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Tuesday, 17 February 1998

  • Letter: Masons in the dock
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    PAMELA DONOHUE Sheffield

  • Letter: Smokers who sue
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    It is about time we stopped watering down very good law that has stood us in good stead for centuries to make way for laws that blame everyone and everything but the person who made the choice. JOSEPHINE HUSSEY London N8

  • Letter: Hunger in Sri Lanka
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    Even more depressing is the damage being done to the long-term prospects of those children who survive. Malnutrition stunts growth and reduces IQ; lack of specific micronutrients such as iodine reduce it further (when their contribution to the cockta...

  • Letter: Iraq and the UN
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    Whatever the dangers posed by the Baghdad regime, the headlong military rush by Washington and London threatens to replace a very dangerous situation with a fatal one: out of the frying pan into the nuclear fire. If one lesson stands out from the his...

  • Letter: RSC community care
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    For the record, over the past 21 years, community and education work by the RSC has affected a whole generation. Each year in Newcastle, our education department works with more than 5,000 students, in up to four workshops a day, and holds regular in...

  • Letter: Powell's resting place
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    Perhaps those clergy who are so incensed at the decision taken by the Abbey authorities to allow this should be asked if they would disallow such a tribute to a regular member of their own church's congregation simply because of his or her political ...

  • The science of human rights: Amnesty's latest fear: how our genes may d etermine our fate
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    The godlike status of biologists in the public imagination is shown by a harrowing story that Ian Wilmut, the scientist who cloned Dolly, tells. Following the publicity his experiment generated, he received a phone call from a woman whose two-year-ol...

  • The case for junk mail: Dear Alan and Will, Sorry. You'll have to try h arder
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    I suppose it was understandable that our friends should take that view since Alan happens to be editor of the former and Will of the latter. But the tone of their letter was odd. It addressed Frances as Mrs McRae instead of using her Christian name. ...

  • Gays, lesbians, straights - it's time to treat us all the same
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    Gay men and women had pinned their hopes on victory for Lisa Grant, which would have given them equal rights to pensions and other employment-related benefits. Now they must look to Westminster to reform the domestic statutes that treat them as secon...

  • Leading article: Time to give working women a helping hand, Mr Brown
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    We are supposed to be having a grand debate about the reform of the welfare state. Just this week the Social Market Foundation, a think tank tilting right, published a pamphlet, typical of the breed, under the portentous title "The Future of Welfare"...

  • Dear Mad Butcher ... Perhaps not. Dear Mr Hussein, here is a remarkable offer
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    I mean, for a start, how do you address him? As "Dear Mr Hussein"? Or "Dear Saddam"? Or "Dear Mad Butcher of Baghdad"? And even if you work out the best opening, what kind of letter do you then write to him? Just how tricky the whole thing is is show...

  • Letter: EU arms trade
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    All too often, EU states export arms to dictatorial regimes, or to regions of instability. The UK continues to arm the authoritarian regime in Indonesia; Sweden is considering selling fighter jets to Chile, despite 28 Latin American heads of state ca...

  • Letter: Iraq and the UN
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    In the devastation caused by burning oil wells during the Gulf War, not only was a beautiful and unique wilderness area destroyed, but coral reefs and fisheries were damaged, and bird migration was impeded on a vast scale. Much damage is said to be i...

  • Letter: Iraq and the UN
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    The threatened bombardment hence cannot be justified in this instance by reference to the formal resolutions of the Security Council. It should accord instead with the Charter of the UN. One of the basic requirements for mounting an attack on a sover...

  • Letter: Smokers who sue
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    As a doctor, I'd be delighted to see tobacco banned altogether. The reduction in human misery and NHS expenditure would be immense. But the risks of smoking and its addictive nature have been well known for 35 years, and still people have chosen to s...

  • The best way to save the arts is to remove the single payer
    Tuesday, 17 February 1998

    It is important to see clearly what the American system comprises. The US government itself gives little directly to theatre companies, orchestras, museums and the like; instead they are supported by individual donations which, up to very high limits...

  • Leading article: Mr Straw should think again. The judiciary has a real role to play
    Tuesday, 17 February 1998

    The European Convention on Human Rights, which is being incorporated into British law, contains two clauses especially relevant to the activities of the media and the citizen. One broadly asserts the right of citizens to privacy (especially against t...

  • My philosophy is to get your kit off - for operational reasons of course
    Tuesday, 17 February 1998

    Absolutely: A mild form of "yes". Docudrama: A kind of television programme about a famous person, of whom there is so little film footage available that an actor has to be hired to impersonate him. Editor: 1) In television and film, a very minor per...

  • Letter: Cancer treatment
    Tuesday, 17 February 1998

    WE are assessing the impact of receiving aromatherapy massage or relaxation therapy, used alongside conventional anti-cancer treatments, on patients' quality of life. We are not attempting to see if these therapies provide an alternative to conventio...

  • Letter: Dangerous women
    Tuesday, 17 February 1998

    ON learning that the British Boxing Board considers women unfit to fight because they become "emotional and vulnerable during periods" ("PMT makes women `unfit to box' ", 13 February), I found myself worrying about the clearly unsuitable jobs that wo...

  • A Cassandra who had much to teach an aspiring war reporter
    Tuesday, 17 February 1998

    When people have that quality, it is hard to believe that they are mortal. One of Martha's closest friends said of her yesterday, "I just never thought she'd die." This was her ninetieth year. But somehow, dying did not become her. In The Face of War...

  • Letter: Strike on Iraq
    Tuesday, 17 February 1998

    Never mind the starvation and deprivation that the Iraqi people endure, Saddam Hussein continues to build up his personal wealth regardless. So there may be some bombing of his seven (or is it eight?) palaces. I have no problem with this. SIMON GARDI...

  • Letter: Privacy law
    Tuesday, 17 February 1998

    YOUR report "PM against privacy law" (12 February) reveals some very confused thinking on this topic at the heart of government. Upon the incorporation into British domestic law of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), there will be both a ...

  • Letter: EU arms code
    Tuesday, 17 February 1998

    TODAY, Britain and France table their proposal for a European Union Code of Conduct on arms exports. Could Europe finally be about to place principles before profit in decisions on arms exports? EU countries account for 40 per cent of all arms export...

  • The Tories take a few baby steps towards democracy
    Tuesday, 17 February 1998

    They also, broadly, live up to the claims Hague is making to be an unexpectedly fast moving and determined party reformer. In organisation, if not yet in policy, Hague has shown that he has learnt a good deal from the cautionary tale of Labour's atte...

  • Letter: Strike on Iraq
    Tuesday, 17 February 1998

    ROBIN COOK ("We must act", 14 February) asserts that the aim of any military action against Iraq would be to diminish Saddam Hussein's ability to deploy, conceal and recreate his chemical and biological weapons. Does the Foreign Secretary seriously b...

  • Letter: Strike on Iraq
    Tuesday, 17 February 1998

    It is not hard moreover to discern an irrational motive - a personal animus against Saddam Hussein and a desire to inflict humiliation on him regardless of the effects on others, of the degree of international support and of longer-term policy priori...

  • Letter: Strike on Iraq
    Tuesday, 17 February 1998

    KEN CLARK Bedford

  • Letter: Save the arts
    Tuesday, 17 February 1998

    OXFAM'S protest about tax deductions for arts projects (letter, 13 February) refers to current patterns of charitable giving. The present balance of giving to the top 500 voluntary charities is dramatically weighted against arts, recreation, youth an...

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