now one 18-year-old in three goes on to study after school, looks set to flood the job market with yet more qualified graduates seeking work. This desperation for work, and the accompanying lack of national guid...

  • Letter: Justice for victims and offenders
    Friday, 22 September 1995

    What is largely missing from this mixture of deterrence, retribution and rehabilitation is restorative justice. The victims of crime have no place in this system. Although the regime includes an hour working for charity, this is a depersonalised form...

  • Letter: Taking responsibility for the `Versailles of London'
    Friday, 22 September 1995

    In his opening speech to the conference, in March this year, to consider the Royal Parks Review Group's report on Greenwich Park, Stephen Dorrell, the then Secretary of State for National Heritage, spoke of the Naval College, the Queen's House, the N...

  • Leading Article: Mr Rifkind's not so grand illusions
    Friday, 22 September 1995

    If there was a Rifkind Doctrine on view at Chatham House, it consisted of the vague proposition that it might be better, on occasion, to absent oneself from the deliberations of a club where one exercises a little influence, rather than to remain at ...

  • Leading Article: Fighting them on the beaches
    Friday, 22 September 1995

    The company's management appears to have learnt a few lessons from rivals. Take, for example, the 1987 sinking of the Herald of Free Enterprise in Zeebrugge harbour. The death of 193 people was disastrous in every sense. It was, however, compounded b...

  • ANOTHER VIEW: A goal scored for freedom
    Friday, 22 September 1995

    When I came into football, from the world of showbiz, I was monster surprised to find out that a footballer's contract is not over when it finishes. As it stands at the moment, if a footballer's contract ends and the club offers him the same money th...

  • No more Davids, only Goliaths
    Friday, 22 September 1995

    By the next morning some of the least hungover among them must have been digesting the news of the Jean-Marc Bosman case and its possible implications for clubs such as their own. What did they make of the dire warnings being sounded that the likely ...

  • Everybody vote for Creepy Crawley
    Friday, 22 September 1995

    Yes, the "man" who has been running the country for the past few years turns out to be a schoolchild with the educational standards of a 14- year-old and the mental apparatus to go with it. However, thanks to the necessary sleight of hand to conceal ...

  • Letter: True pride in a partnership
    Friday, 22 September 1995

    Partnership, with its implied equality of status, is a perfect mechanism. for regulation of power-crazy or money-crazy individuals that so demean our public corporate life. In partnership, those executing professional services (solicitors, accountant...

  • Letter: Lottery may still fund Globe trust
    Friday, 22 September 1995

    The council has asked for more information about the application for pounds 12.4m as part of a pounds 29m project. More work needs to be done to ensure that the council's conditions of funding are met. This deferral should in no way be seen as a reje...

  • Letter: History of the undemocratic City
    Friday, 22 September 1995

    This sordid tale of oligarchy manifested itself as early as the 17th century, when the City refused to take over responsibility for the expanding suburbs and used its financial muscle to bribe Charles II to prevent the building of a second bridge acr...

  • Letter: Time for papal contemplation
    Friday, 22 September 1995

    Why not a sabbatical "to reflect upon the role of the Pontiff in a rapidly changing society" for the present incumbent? Yours sincerely, Norman Brown St Albans, Hertfordshire 19 September

  • Letter: Taking responsibility for the `Versailles of London'
    Friday, 22 September 1995

    The college is currently in the public sector and yet access is limited to the painted hall and chapel. You cannot wander round the courtyards at will. One end of the enclosure is used as a car park, the other features a dilapidated tennis court and ...

  • Letter: Taking responsibility for the `Versailles of London'
    Friday, 22 September 1995

    Also neglected is Turner's wish for an artists' almshouse, the idea for which was perhaps partially inspired by the Greenwich naval one. At one time his idea was to combine almshouse and gallery, and maybe that could now be achieved either at Greenwi...

  • LETTER: Patent medicine for genes
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    Sir: The European Patent Office has not said that human genes should be the intellectual property of international drugs companies: human genes in themselves are not new inventions, which are the EPO's concern. Both Tom Wilkie ("In patent need of sur...

  • LETTER: Let constituents decide MPs' pay
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    Sir: I understand the Government's prudence in wishing to limit pay rises in the public sector. I have two suggestions that would help to save money and would make the Conservative government much more electable. First, we could have local pay bargai...

  • LETTER: Patent medicine for genes
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    Sir: In his article looking forward to the public hearing of the European patent system, at the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich, Tom Wilkie implies that the EPO is acting outside the context of public opinion [in saying that "public attitudes ...

  • LETTER: Profiting from the Holocaust
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    Sir: I agree fully with Nicholas Faith (Letters, 19 September) regarding the accounts of Holocaust victims in Swedish banks. In my discussions on behalf of the Board of Deputies of British Jews with Swiss bankers, I became aware that there were such ...

  • LETTER: Limited liability for auditors
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    Sir: In his letter (16 September) Austin Mitchell, MP, argued that there was no case for any liability concessions to audit firms and that any such concessions will further reduce the incentive to do good audits. As you might expect, I disagree. The ...

  • LETTER: Too early to write off the UN
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    Sir: Your Diplomatic Editor, Michael Sheridan, reports ("Humiliation for UN as it ends Bosnia peace-keeping role", 19 September) that the United Nations will hand over to a Nato-dominated multilateral force in Bosnia- Herzegovina, in what he describe...

  • LETTER: Sins of omission
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    Sir: Ray Monk, having got into the habit of skating over things in his biography of Wittgenstein, now leaves things out in his review of The Oxford Companion to Philosophy ("In pursuit of truth", 16 September). In his report of the entry on Craig's T...

  • LETTER: No support for Churchill
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    Sir: While the sculpture of the late Oscar Nemon is rightly praised and admired in this country, particularly his sculpture of our wartime leader Winston Churchill, I hardly see how a 40ft bronze of Churchill on London's South bank would re-instil a ...

  • What's your line on referrals today?
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    Sir: Three highly ironic cheers for your leading article "Use your power to refer, Mr Lang" (19 September). As U-turns go, this one would put any politician to shame, but is no less welcome for that. For months now, the Independent - through your uns...

  • LETTER: Railtrack advice
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    Sir: If stockbrokers have a legal duty to give best advice, as appears to be the case with banks, how do they rank Railtrack after the Eurotunnel investors debacle? There are similar commercial and political uncertainties, and one imagines that a leg...

  • LETTER: No support for Churchill
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    Sir: Regarding Marianne Macdonald's article "On the banks of the Thames, a 40-foot bust of Churchill" (20 September), I wish to state that neither I nor my nephew, Winston Churchill MP, have at any time been either informed or consulted about the pro...

  • numbers
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    But I was one-and-twenty, No use to talk to me. (AE Housman, A Shropshire Lad) If you are ever short of 21s, take two 508853989s and multiply them together. The last 10 digits of the product are 2121212121. The only other two-digit numbers that can q...

  • true gripes air-guitarists
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    Most of these men (female air-guitarists are a rare exception) got stuck on page two of Bert Weedon's classic instruction manual, Play in a Day, and it has been downhill ever since. Now they content themselves with imitations, thinking in their heads...

  • Why speculators are good for society
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    There is always a fascination about the very rich. It is not so much that, in Scott Fitzgerald's phrase, they are different from you and me; more the endless puzzle that being very rich somehow seems never to be enough. Consider the triumvirate of So...

  • Power to the people in the pews
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    The dead Christians are those who laid down the laws under which the church understood itself, and who endowed over the centuries the various bodies whose assets were centralised in the Church Commissioners in 1947. Under the weight of the law and of...

  • It's odds on that I'll get literal
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    The strangest thing that ever happens to words has been suggested to me by a reader from south London called Norman Shepherd. His theory is that many words are used to mean something that is directly opposite to their real meaning, and I am afraid th...

  • A prize leak in Caledonia: LEADING ARTICLE
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    Currently nearly twice as many Scots prefer Mr Robertson's plans for a devolved Scottish parliament to Mr Salmond's scheme for full independence. But in spite of this the SNP is on something of a high, reflecting increased Scots national self-confide...

  • expert jury should funding for the Globe be a lottery?
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    David Mellor Former Minister for National Heritage I have visited the Globe site and it is very exciting. Sentimentally, one wishes it well. Being practical though, it is inevitable that there are worries - are the 20th-century theatregoers willing t...

  • Freedom to get it wrong
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    Two unrelated events this week confront us with this chasm between what rational sensible mature human beings claim to desire (total freedom) and the awful reality that so often forces us to bargain with the devil. It is taken for granted that we in ...

  • France loses its balance: LEADING ARTICLE
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    France's composure has been shaken by international outrage at its nuclear tests in the Pacific and a campaign of bombings at home, apparently carried out by Islamic terrorists. Against a background where almost one in eight of the workforce is out o...

  • Mother Russia's prophet returns; BOOK REVIEW
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    He has a way, however, of bouncing back and raising the issues that really matter. In 1973, for example, in his Letter to the Soviet Leaders, he predicted accurately the way in which the Soviet Union would end. Now he has done it again. This is large...

    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    Switching from the solid 1.d4 of the opening game and the cautious 1.Nf3 of the fourth, Kasparov opened with the direct 1.e4, and when Anand replied with the dynamic Open Variation of the Ruy Lopez, a real battle looked likely. At move 11, Kasparov o...

  • yesterday was...
    Thursday, 21 September 1995

    Chen Zhaoguo, a Chinese calligrapher, who has completed a 10-year project to carve the bible onto a collection of 380 stones. The 1.5 million Chinese characters, each between 0.1 and 0.2mm in height, need magnifying 15-fold before they become legible...

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