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Saturday, 7 February 1998

  • Profile: She who knows tyranny; Madeleine Albright
    Sunday, 8 February 1998

    Born in 1937, she spent the war first in London and then in the Surrey suburb, her Czech parents having fled to Britain on fake diplomatic papers after Hitler's invasion of Prague. "I remember when we moved to Walton-on-Thames, where they had just in...

  • Letters: Briefly
    Sunday, 8 February 1998

    Don Aston Solihull l I DO see the joke ("Never lie your baby on his front, on his back - or on his side", Real Life, 1 February), but how's this for laughs: around 20 studies worldwide have shown that babies are up to 12 times more likely to die if t...

  • This little piggy had a sorry end
    Sunday, 8 February 1998

    IT'S ALL very well John Prescott telling fellow ministers to get out of their chauffeur-driven limousines and walk. He does so himself only to cross the pavement and order a large box of monsterburgers. The Deputy Prime Minister was spotted parking h...

  • I vow never to let the word sex pass my lips again
    Sunday, 8 February 1998

    Sex. It is essentially a private act between two or more consenting individuals, or so the experts tell me. With the Global Economy in jeopardy, and worldwide environmental concerns never more pressing, it is little short of outrageous that so many o...

  • A fine thing, the family: but there's no need to force it on us
    Sunday, 8 February 1998

    I am the product of a conventional family and willingly endorse the model. But there is a family fundamentalism on the march which is less agreeable. The marriage crusades are about to begin, and I for one want to get out of the way of the chargers. ...

  • Our Church, their club
    Sunday, 8 February 1998

    The thief in this case is the Prime Minister. Not that long ago, the man who was Archbishop could claim to be England's moral guide, our spiritual leader. But the historic mission of the Church of England to offer spiritual care to all through its pa...

  • Letter: Foot in mouth
    Sunday, 8 February 1998

    Helen Fryer Hastings, East Sussex

  • Letter: Ecstatic clubs
    Sunday, 8 February 1998

    A group like this has been operating in many "alternative" clubs in Leeds for several years, and I am disturbed by the influence they have had on a number of people I know. M Shrewsbury Leeds

  • Worse than a crime, it was a blunder
    Sunday, 8 February 1998

    The prime minister was successful in his mission. Indeed, it has become part of Old Labour mythology, though in slightly incorrect form. What is usually asserted is that Attlee prevented Truman from dropping the atomic bomb on China. In a sense this ...

  • Letter: Introverts were around long ago
    Sunday, 8 February 1998

    Synergy's Inner Directeds want to "discover themselves", while "Self Explorers" are "tolerant, self-aware people" who believe in being "true to yourself". "Experimentalists" are creative and self-confident. Outer Directeds compare themselves to other...

  • Letter: Spengler and the 'decline of the West'
    Sunday, 8 February 1998

    But if Spengler is to be invoked, it may be kind to warn any girding their loins to read him that he has so little to say about "the decline of the West" that one suspects the "sunset" title (far more potent in German) was a catchpenny wheeze; he is ...

  • Letter: I'm afraid I can't tell you that ...
    Sunday, 8 February 1998

    Well, I'm all for law-breakers being brought to justice, and getting the punishment they deserve. But I had enough of est- ablishment figures behaving as your columnist when the "son of a Cabinet minister" was discovered selling drugs. There's someth...

  • Too much camera club circa 1958
    Sunday, 8 February 1998

    Last week I attended the press opening of the first of no fewer than four Cartier-Bresson exhibitions that will be taking place in Britain alone in 1998. Naturally I had my camera with me for my visit to "Henri Cartier-Bresson: Europeans" at the Hayw...

  • Leading article: Jaw before war in Iraq
    Sunday, 8 February 1998

    There must be a small part of Mr Blair's and Mr Cook's brains - the part which contains modesty - which reflects that a year ago, they were Opposition politicians with no more potent weaponry than the soundbite. Now they are at the heart of the West'...

  • Letter: Iraqi crisis
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    Military action against Iraq would be justifiable if it had the full backing of the UN Security Council. But in the absence of a consensus on the Security Council favouring the use of force, the impending air strikes on Iraq would not only violate in...

  • Letter: Iraqi crisis
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    First, both the United Kingdom and the United States are signatories to the 1977 Protocols to the Geneva Conventions. The Protocols expressly forbid the bombardment of installations containing hazardous substances. Second, it would seem unwise to ris...

  • Letter: Iraqi crisis
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    Prior to the 1991 Gulf War, two reports were circulated which created great hostility towards Iraq, to the extent of making public opinion supportive of waging a ruthless war. The first story was about Iraq amassing troops and tanks on the Kuwait/Sau...

  • Letter: Iraqi crisis
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    In each case, Britain has been disposed to lend a hand and to ask few questions. (Last year, Gore Vidal referred to the United Kingdom as "the Americans' favourite aircraft carrier"). It seem to matter little how brutal the policy; the US maintains i...

  • Letter: Our national bear
    Saturday, 7 February 1998


  • Quote Unquote
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    Before Blair tries to suck up to the IRA by apologising for Bloody Sunday, shouldn't the IRA apologise for the bloody Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday they have inflicted on the people of this country? - Lord Tebbit, ...

  • Letter: Risks from fluoride
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    Mass medication through our public water supply is a very dangerous precedent. Most European countries have banned fluoride in their water supplies due to health and safety fears. There is strong scientific evidence that fluoride causes many health p...

  • Letter: End of the drought
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    Of the 17 companies represented by the Water Companies Association, seven rate their underground supplies as low, two are restricting the use of hose-pipes and sprinklers, and six believe substantial rainfall over the next two months is needed. Yes, ...

  • Letter: Risks from fluoride
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    ANI HARRIS High Peak, Derbyshire

  • Letter: Short memories
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    PETER G WARD Rowton, Cheshire

  • Leading Article: here is already an entitlement to privacy, and Irvine is right to enforce it
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    Let us get a few things straight. Derry Irvine's alleged mistake was to have answered a question put to him by a journalist. He was asked how entrenching the right to privacy of the European Convention on Human Rights in British law would have affect...

  • Letter: Aims of BBC drama
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    Group discussions, as we call them, are a great way to find out what viewers think and feel in detail and depth; but are not a substitute for artistic judgement. Had group discussions existed in Shakespeare's day, I expect the ending of Romeo and Jul...

  • Why the Dependent Territories are like a virgin ...
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    According to the British Medical Journal, doctors in the Netherlands are "reconstructing" the hymens of young brides-to-be, particularly among minority communities. The reason is that the women - and their families - are terrified that should their n...

  • Monica Lewinsky was not America's only intern - what do the rest do?
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    Despite the gilded cage in which she is now trapped, I "feel the pain" of the former intern. Or rather, I've felt that pain, as both an intern and a "girl". As an intern (in New York City), I've read out loud the daily newspaper followed by an alphab...

  • Lottery tickets, golf balls and gold fillings - finders keepers
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    Only when the story emerged that the winning ticket had not been produced, and the pounds 2m had not been claimed, did the grieving relatives realise that the outstanding numbers matched those drawn by the deceased man. In which case his ticket, wher...

  • Letter: End of the drought
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    PETER LANYON Leiston, Suffolk

  • Letter: Our national bear
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    MARK BURGESS Taunton, Somerset

  • Letter: Food fights
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    Some families treat a shared meal as a pleasure, both because it is a sociable occasion and because they like eating. The children generally enjoy their food, but if on a particular occasion they do not feel like eating what is offered, they are free...

  • Letter: Fear of tax forms
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    The form was not impossible to complete. It did require a little thought, but no more than the previous tax return form. The example given in your report "A paper-chasing, form-filling nightmare" (29 January) suggests that inertia and fear have been ...

  • Letter: Free dome
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    LOUIS LAWRENCE Ventnor, Isle of Wight

  • Letter: The first black peer?
    Saturday, 7 February 1998

    However, if Carl Jackson insists on describing us as black (and some of us love it), then the first Indian to be created a peer was Sir Satyendra Sinha, who became Under-Secretary of State for India and was raised to the peerage of the United Kingdom...

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