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Wednesday, 18 March 1998

  • Letter: Waiting to die?
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    The Abbeyfield Society, a charity which runs more than 60 residential care homes, has conducted research to find out what residents actually want from providers of care and housing. The results make salutary reading. It is clear that, in general, res...

  • Letter: Safety of acupuncture
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    We had no context in which to judge the average of 10 adverse events reported annually from around the world. Did this make acupuncture safer than drug treatment? Most likely, according to Professor Ernst. How many incidents related to the UK, and ho...

  • A true Budget for women would be much more radical
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    The Budget did mark, as Harriet Harman emphasised in a speech last night, the end of the assumption that families consist of a male breadwinner and a female helpmate in the home. The welfare state has been built on this tradition of unpaid female lab...

  • Is being Foreign Secretary still the best job in the Cabinet?
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    Except for moments like Tuesday, and what will surely be contender for the news picture of 1998: Robin Cook, in the middle of a three-day, six- country swing through the Middle East clinging to his dignity by his fingernails as the rain lashed down o...

  • In love with the telephonic darling who monitors and screens my messages
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    You know the person I mean? Maybe she turns up on your telephone too, the faithless hussy. I've considered her a close personal friend since I agreed to have the system installed, some months ago. I was entranced the first time I rang home and heard ...

  • Letter: Spring in Japan
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    The photographer is presumably Tamotsu Yato, who illustrated a book on the so-called naked festivals of Japan. ALAN FORGAN Guildford, Surrey

  • All your Budget questions answered - no matter how selfish or narrow-minded
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    Dear Panel of Experts, I wonder if you can help me? I am a typical Tory ex-minister who once had a secure job under the last government, helping to sell arms to the Middle East and toadying up to the Saudi Arabian government. However, my fortunes too...

  • Letter: Off the road
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    STEPHEN HOWARTH Shelton, Nottinghamshire

  • Letter: Waiting to die?
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    KEN CLARK Bedford

  • Letter: Safety of acupuncture
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    Even if an alternative practitioner is highly skilled, there is always a risk that the patient, with or without prompting by the practitioner, will avoid orthodox medicine altogether, which in some cases may be essential to their survival. Alternativ...

  • Letter: No racist `Merchant'
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    Most of the unctuous and hypocritical Christians in the play come off rather badly and in Act III Shakespeare gives Shylock those lines that are the ultimate put-down of anti-Semitism: "Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, s...

  • Letter: Radical Sixties
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    James Maycock's evocation of the Grosvenor Square demonstration of March 1968 ("Flower Powerless", 17 March) performs a useful service in drawing attention to how ambivalent the utterances of leading rock singers were; there never was a unified "coun...

  • Letter: Are we welcome?
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    ANN SHEARER London NW3 [Yes. Rich in spirit welcome too. - Andrew Marr]

  • Leading Article: Pray or pay at Abbey
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    Perhaps anyone in a leisure shirt or trainers gets shut out. But this runs against the Church of England's more relaxed and family-friendly ethos, which means that on a suburban Sunday worshippers are often more casually dressed than people in the st...

  • Leading Article: Blair-Brown split that never was
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    It is certainly true that the two derive from different political traditions and that their instincts incline them to different audiences. Where Blair really does have a feel for Middle England, and is at home with the Home Counties, Brown is a Scott...

  • Letter: Waiting to die?
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    MARGARET CHILD Bingley, West Yorkshire

    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    A 9x12 print of this photograph can be ordered on 0171-293 2534

  • Letter: Off the road
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    I have a 4WD, which is 10 years old. It is a good people-carrier, enjoyed as much by the grandchildren on the school run as more sedate folk on long luggage-laden journeys. It accommodates up to seven people, with easy access for a semi-cripple, and ...

  • Letter: Cannabis hypocrisy
    Wednesday, 18 March 1998

    This comes at a time when a poll of new MPs revealed that 20 per cent have tried an illegal drug. Yet so far the number that have announced it publicly can be counted on one hand. Almost every adult has either taken an illegal drug or known someone w...

  • Letter: Pension promise broken
    Wednesday, 18 March 1998

    The agreement was that pensions would rise in line with the cost of living. It remained until the 1970s. The link was broken by the Thatcher government. If a commercial pension provider had made the decision to change the terms of an agreement unilat...

  • Letter: Iraq's agony
    Wednesday, 18 March 1998

    I lived in Iraq for 12 years, through the Iran and Gulf Wars. On 2 August 1990, during my school holiday, I woke up to hear that Iraq had invaded Kuwait. The Iraqis I met could hardly believe what had happened or why. The events after that are like a...

  • Letter: Duty-free axe
    Wednesday, 18 March 1998

    The decision was made against the background of an expectation of at least some degree of harmonisation of tax rates as part of the process of completing the single market. That has not happened; there remain massive differences in excise rates and a...

  • The new Radio 4: all your questions answered by the other Jimmy Boyle
    Wednesday, 18 March 1998

    If you have missed this programme and don't know when it can be heard because of all these changes to Radio 4, I am bringing you a transcript of this morning's programme, which was a repeat of yesterday's... Caller: Mr Boyle, I like all your changes ...

  • When even Eton doesn't want to be thought of as elitist ...
    Wednesday, 18 March 1998

    Can you imagine a worse end-of-term report for parents who have forked out the annual pounds 14,000 in fees - and that's without the frock coats? In my mind's eye, I see an irate army of county types, Arab Sheikhs and terrifying Russian businessmen h...

  • This could be the woman who turns the feminists against Bill Clinton
    Wednesday, 18 March 1998

    They might have been an aspiring starlet and a Hollywood director, a college student and her professor; a secretary and her boss, an army recruit and her drillmaster. But they happened to be a voluntary worker in distress and the President of the Uni...

  • Leading Article: Europe must not outrun the people
    Wednesday, 18 March 1998

    Europe is indeed running at two speeds, but in a different sense. At one level ministers meet and deliberate - about enlargement, about the redistribution of regional funds, about the launch of a single currency. But this ministerial superstructure s...

  • Leading Article: Passport to big savings for taxpayer
    Wednesday, 18 March 1998

    Most of the above has applied for years. Under the Tories great play was made about sweeps and trawls through the government machine, efficiency reviews and so on. Yet the system survived. Till now. Labour seems to have seen the light. Jack Straw's H...

  • The biggest country in Europe is at the bottom of the table
    Wednesday, 18 March 1998

    The war-time bomb damage is still evident, with many fine 19th century buildings in the capital still just facades. There are few cars on the roads and no parking meters. There are power cuts and dim street lights to save energy. Petty bureaucracy re...

  • Letter: World in Action editor
    Wednesday, 18 March 1998

    In four years as Editor of World in Action, one of the toughest jobs in television, Steve Boulton led the team with courage and distinction. He is currently considering an offer of promotion within Factual Programmes at Granada.

  • Letter: Art for the many
    Wednesday, 18 March 1998

    His comparison with engineering is interesting. Of course, an engineer is better equipped than a member of the public to ensure an aeroplane or car performs its main task of safe transportation. However, after the basic engineering framework is deter...

  • Letter: Ballet at all-time low
    Wednesday, 18 March 1998

    Nor is she alone in her opinion. Most long-term observers of the Royal Ballet would agree that under its current direction the company has reached an all-time low as far as repertory and standard of performance are concerned. The overall technical le...

  • Letter: Music before image
    Wednesday, 18 March 1998

    We have always believed that our public come to hear the music, and so we strive to remove any distractions so that concentration can be focused where it ought to be, not on our "image". The result: not too many glamorous engagements with "pop" stars...

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