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Wednesday, 18 February 1998

  • Letter: Gulf crisis
    Thursday, 19 February 1998

    Nor is it hard to understand why they feel this way when you consider the numbers of civilians killed by air bombardment in the last war, or the 1.2 million whom the UN estimates have died as a result of sanctions since the last war. Military action ...

  • Letter: Gulf crisis
    Thursday, 19 February 1998

    Our very own experts on such weapons, the chaps at Porton Down who know how to produce them and what they can do, have advised the Government on the appalling damage Saddam's weapons can cause. I wonder whether they have also advised the Government o...

  • Letter: Gulf crisis
    Thursday, 19 February 1998

    The aim of the meeting should be to address fear: Iraq's fear of Iran, Iran's fear of Iraq, Israel's fear of her Arab neighbours, America's fear of Islamic fundamentalism, the Kurds' fear of annihilation, and all the other massive fears which pervade...

  • Letter: Gulf crisis
    Thursday, 19 February 1998

    First, air strikes against Iraq are unlikely to achieve their objective, whether this be the elimination of chemical weapons production capacity, or the removal of Saddam Hussein from power. Second, military action will be illegal without explicit au...

  • Letter: Childcare tax breaks
    Thursday, 19 February 1998

    First, the object must be to help those single parents who choose to work, not to penalise those who make the equally legitimate choice to stay at home. It is not the purpose of the state to tell people how to live but to enable them to make their ow...

  • Letter: Mission of hope
    Thursday, 19 February 1998

    GRAHAM DON London E3

  • Letter: Embarrassing humour
    Thursday, 19 February 1998

    What they will not have to concern themselves with, as they run through the Fawlty Towers ideas, are references to breaking wind, willies and all the other material which now passes for humour because it makes audiences laugh, albeit more with embarr...

  • Leading Article: Let's raise a glass to Kohl, a man who played the game
    Thursday, 19 February 1998

    The war, let's not forget, finished 53 years ago; Britain has been a fellow member with Germany of the European Union (Community as was) for the past 23. There are - as long as the liberal world order lasts - profound convergences of interest between...

  • Established Values: How the Church nearly lost its way over the death of Enoch Powell
    Thursday, 19 February 1998

    Powell, who was inter alia an amateur versifier in the mode of his hero A E Housman, would have enjoyed that. Indeed he would no doubt have allowed himself a wry little smile over the whole fuss that welled up over the propriety of whether so notorio...

  • New York, New York, it's still a helluva town - just don't `over- share'
    Thursday, 19 February 1998

    Allen has been playing with Eddie Davis's jazz band for years now, and his public appearances are regular enough to appear on tourist itineraries. He used to "sit in" with them at Michael's pub, where a crowd would come to gawp at the specky auteur e...

  • Letter: Empty rhetoric
    Thursday, 19 February 1998

    I heard an interesting variant of it from Professor Norman Stone. As a boy, Stone was taken to visit an aunt in Morningside, where he was given (in his words) "a slice of ham that you could see the plate through". After he had wolfed this down, the h...

  • From the miracle of the Princess of Wales there flows a true wonder
    Thursday, 19 February 1998

    "Have you gone mad?" said the woman with orange hair. "Camilla stamps?" "Do you mean the Diana stamps?" I said. "No," said the man. "I mean the Camilla stamps." "There are no Camilla stamps," said the orange lady. "Unless the Togo Republic has issued...

  • Letter: Religious freedom
    Thursday, 19 February 1998

    Does he want a fundamental change in religious freedoms in this country? Restraining adherents of any particular religion from debating or discussing their beliefs with members of another religion sounds like a particularly pernicious piece of censor...

  • Taking Sides: War-like alliance promises to wreck Britain's Euro credit
    Thursday, 19 February 1998

    The daily press releases from the Foreign Office proclaim our presidency of the European Union, and unblushing ministers wear ties with its garish starfish logo. As far as Iraq policy goes, however, the matter was dispatched on the sidelines of a for...

  • Letter: Addicted to nicotine
    Thursday, 19 February 1998

    People who smoke want nicotine, but they get cigarettes. The great majority of smoking-related disease is caused by tar, not nicotine. The cigarette is an extraordinarily dirty delivery system for the drug nicotine. Tobacco companies have a duty to t...

  • Letter: Angelic challenge
    Thursday, 19 February 1998

    ROBERT CROWTHER Witney, Oxfordshire

  • Letter: Iraq and the UN
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    In the devastation caused by burning oil wells during the Gulf War, not only was a beautiful and unique wilderness area destroyed, but coral reefs and fisheries were damaged, and bird migration was impeded on a vast scale. Much damage is said to be i...

  • Letter: Iraq and the UN
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    The threatened bombardment hence cannot be justified in this instance by reference to the formal resolutions of the Security Council. It should accord instead with the Charter of the UN. One of the basic requirements for mounting an attack on a sover...

  • Letter: Masons in the dock
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    PAMELA DONOHUE Sheffield

  • Letter: RSC community care
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    For the record, over the past 21 years, community and education work by the RSC has affected a whole generation. Each year in Newcastle, our education department works with more than 5,000 students, in up to four workshops a day, and holds regular in...

  • Letter: Powell's resting place
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    Perhaps those clergy who are so incensed at the decision taken by the Abbey authorities to allow this should be asked if they would disallow such a tribute to a regular member of their own church's congregation simply because of his or her political ...

  • The science of human rights: Amnesty's latest fear: how our genes may d etermine our fate
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    The godlike status of biologists in the public imagination is shown by a harrowing story that Ian Wilmut, the scientist who cloned Dolly, tells. Following the publicity his experiment generated, he received a phone call from a woman whose two-year-ol...

  • Gays, lesbians, straights - it's time to treat us all the same
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    Gay men and women had pinned their hopes on victory for Lisa Grant, which would have given them equal rights to pensions and other employment-related benefits. Now they must look to Westminster to reform the domestic statutes that treat them as secon...

  • Letter: Smokers who sue
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    As a doctor, I'd be delighted to see tobacco banned altogether. The reduction in human misery and NHS expenditure would be immense. But the risks of smoking and its addictive nature have been well known for 35 years, and still people have chosen to s...

  • Leading article: Time to give working women a helping hand, Mr Brown
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    We are supposed to be having a grand debate about the reform of the welfare state. Just this week the Social Market Foundation, a think tank tilting right, published a pamphlet, typical of the breed, under the portentous title "The Future of Welfare"...

  • Letter: Smokers who sue
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    It is about time we stopped watering down very good law that has stood us in good stead for centuries to make way for laws that blame everyone and everything but the person who made the choice. JOSEPHINE HUSSEY London N8

  • Letter: Hunger in Sri Lanka
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    Even more depressing is the damage being done to the long-term prospects of those children who survive. Malnutrition stunts growth and reduces IQ; lack of specific micronutrients such as iodine reduce it further (when their contribution to the cockta...

  • Letter: Iraq and the UN
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    Whatever the dangers posed by the Baghdad regime, the headlong military rush by Washington and London threatens to replace a very dangerous situation with a fatal one: out of the frying pan into the nuclear fire. If one lesson stands out from the his...

  • The case for junk mail: Dear Alan and Will, Sorry. You'll have to try h arder
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    I suppose it was understandable that our friends should take that view since Alan happens to be editor of the former and Will of the latter. But the tone of their letter was odd. It addressed Frances as Mrs McRae instead of using her Christian name. ...

  • Dear Mad Butcher ... Perhaps not. Dear Mr Hussein, here is a remarkable offer
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    I mean, for a start, how do you address him? As "Dear Mr Hussein"? Or "Dear Saddam"? Or "Dear Mad Butcher of Baghdad"? And even if you work out the best opening, what kind of letter do you then write to him? Just how tricky the whole thing is is show...

  • Letter: EU arms trade
    Wednesday, 18 February 1998

    All too often, EU states export arms to dictatorial regimes, or to regions of instability. The UK continues to arm the authoritarian regime in Indonesia; Sweden is considering selling fighter jets to Chile, despite 28 Latin American heads of state ca...

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