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Sunday, 29 March 1998

  • Leading Article: Vote of no-confidence
    Monday, 30 March 1998

    But that is internal democracy for you: it reveals all kinds of unpleasant truths. Mr Hague's drive to create a one-member-one-vote party is absolutely right. But it has exposed the hollowness at the heart of modern Toryism: there is no vision to ent...

  • Letter: After Jonesboro
    Monday, 30 March 1998

    locked myself out of school whilst on playground duty; let adults I do not recognise into after-school activities when they have tapped on the window for admittance; noted that it takes an extra adult to hold a door open to admit adults they do not r...

  • Letter: Defence of the realm
    Monday, 30 March 1998

    I was just contemplating how this scare could be turned into a policy when Paul Beaver of Jane's Defence Weekly suggested on Radio 4 that the Territorial Army (apparently under threat from the Defence Review) could become a civil defence force. But s...

  • Letter: Cook's tour
    Monday, 30 March 1998

    How can British Jews talk of peace when Israel persistently bullies Palestinians (with the world turning a blind eye) by infringing on the no-mans-land between the two countries, by building permanent settlements on it. If Israel was really intereste...

  • Letter: After Jonesboro
    Monday, 30 March 1998

    K LEAMAN London W9

  • Letter: Name that tune
    Monday, 30 March 1998

    Many a failed politician may have echoed those sentiments. PHILIP ASHTON Glossop, Derbyshire

  • Letter: Deaths in prison
    Monday, 30 March 1998

    There are serious dangers in allowing the politically correct lobby to stifle genuine scientific debate if they do not like some of the possible outcomes of the debate. We must always insist that open factual discussion is protected from attempts to ...

  • Letter: Child choices
    Monday, 30 March 1998


  • Continuing a Shakespearian tale of our times: Act Four, Tony does a deal with the devil
    Monday, 30 March 1998

    The scene is the Palace at Westminster, where Duke Prescott and several noblemen are conferring secretly. Enter Earl Dobson. Dobson: I would have audience with King Anthony On very urgent matters of the state. So stand aside and let me through to him...

  • Leading Article: A moral role on the world stage
    Monday, 30 March 1998

    Two obsessions trail in his wake: one of Britain "punching above her weight", the other of the association of British foreign policy with morality. Tomorrow, as he rises to deliver the Winston Churchill lecture, George Robertson needs to face both ob...

  • Letter: Child choices
    Monday, 30 March 1998

    To get to her position on the economic ladder, which is what has made her choice possible, both her brilliant talent and fantastic good luck are essential. For her then to suggest we do what Jodie Foster did and go and have articial insemination is t...

  • Letter: Child choices
    Monday, 30 March 1998

    The feminists rightly persuaded women to be more career-minded and to achieve some financial independence. But there is more involved than career- mindedness. Social changes since the Seventies have had profound effects on the 18-39 age group that mu...

  • Letter: Deaths in prison
    Monday, 30 March 1998

    In order to have found that Mr Manning was "unlawfully killed", the inquest jury would have had to have been sure "beyond a reasonable doubt" that he had been killed in an incident of murder or manslaughter. That is exactly the same standard of proof...

  • How reason helped break the taboo
    Sunday, 29 March 1998

    But how did the Independent on Sunday's campaign to decriminalise cannabis come to make history? Three factors are responsible for propelling the campaign so far. Firstly the support of readers who recognised the flaws in the outdated and confused ar...

  • Frisco fights to sell dope
    Sunday, 29 March 1998

    At stake is the survival of a Californian initiative, approved as Proposition 215 in a statewide referendum in November 1996, allowing for the growth and distribution of marijuana when the purposes are medicinal. US federal law forbids the growth and...

  • Letter: Confused folk of the indie scene
    Sunday, 29 March 1998

    Keith Millar Glasgow

  • Letter: The People's Government is no friend of triads
    Sunday, 29 March 1998

    This is not true. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (HKSARG) enjoys a high degree of autonomy to maintain law and order under the mini-constitution governing the territory. There is no question of the Central People's Government ...

  • Letter: No help for those in real need
    Sunday, 29 March 1998

    I see no point in replacing housing benefit with a voucher for accommodation set at a fixed level. Under the existing system there is a limit to what people can claim, depending on the size of the property and who lives there. Being a single person i...

  • Work is only a cure-all if there are jobs to do
    Sunday, 29 March 1998

    We fell into friendly conversation and talked, in a factual rather than a boastful manner - anyway I hope so - about the number of books we had written. He came out top. But I could not bring myself to ask him about a puzzling matter involving himsel...

  • Letter: Model victims
    Sunday, 29 March 1998

    What Dirie is trying to do is publicise the practice of female genital mutilation (of which one in four women die from complications). In this so-called post-feminist world, exploitation and repression of women continues. Surely we should be taking W...

  • Letter: For the record
    Sunday, 29 March 1998

    Brian Roberts Metropolitan Police Service

  • When there's a scare, ask what the real story is
    Sunday, 29 March 1998

    The answer is that the Sun had got an exclusive, a copy of an all-ports warning issued by the Home Office on 18 March, suggesting that Iraq was threatening to smuggle anthrax into "hostile countries", including Britain. As other journalists struggled...

  • An artist in the Garden: Michael Berkeley - Profile
    Sunday, 29 March 1998

    Having lamented the defection to the English National Opera of Nicholas Payne, who had run Covent Garden's opera company, Berkeley explained why the Opera House would now change style, moving away from business-style administrators to people with art...

  • Leading article: Meaning well is not enough
    Sunday, 29 March 1998

    Perhaps Mr Blair's view was influenced by the fact that he had just been in France where overtly racist politicians such as Jean-Marie Le Pen have had substantial electoral success. The continual failure of the British National Party to win votes may...

  • It's all replay and little action down at Heseltine Hall
    Sunday, 29 March 1998

    It is often difficult for a leading politician to adjust to normal life when first he leaves office. For many months, even years, Margaret Thatcher would spend her days simply wandering around the soft furnishings department of Harrods, stroking this...

  • In the magpie politics of the Blair era, let's hear it for the Sixties
    Sunday, 29 March 1998

    That is another way of saying that we would be a lesser lot without the Sixties. For Mr Smith is a child of the Sixties - not merely as an openly homosexual politician, but more importantly as a radical optimist about the ability of political action ...

  • To the Cook, here's Health
    Sunday, 29 March 1998

    MUCH wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Conservative camp over Labour's decision to ditch Blackpool as a party conference venue. The Tories took full opportunity to put a few into the Government's open goal, but privately they are appalled. An oppo...

  • When explanation fails
    Sunday, 29 March 1998

    Bill Clinton has set up an inquiry to determine if any lessons about violence in schools can be learnt. The inquiry will be conducted by those professionally involved with the police, with children, with education, with medical groups concerned at th...

  • Smile, Wills, it's your turn now
    Sunday, 29 March 1998

    In the aftermath the newspapers didn't shrink from the responsibility. Lord Rothermere announced that his papers would no longer be buying pictures from the paparazzi, and every columnist from Lynda Lee-Potter to Lord Rees-Mogg expressed the media's ...

  • Letters: Briefly
    Sunday, 29 March 1998

    Linda Bellos Black Filmmaker Publications ALAN Watkins (22 March) states that no Labour chancel- lor ever became prime minister. He has forgotten James Callaghan. He was Chancellor from 1964-67 and Prime Minister from 1976-79. Julian B Roland London ...

  • Letter: Get a life
    Sunday, 29 March 1998

    The lines in fact come from Arthur Hugh Clough's A Modern Dialogue and are to be interpreted (as a qualification "but need not strive officiously to keep alive" to the commandment "thou shalt not kill") in a sly and negative manner. Malcolm Jackson L...

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