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Sunday, 25 January 1998

  • Letter: Gung-ho trading
    Monday, 26 January 1998

    Sure, let's open up markets and, by so doing, give indigenous peoples a conduit to the global forum. But where do worker's rights, obligations to child health and education, diligent use of fertilisers and pesticides and other broadly-supported UN in...

  • Letter: Spelling corrections
    Monday, 26 January 1998

    The Oxford English Dictionary gives both spellings a long history, but for the psychological sense, "extravert" first appeared in 1915, and "extrovert" in 1918 in an American journal, so the latter spelling may well be an Americanism. PAUL DORMER Gui...

  • Letter: Nuclear review
    Monday, 26 January 1998

    This follows the recent revelation in the House of Lords that the yearly running cost for Britain's nuclear weapons system is not pounds 200m, as both the Tory government and to date the Labour government have always claimed, but a whacking pounds 94...

  • Letter: BSE and censorship
    Monday, 26 January 1998

    The first case of a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy in a domestic cat was indeed, as Mr Carleton states, discovered at the University of Bristol by veterinary surgeons: Janet Wyatt - now Janet Bradshaw - working in association with Dr Geoffre...

  • Leading article: Arise Sir Geoff, and everyone else who can turn around our schools
    Monday, 26 January 1998

    What he did was not complicated; it was simple. The way he transformed a useless school in a barren urban district was not simple in the sense that it could be reduced to a 10-point plan to be applied automatically to all sink schools - but in the se...

  • Letter: Freedom of faith
    Monday, 26 January 1998

    He dismisses (The Clash of the Icons, 24 January) the Pope's message of freedom in Cuba with a word that was once unprintable. It aptly describes his own view that contemporary Catholicism is not about freedom: "Dignity, yes. Freedom, no," he claims....

  • Think the unthinkable: a party in Baghdad, and an Alistair Cooke worth listening to
    Monday, 26 January 1998

    So, what would happen if the President were forced to leave the White House in disgrace? Well, the first thing that would happen would be that the most senior and most experienced elder citizen in America would be asked to pronounce on the matter. Wh...

  • Welfare to work: The interview - Money, detail, good intentions: but ca n the job be done?
    Monday, 26 January 1998

    So this is it, the big one, the jewel. And very glittery it looks, too. This is the start of the Government's pounds 3.5bn welfare-to-work strategy. Two weeks ago the first 12 New Deal schemes rolled out their carpets to 18-24-year-olds who've been c...

  • Evolutionary sexology: What can our DNA tell us about sex in the Oval O ffice?
    Monday, 26 January 1998

    What about, "I did not urge anyone to say anything untrue"? This statement is not strictly inconsistent with President Clinton having said, "Vernon, tell her that if she keeps her big yap shut she'll be well looked after," but it might, all the same,...

  • Letter: Killer cars
    Monday, 26 January 1998

    P MASON Norwich

  • Letter: Mahler at the BBC
    Monday, 26 January 1998

    Three decades ago I wrote, presented and conducted the Philharmonia Orchestra in a BBC2 examination of Mahler's music under the title "The Vision of Gustav Mahler". It was one of the magnificent Workshop series which was such an imaginative feature o...

  • Letter: Smoky Australia
    Monday, 26 January 1998

    PHILLIP WIDDEN Chairman, Association for Nonsmokers' Rights Binfield, Berkshire

  • Letter: Killer cars
    Monday, 26 January 1998

    DALLAS BREWIS Great Orton, Cumbria

  • Letter: Spelling corrections
    Monday, 26 January 1998

    The respected Dictionnaire historique de la langue francaise (Robert) includes lengthy articles on neologisms, on borrowings and on anglicisms. These have been major factors in the formation of the French language, I read; the Academy has always incl...

  • Women about the House
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    For almost 24 years ago to the day, in January 1974, Mrs Clinton took up a job as a researcher in the House of Representatives' Judiciary Committee, the congressional body charged with investigating the Watergate scandal. A recent graduate from Yale ...

  • Boycott's battle and Buttle's baby: spot the crime
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    Mrs Buttle's rise to fame and fall from grace has been bewilderingly rapid, even by contemporary standards. On Friday, she relegated President Clinton's Williegate scandal to an inside page of the Express, allowing it to lead with the headline: "So w...

  • Leading Article: It's character that counts
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    President Clinton is an extraordinary figure who exhibits two of the essential qualities of a winning politician. He is charming and he is lucky. His greatest slice of luck is the American economy. Since his election in 1992 it has grown consistently...

  • I advised Mishcon de Reya: fleece them for all they've got
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    But I have long maintained that grief is but a butterfly in the wind if it is not directed to a purpose. She was The People's Princess, and we must strive to ensure that she will be remembered as such, making quite sure that it is The People, and The...

  • We live under the most arrogant of all world orders, but it will not last
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    I nearly bought that house once, when I came back from Germany. It was cheap, but I found somewhere else bigger and cheaper and let it go. Ever since I have wondered what might lie under the floorboards: cigar stubs, lost pen nibs, perhaps sheets of ...

  • Sleazebuster without a red card
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    If he thought his workload would decrease with the departure of most members of the Commons' rogues gallery on 1 May last year, Sir Gordon has had to think again. Sleaze is as big an issue in Tony Blair's "fresh- start" Parliament as it ever was. Tak...

  • Cloning? Get used to it
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    Richard Seed of Chicago did no one any favours earlier this month when he announced his plans to clone humans, but Princeton geneticist Lee Silver was surely right to suggest in a lecture last week at the London School of Economics that human cloning...

  • Life at No 10 with grumpy Ali
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    Ali's diary will be riveting. No question about it. But grumpy. SILENCE now for the Hattie and Frank Show. Harriet Harman, the Social Services Secretary, who pickpockets single mothers, and her deputy Frank "Think the Unthinkable" Field were each inv...

  • Letter: Bishops are not fat cats
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    As for Mr Baker's suggestion that the budget for the support of bishops be diverted to the poor, the Gospels report a similar suggestion being made by a certain Mr Iscariot. Rev Alan T Perry Quebec, Canada

  • We may still remember an age of Blair
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    The necessary condition for inclusion in the list is a fair spell in No 10. Thus Attlee had six years, Macmillan six, Wilson eight (broken into two periods) and Lady Thatcher 11. But length of tenure is not quite sufficient. After all, Mr John Major ...

  • Letter: Smaller units
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    While we are, in the longer-term, supporters of a Europe of the regions, it is not our intention to dump "nation-states in the dustbin of history". We do not believe nation-states will or should disappear overnight. This would ignore their sovereign ...

  • Letter: A mobile tribute to John Smith
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    Tony Blair would do well to remember the legacy that John Smith left him on this issue. On many occasions he denounced the Conservative government for putting the interests of a small number of wealthy landowners above the majority of British people ...

  • Letter: Stop Saddam
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    Matthew Warman Cambridge

  • Letter: Repulsive meal
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    Mark Evans London W1

  • Letter: Not funny
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    Then, for some lucky ones, you find yourself free of dread. How did it happen? The passing of time, help from a doctor and a support group must have contributed. Will it come back again, as mysteriously as before? Such a serious disruption of life sh...

  • Letter
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    David Hurst Matlock, Derbyshire

  • Letter
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    Diarmuid Hogan,

  • Letter
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    I Morgan, Lincoln

  • Letter: Bishops are not fat cats
    Sunday, 25 January 1998

    The Bishops of the Established Church have to meet particularly large expectations in national and civic life, over and above their heavy ecclesiastical duties. In relation to the demands upon them and compared with other major players in public life...

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The Greek referendum exposes a gaping hole at the heart of the European Union – its distinct lack of any genuine popular legitimacy

Gaping hole at the heart of the European Union

Treatment of Greece has shown up a lack of genuine legitimacy
Number of young homeless in Britain 'more than three times the official figures'

'Everything changed when I went to the hostel'

Number of young homeless people in Britain is 'more than three times the official figures'
Compton Cricket Club

Compton Cricket Club

Portraits of LA cricketers from notorious suburb to be displayed in London
London now the global money-laundering centre for the drug trade, says crime expert

Wlecome to London, drug money-laundering centre for the world

'Mexico is its heart and London is its head'
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The Buddhist temple minutes from Centre Court

It helps a winner keep on winning
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Is this the future of flying?

Battery-powered planes made of plastic, and without flight decks
Isis are barbarians – but the Caliphate is a dream at the heart of all Muslim traditions

Isis are barbarians

but the Caliphate is an ancient Muslim ideal
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Curse of Brink's Mat strikes again

Death of John 'Goldfinger' Palmer the latest killing related to 1983 heist
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'The ministers talk to us about miracles'

Why Greeks are cynical ahead of the bailout referendum
Call of the wild: How science is learning to decode the way animals communicate

Call of the wild

How science is learning to decode the way animals communicate
Greece debt crisis: What happened to democracy when it’s a case of 'Vote Yes or else'?

'The economic collapse has happened. What is at risk now is democracy...'

If it doesn’t work in Europe, how is it supposed to work in India or the Middle East, asks Robert Fisk
The science of swearing: What lies behind the use of four-letter words?

The science of swearing

What lies behind the use of four-letter words?
The Real Stories of Migrant Britain: Clive fled from Zimbabwe - now it won't have him back

The Real Stories of Migrant Britain

Clive fled from Zimbabwe - now it won’t have him back
Africa on the menu: Three foodie friends want to popularise dishes from the continent

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Three foodie friends want to popularise dishes from the hot new continent
Donna Karan is stepping down after 30 years - so who will fill the DKNY creator's boots?

Who will fill Donna Karan's boots?

The designer is stepping down as Chief Designer of DKNY after 30 years. Alexander Fury looks back at the career of 'America's Chanel'