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Sunday, 3 September 1995

  • Leading Article: Look again at a guaranteed income
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    Far from improving work incentives over the past 15 years, the Government - despite its high-blown rhetoric about ending the culture of dependency - has worsened them. It has achieved the remarkable feat of both making life tougher for those on out-o...

  • Letter: Moving Bosnia's ethical boundaries
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    Sir: There is much in Germaine Greer's article ("War is hell. We can't get enough of it," 1 September) with which I can agree but, for those of us who enjoy the powers of analytical thinking, it is not the case that we read newspapers for emotional e...

  • bridge
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    As declarer, with K J 9 facing A 5 4, you may have reason to suppose that the queen is badly placed for you and again you lead the jack, planning to finesse the nine if it is covered - a "Backward Finesse". (It was a German friend, with excellent but...

  • Letter: Working out the processes of peace in Northern Ireland
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    Sir: The time has come to show some respect to the IRA and the UVF/UFF. These are the soldiers who have stuck their necks out for peace. It is they who risked their lives fighting for their communities, protecting them from hostile forces and avengin...

  • uselessness; Florence Nightingale's Rottweiler and other oddities
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    (Incidentally, did you know that the words "Oscar Wilde once said" come third in the list of most frequent four-word phrases opening a newspaper article?) Now one of those pioneers, Geoff Tibballs, has published some of the results of his exploration...

  • New concepts for the Nineties; No. 29: Brunoism
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    n 2 Being famous for something other than your professed job or talent. Sportsmen are particularly prone to this, for example England's rugby union captain, Will Carling, (management consultant and friend to lonely royalty). An unhappier example is M...

  • Haven't we bean here before?
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    Cornflakes are one. I can remember in the dim, out-of-focus past having enjoyed eating the things, but whenever I now try to eat cornflakes I find the experience quite revolting. Those crispy little flakes of sunshine turn into soggy bits of recrimin...

  • Letter: A landmark in civil rights
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    Sir: Mr Justice Sedley's ruling ("Travellers' victory puts evictions in doubt", 2 September) that the Wealden travellers must be treated with common humanity and cannot be evicted by the fiat of local government under the Criminal Justice Act without...

  • The death of a mother, the pride of a child
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    Our habits of thinking and feeling have an immensely ancient ancestry, and it is true that when a man dies in some dangerous enterprise we tend to think of him as a soldier; and when we think of the wife and children he left behind, the notion of the...

  • Letter: Working out the processes of peace in Northern Ireland
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    Sir: Your front-page comment on the anniversary of the peace process ("The pessimists have been confounded", 1 September) was a classic example of an interesting phenomenon to have appeared among many media commentators over the past year. This is th...

  • Letter: Last note on the Proms
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    Sir: I offer John Walsh (Diary, 31 August) a little Promenade illumination. The Promenaders in the arena of the Albert Hall often yell messages to their fellow-Prommers in the gallery, and vice versa. For example, last Monday night the cry went up: A...

  • Letter: A few lines on postcards
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    Sir: Ellie Hughes' article on postcards was remarkable - if only for the misinformation it contained (Section Two; "How to send a postcard", 29 August). Postcards were invented in Austria in 1869 and were plain on one side with just a printed stamp o...

  • Letter: Holiday at home
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    Sir: The announcement that foreign holidays are to be dearer next year with a more restricted choice ("Travel firms raise prices and cut capacity", 30 August) causes my family no concern, since no places need be reserved for us. We are one of the man...

  • Exploding the myth of Parliament's power
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    Our theatre is the House of Commons and it is a finer theatre than almost any other. During the Eighties and Nineties, as in many previous periods, it has provided a tumultuous cascade of spectacle, from the emotional debates on the Falklands War, to...

  • Letter: Responsibilities of the moralisers
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    Sir: It may be good political fun to label anyone who attempts to introduce a moral element into politics as a "moraliser", and to turn a microscope on their own personal behaviour, but it has serious implications ("Secret lives of the new moralisers...

  • Leading Article: Nolan is not enough
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    What is worrying is that they are both right. The Nolan report laid down that, in future, ministers should have their appointments treated in the same way as senior civil servants. So they could either wait two years after leaving office before takin...

  • Where Britain gets it wrong
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    But it is not only Bosnia. There has been growing unease about other key aspects of policy as well, and it is certainly a priority, as well as an excellent opportunity, for the new Foreign Secretary to review the whole foreign policy situation radica...

  • this is the week that was
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    1733: Britain's first lioness dies in the Tower of London where she had been looked after by the Keeper of the Lion Office. 1909: The first Boy Scout rally is held at Crystal Palace. 1955: Richard Baker becomes the first TV newscaster to appear in vi...

  • Letter: Working out the processes of peace in Northern Ireland
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    Sir: Like Sir Patrick Mayhew, I am optimistic about the 12-month ceasefire and the development of the peace process in Northern Ireland. However, the critical question about the decommissioning of arms by the IRA need not be the stumbling block to pe...

  • chess
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    The key to the match may well be their preparation with the black pieces. White has scored very heavily in their previous games, so Kasparov's Sicilian Defence will need to hold up better than it did against Nigel Short's onslaught two years ago. Mea...

  • Letter: Responsibilities of the moralisers
    Monday, 4 September 1995

    Sir: We have all grown used to the apparent inability of politicians from all parties to admit when they are in the wrong, but David Alton's performance ("Secret lives of the new moralisers", 1 September) was exceptional. Asked "Do you do your own ir...

  • LETTER : Water under the bridge
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    In the 1930s Bradford ratepayers spent pounds 3m on the Nidd Valley Scheme. This guaranteed a water supply without any constraints until the creation of the regional water authorities in 1974. Then hosepipe bans became a nearly annual event, but we h...

    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    Tom Egan, Eglwyswrw, Dyfed

    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    Leon Heller

  • LETTER : Giving children the best
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    At the same time we should be recognising the legitimacy of different talents and skills in different children, demanding high levels of achievement from all our children, rewarding success and discouraging sloth. Belittling success in public examina...

  • LETTER : Drugs, sex and other delights of the Sixties that I missed
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    The most spoilt generation in history has parented the most neglected children in history. It doesn't matter what race, gender or sexuality you are in England, it's class that counts - as the upper-middle-class 1968ers have proved. John Fletcher Shep...

    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    Padraig O Gruagain Tir Eoghain, Ireland

  • LETTER : Giving children the best
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    This problem did not exist in South Africa where I taught until 1970 When I later began teaching in Surrey and saw the standard required for O-level English language, I was surprised that more students were not reaching it. The Surrey youngsters were...

  • LETTER : Acceptable face of therapy
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    Unlike a great many alternative therapies, art, drama, music, and dance movement therapies have registers for practitioners. Qualified, registered arts therapists undertake training, clinical experience, supervision and personal therapy before practi...

  • LETTER : Psychiatric units by default
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    An inquiry has just been ordered into the killing in 1994 of Christopher Edwards in Chelmsford Prison by his cellmate, a paranoid schizophrenic with a long history of violence. Richard Linford, who stamped Christopher Edwards to death, admitted mansl...

  • LETTER : Sidelined talent spotters
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    Remember that David Platt initially played for Crewe Alexandra, Lee Dixon for Bury and a host more players started out at such humble clubs. Next week when writing your reports on the big clubs, remember where that talent came from and who saw it fir...

  • LETTER : Why the French police need to be made more accountable
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    Your article leads me to hope that the tide of French public opinion may be turning against an institution long overdue for reform. As a lover of France and French culture, I look forward to the removal of one of the blackest spots on French life. Pa...

  • LETTER : Giving children the best
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    Francis D Bowles Dundee

    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    Nicolas Walter London N1

  • LETTER : Drugs, sex and other delights of the Sixties that I missed
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    I belong to that group (I am 47) and it is a myth that we were all involved in sit-ins, drugs, free sex and the like. We had less freedom than young people today and there was still pressureto marry, get a good job and raise a family. Only the brave ...

  • words : Dole
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    But dole has a long and once quite respectable ancestry, common to many Germanic languages. It is no relation of dole as in doleful which originated from Latin and is brother to that charming word much favoured by the Arthurian chronicler Sir Thomas ...

  • quotes of the week
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    Sir Ronald Millar, playwright, political speechwriter, and Old Carthusian on Peter Hobson, disgraced headmaster of Charterhouse Without tolerance the foundation for democracy and respect for human rights cannot be strengthened and the achievement of ...

  • Taste, after a fashion
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    If Klein is lucky, the event will be no more chaotic than is normal when he makes one of his rare public appearances before the city's rude paparazzi. But he and his handlers have one very specific worry: an appearance by protesters still fuming abou...

  • We didn't go in for all this sex at my alma mater
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    Education. The word derives from the Latin: educo, meaning literally, "I will have been defeated" and cationis meaning literally, "Cat-O-Nine- Tails, a good thrashing with". I doubt whether today's teachers, lecturers, "activists" and assorted filthy...

  • My propaganda machine is bigger than yours
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    The Sun, which reported the initial raids under the predictable headline "Serbs Them Right", focused on the role of "Britain's Top Gun fliers" - the Harrier pilots who "blasted Serb command centres, missile sites and ammo dumps with fearsome laser-gu...

  • On Alan Bennett waving at the window and other alarming experiences
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    The shame is the loss of innocence. When we first came to live in this London street 30 years ago, our car stood, night and day, carelessly unlocked in the gutter outside. The morning when, settling into the passenger's seat as my husband started the...

  • The shopping spree is over
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    Yet at its moment of triumph, consumerism is under threat. Even the 45- to 64-year-olds with grown-up children and surplus cash - dream consumers according to the market researchers Mintel - are now too busy working or feel too insecure in their jobs...

  • The holidays are over, but here are some really interesting postcards
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    n HOW do you know when the silly season is over? You know the silly season is over when someone (thank you Ms Ysenda Shorte-Circular, my royal correspondent) rings you up with an outrageous story about Baroness Thatcher. I mean, can you believe that ...

  • Never throw a photo at an Italian immigration official
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    To most foreign correspondents, this peculiar honour falls in distant, inhospitable countries where tyrannical regimes consider freedom of speech a luxury their people cannot yet afford. To me, it happened in Italy, and for the most preposterous of r...

  • LEADING ARTICLE : Bloody mark of failure
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    To play this grisly game of consequences is not to argue that such outcomes are certain, or even probable. It is merely to demonstrate that the Balkan wars are complex and unstable and that the UN and Nato involvement adds a further element of comple...

  • No time for moderation
    Sunday, 3 September 1995

    Mona Sahlin, a 38-year-old, has emerged as favourite to be leader of the Social Democrats and next Prime Minister of Sweden. Ms Sahlin is the sort of feminist who would thoroughly alarm most conservatives and it is unimaginable that a British version...

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Day In a Page

War with Isis: Fears that the looming battle for Mosul will unleash 'a million refugees'

The battle for Mosul will unleash 'a million refugees'

Aid agencies prepare for vast exodus following planned Iraqi offensive against the Isis-held city, reports Patrick Cockburn
Yvette Cooper: We can't lose the election. There's too much on the line

Yvette Cooper: We can't lose the election. There's too much on the line

The shadow Home Secretary on fighting radical Islam, protecting children, and why anyone in Labour who's thinking beyond May must 'sort themselves out'
A bad week for the Greens: Leader Natalie Bennett's 'car crash' radio interview is followed by Brighton council's failure to set a budget due to infighting

It's not easy being Green

After a bad week in which its leader had a public meltdown and its only city council couldn't agree on a budget vote, what next for the alternative party? It's over to Caroline Lucas to find out
Gorillas nearly missed: BBC producers didn't want to broadcast Sir David Attenborough's famed Rwandan encounter

Gorillas nearly missed

BBC producers didn't want to broadcast Sir David Attenborough's famed Rwandan encounter
Downton Abbey effect sees impoverished Italian nobles inspired to open their doors to paying guests for up to €650 a night

The Downton Abbey effect

Impoverished Italian nobles are opening their doors to paying guests, inspired by the TV drama
China's wild panda numbers have increased by 17% since 2003, new census reveals

China's wild panda numbers on the up

New census reveals 17% since 2003
Barbara Woodward: Britain's first female ambassador to China intends to forge strong links with the growing economic superpower

Our woman in Beijing builds a new relationship

Britain's first female ambassador to China intends to forge strong links with growing economic power
Courage is rare. True humility is even rarer. But the only British soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross in Afghanistan has both

Courage is rare. True humility is even rarer

Beware of imitations, but the words of the soldier awarded the Victoria Cross were the real thing, says DJ Taylor
Alexander McQueen: The catwalk was a stage for the designer's astonishing and troubling vision

Alexander McQueen's astonishing vision

Ahead of a major retrospective, Alexander Fury talks to the collaborators who helped create the late designer's notorious spectacle
New BBC series savours half a century of food in Britain, from Vesta curries to nouvelle cuisine

Dinner through the decades

A new BBC series challenged Brandon Robshaw and his family to eat their way from the 1950s to the 1990s
Philippa Perry interview: The psychotherapist on McDonald's, fancy specs and meeting Grayson Perry on an evening course

Philippa Perry interview

The psychotherapist on McDonald's, fancy specs and meeting Grayson Perry on an evening course
Bill Granger recipes: Our chef recreates the exoticism of the Indonesian stir-fry

Bill Granger's Indonesian stir-fry recipes

Our chef was inspired by the south-east Asian cuisine he encountered as a teenager
Chelsea vs Tottenham: Harry Kane was at Wembley to see Spurs beat the Blues and win the Capital One Cup - now he's their great hope

Harry Kane interview

The striker was at Wembley to see Spurs beat the Blues and win the Capital One Cup - now he's their great hope
The Last Word: For the good of the game: why on earth don’t we leave Fifa?

Michael Calvin's Last Word

For the good of the game: why on earth don’t we leave Fifa?
HIV pill: Scientists hail discovery of 'game-changer' that cuts the risk of infection among gay men by 86%

Scientists hail daily pill that protects against HIV infection

Breakthrough in battle against global scourge – but will the NHS pay for it?