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Thursday, 19 March 1998

  • Letter: Suing for distress
    Friday, 20 March 1998

    This is an example of how out of touch an academic lawyer can be with what actually takes place in personal injury litigation. It is possible for a subject to be seen by a neurologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist or chest physician and leave the co...

  • And here is the news, read by a man with a calm, measured, statesmanlik e voice
    Friday, 20 March 1998

    No 37 in a series: The woman who auditions voices for BBC Radio. "IF YOU can't remember what a voice sounds like, that probably means I've chosen the right voice for the airwaves." The speaker (and a very nice voice it is too) is Eleanora Grebe, whos...

  • Leading Article: Why our prisons are not working
    Friday, 20 March 1998

    The slogan's crassness was all the more apparent because it was invented for the purpose of countering one of the cleverest and most persuasive slogans recently deployed in politics, Labour's claim to be "tough on crime and tough on the causes of cri...

  • Letter: Watchdogs with teeth
    Friday, 20 March 1998

    When dealing with the improper use of public funds, the NAO also names those responsible. Recent reports on English Heritage and Swansea Institute of Higher Education illustrate the point. Other than the work of district auditors, which is by definit...

  • Letter: Masons on the bench
    Friday, 20 March 1998

    To suggest that there is no evidence that any judge has ever been diverted from his duty by any conflict arising from membership of the Freemasons beggars belief. How can it possibly be known if there has been a conflict of interest if we do not know...

  • Letter: First birds
    Friday, 20 March 1998

    PAMELA DONOHUE Sheffield

  • Letter: Nothing to do with me
    Friday, 20 March 1998

    PETER MANDELSON Minister without Portfolio Cabinet Office London SW1

  • Letter: Nicotine patches
    Friday, 20 March 1998

    The vast majority of pharmacists and their staff are fully aware that NRT is merely a tool - though a very powerful tool - to help people giving up. No tool - including NRT, hypnosis, acupuncture or smoking cessation clinics - will succeed unless the...

  • Letter: Prisoner exchange
    Friday, 20 March 1998

    PETER REYNOLDS Southport, Merseyside

  • Letter: Vatican whitewash
    Friday, 20 March 1998

    In fact the opposite was often the case, with something of the credibility of the Church being salvaged by the exceptional heroism of individuals like Frans Jagerstatter in the face of overwhelming institutional indifference or hostility. The Nazis d...

  • Hiding death away does not cheat it, but deceives us that life is forever
    Friday, 20 March 1998

    In real life I have seen two people die which is more than some and a great deal less than many others. One was my mother and one was an unfortunate woman who died on the bus next to me in Oxford Street. "Give her a nudge, love," said the bus conduct...

  • Only Ulster's own parties can break out of the maze
    Friday, 20 March 1998

    This is a deeply shocking fact. But no more shocking than some of the other calculated, rule-bending risks the Blair government has already taken in the quest for peace. The refusal to be hung up on demands for prior decommisioning of IRA arms, Blair...

  • Loyalty, in politics and beyond, has become the lost virtue
    Friday, 20 March 1998

    Two weeks ago in my local freesheet, the Camden New Journal, the Professor wrote a furious letter denouncing the actions of the local Labour council as being "wholly incompatible with the concept and ethos of a caring, accountable and socially respon...

  • Leading Article: Blair taken for a spin on the moral barbecue
    Friday, 20 March 1998

    Sir Gordon Downey, the public servant paid to stand guard over MPs' morals, concludes that the Blair family day out among the Marlboro hoardings had a "value" of more than pounds 215, and so should have been declared. We are not wholly convinced, bec...

  • Letter: Waiting to die?
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    MARGARET CHILD Bingley, West Yorkshire

    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    A 9x12 print of this photograph can be ordered on 0171-293 2534

  • Letter: Off the road
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    I have a 4WD, which is 10 years old. It is a good people-carrier, enjoyed as much by the grandchildren on the school run as more sedate folk on long luggage-laden journeys. It accommodates up to seven people, with easy access for a semi-cripple, and ...

  • A true Budget for women would be much more radical
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    The Budget did mark, as Harriet Harman emphasised in a speech last night, the end of the assumption that families consist of a male breadwinner and a female helpmate in the home. The welfare state has been built on this tradition of unpaid female lab...

  • In love with the telephonic darling who monitors and screens my messages
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    You know the person I mean? Maybe she turns up on your telephone too, the faithless hussy. I've considered her a close personal friend since I agreed to have the system installed, some months ago. I was entranced the first time I rang home and heard ...

  • Letter: Are we welcome?
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    ANN SHEARER London NW3 [Yes. Rich in spirit welcome too. - Andrew Marr]

  • Letter: Waiting to die?
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    The Abbeyfield Society, a charity which runs more than 60 residential care homes, has conducted research to find out what residents actually want from providers of care and housing. The results make salutary reading. It is clear that, in general, res...

  • Letter: Safety of acupuncture
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    We had no context in which to judge the average of 10 adverse events reported annually from around the world. Did this make acupuncture safer than drug treatment? Most likely, according to Professor Ernst. How many incidents related to the UK, and ho...

  • Letter: Radical Sixties
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    James Maycock's evocation of the Grosvenor Square demonstration of March 1968 ("Flower Powerless", 17 March) performs a useful service in drawing attention to how ambivalent the utterances of leading rock singers were; there never was a unified "coun...

  • Leading Article: Pray or pay at Abbey
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    Perhaps anyone in a leisure shirt or trainers gets shut out. But this runs against the Church of England's more relaxed and family-friendly ethos, which means that on a suburban Sunday worshippers are often more casually dressed than people in the st...

  • Leading Article: Blair-Brown split that never was
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    It is certainly true that the two derive from different political traditions and that their instincts incline them to different audiences. Where Blair really does have a feel for Middle England, and is at home with the Home Counties, Brown is a Scott...

  • Letter: Spring in Japan
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    The photographer is presumably Tamotsu Yato, who illustrated a book on the so-called naked festivals of Japan. ALAN FORGAN Guildford, Surrey

  • All your Budget questions answered - no matter how selfish or narrow-minded
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    Dear Panel of Experts, I wonder if you can help me? I am a typical Tory ex-minister who once had a secure job under the last government, helping to sell arms to the Middle East and toadying up to the Saudi Arabian government. However, my fortunes too...

  • Letter: Off the road
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    STEPHEN HOWARTH Shelton, Nottinghamshire

  • Letter: Waiting to die?
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    KEN CLARK Bedford

  • Is being Foreign Secretary still the best job in the Cabinet?
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    Except for moments like Tuesday, and what will surely be contender for the news picture of 1998: Robin Cook, in the middle of a three-day, six- country swing through the Middle East clinging to his dignity by his fingernails as the rain lashed down o...

  • Letter: Safety of acupuncture
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    Even if an alternative practitioner is highly skilled, there is always a risk that the patient, with or without prompting by the practitioner, will avoid orthodox medicine altogether, which in some cases may be essential to their survival. Alternativ...

  • Letter: No racist `Merchant'
    Thursday, 19 March 1998

    Most of the unctuous and hypocritical Christians in the play come off rather badly and in Act III Shakespeare gives Shylock those lines that are the ultimate put-down of anti-Semitism: "Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, s...

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