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Saturday, 16 May 1998

  • Letter: Fabian Society not a charity
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    Michael Jacobs Fabian Society, London SW1

  • Letter: Blair's betrayal of Labour's roots
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    Keith Flett President, Haringey Trades Council, London N17

  • Letter: Grotty Tube
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    George Stern London N6

  • Letter: Too young
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    Clare Darwin London N4

  • Letter: Twelve helpful steps that can also hinder
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    That said, the movement has from the first been associated with the political right. The 12 steps are based on the ideas of Frank Buchman, a disagreeable character who founded the so-called "Oxford Group" and was notorious for his adulation of the Na...

  • Letter: Crossword clue
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    Naomi McClean Stockport

  • Letter: Blair's betrayal of Labour's roots
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    The Labour Party was created as the political face of the union movement and Blair is betraying his own inheritance. Why should he and the CBI be fearful of unions when 40 of the top 50 UK firms are union-organised? Trade unions are the last vestige ...

  • Letter: Twelve helpful steps that can also hinder
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    In the sole scientific study of 12-step in-patient treatment, only 14 per cent of patients abstained throughout the first year, and 20 per cent were controlled drinkers. Patients treated in more traditional units fared no worse. A recent American pub...

  • Letter: What is true of Reagan is not true of all Americans
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    Carlin goes on to discuss Timothy McVeigh, the man convicted of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing which he says had "no political objective" akin to those of the IRA or ETA. McVeigh's involvement in the militia movement is indicative of the growing popu...

  • A loveless marriage
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    Clinton enjoyed a moment of brilliant reflected glory when Yitzhak Rabin and Yassir Arafat shook hands on the White House lawn in September 1993, the first fruits of the peace process which had begun in Oslo. Now Israel's 50th anniversary finds that ...

  • Plenty more whales in the sea
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    They tried to rule out any possibility of dumping oil rigs in the North Sea and rigidly insisted on upholding the world-wide ban on whaling. Both stances will win them greenie points for environmental and political correctness. But neither will do mu...

  • Letter: Ian Griffiths criticism
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    Chris Johnson, London E7

  • Letter: Cocaine snorting
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    Catherine Comerford London W5

  • Letter: What is true of Reagan is not true of all Americans
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    Jeremy Neville Edinburgh

  • Leading article: G8: all mouth and no morals
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    G8 summits are over-organised. Birmingham was an imaginative choice. But given the pub lunches, the state banquets and the FA Cup Final it is hard to see when Bill Clinton, Helmut Kohl, Boris Yeltsin and the rest of them could find time to get any wo...

  • Press exposure of private lives is tough, unforgiving - and essential evil in the public sphere
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    But the way that the story, gathered by a journal known in the trade as the "News of the Screws", meandered into a mid-market paper and then into broadsheets is significant. It tells us that there is no longer a fire-break where privacy issues are co...

  • Profile: George Soros: God of all he surveys
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    Soros provokes ambiguous reactions. There is a sneaking admiration for his billion-dollar profits in the foreign exchange market at the expense of governments, even when the government is our own. At the same time he is feared because he symbolises t...

  • Chubby-Chops for the chop?
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    JOHN Major is going off to the United States for a lecture tour and a short holiday with Norma. He may have been promised pounds 750,000 by publishers HarperCollins for his memoirs, but the Americans are not quite to ready to part with their dough to...

  • The Agreeable World of Wallace Arnold: In my day at MI5 we simply had a better class of spy
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    Reports confirm he didn't attend one of our older public schools. This at least goes some way towards explaining why he made such a bosh-shot of his brief career as a double-agent. Imagine sticking one's country's top secrets to the cistern of a publ...

  • Losing him would be a humiliation for Blair
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    If the head of the Foreign Office, Sir John Kerr, is in a state of confusion - as he manifestly was when MPs questioned him last Thursday - and if the Foreign Secretary himself is hardly less muddled, changing his story as he does almost daily, what ...

  • Listen to the mocking roar of the tabloid lions
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    Lifting their heads from a tasty meal of raw gazelle to taunt Lord Wakeham, they humorously insisted they had already adapted - indeed were enjoying - their new diet. "He is preaching to the converted," announced Piers Morgan, editor of the Mirror. "...

  • Letter: Romanians abroad
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    Bernard Noble The Hague, The Netherlands

  • Letter: Those who would not fight
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    Colin D Alderman Basildon, Essex

  • Letter: Poetic licence
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    There is, of course, no "battle" at all; in fact all three academics quoted, on both sides of the debate (including myself), are members of the editorial board of the New Welsh Review and I strongly suspect that my colleagues would both support what ...

  • Letter: Not a charity
    Sunday, 17 May 1998

    The public schools still turn out a large number of self-important, arrogant "leaders" and are, as ever, socially divisive, helping to perpetuate a sense of class that still bedevils this country. If they were deprived of their charitable status - a ...

  • Letter: Third World debt
    Saturday, 16 May 1998

    Debt repayments are draining these countries of vital financial resources, hindering economic growth and poverty-reduction and preventing them from tackling enormous health problems. The United Nations Development Programme has estimated that the liv...

  • Letter: Cost of cathedrals
    Saturday, 16 May 1998

    Were our cathedrals ruins they would be scrupulously maintained by the state. As it is, each cathedral is the sole charge of its dean and chapter, meagrely funded in relation to the scale of their responsibilities. Much greater resources should be ma...

  • Humanity's mistake: we ate our rivals and are paying for it still
    Saturday, 16 May 1998

    This, at least, is the theory of a geology professor from Massachusetts, Mark Mcmenamin, who has just presented a paper on the subject to a meeting of the Geological Society of America in Salt Lake City. Professor McMenamin bases his conclusions on s...

  • Letter: Eurovision entries
    Saturday, 16 May 1998

    If the Palestinians eventually get a broadcasting network of their own which can be affiliated to the EBU, there is no reason why they should not have an entry to the song contest. If any other Mediterranean country wanted to enter it would be welcom...

  • British teenagers lead the world in their sexual activity - why?
    Saturday, 16 May 1998

    Britain leads the world in something! It's a long time since we've been able to say that. But "We should hang our heads in shame," said the Sun newspaper yesterday, reacting to the news that not only does Britain have the highest rate of unmarried te...

  • Letter: Left-wing dementia
    Saturday, 16 May 1998

    So I discovered that life's experiences didn't quite match up to the theory and blueprint as mapped by early socialist-anarcho-feminism? So what! Are you allowed to learn by your mistakes? Or do you have to go around shrieking "property is theft" all...

  • Letter: `Sanctity' of life
    Saturday, 16 May 1998

    If I, as a veterinary surgeon, were to end the life of a suffering animal by starving it or allowing it to die from an untreated respiratory infection, I would expect to be struck off the Veterinary Register for cruelty. Yet these are the methods adv...

  • Letter: Powers of the PCC
    Saturday, 16 May 1998

    It is indeed outside the PCC's remit - for good reason. When the PCC was established, the newspaper industry itself - not my Commission - decided that we should not have powers to adjudicate on matters of taste. The thinking behind it - with which I ...

  • Letter: Pedestrians in peril
    Saturday, 16 May 1998

    1750 pedestrians were killed on UK roads in 1990 (HMSO figures), significantly more than in France (1520) or the former West Germany (1450). In terms of pedestrians killed per 100,000 of the population, the UK still ranks fifth out of 16 countries: h...

  • Leading Article: Secret of Sinatra
    Saturday, 16 May 1998

    But Frank Sinatra deserves to be remembered for much more than this one song, even if it was his greatest hit. His long and colourful life (his recording career spanned seven decades) will provide a rich source for columnists and biographers. But, on...

  • Leading Article: New rules in the battle of the sexes
    Saturday, 16 May 1998

    Something interesting is certainly happening down there in the trenches. The lines on the domestic battlefield have been redrawn repeatedly over the past 20 years. The presumption is now that men share responsibility for child-rearing, even if women ...

  • Leading Article: Big fuss over a small bomb
    Saturday, 16 May 1998

    It is worth understanding how the small scale of these exercises made them especially powerful in their political and strategic messages. It is harder to make a small weapon than a large one, and miniaturised warheads can be more potent, as they are ...

  • Letter: `Sanctity' of life
    Saturday, 16 May 1998

    Moral values should not be used as an excuse to avoid facing up to a difficult decision. Singer presents us with a real-life human moral conflict, and it is not resolved by saying that it is "absolutely right" not to kill - we are still left with a c...

  • Letter: `Sanctity' of life
    Saturday, 16 May 1998

    Belief that life is in itself sacred would demand an equal respect for all life, be it vegetable, insect or animal. Given that most of us would find that view intolerable, the next logical step is to claim that there is something about human, or adva...

  • Quote unquote
    Saturday, 16 May 1998

    - Stephen Daldry, former artistic director of the Royal Court Theatre Robin Cook would gain more sympathy from his predecessors if he did not set himself up as our moral superior. We all did our bit to make a British contribution to a more decent wor...

  • Debt relief for the Third World is not enough
    Saturday, 16 May 1998

    I will leave aside the inconvenience that if you looked like an African in those days, people might treat you too as a poor soul in need of Christian charity, and concentrate instead on the value of this goodwill to the people of the Great Continent....

  • Letter: Labour and the unions
    Saturday, 16 May 1998

    Let's make it clear. John Monks and the TUC have no institutional links with the Labour Party. Neither do the majority of the unions in the TUC. Even Unison is only affiliated for part of its membership. How does this give them more influence than th...

  • Letter: India's nuclear tests
    Saturday, 16 May 1998

    Instead of condemning India, it would be prudent to enter into a constructive dialogue so that the Indian authorities can prevent fissile material from falling into rogue hands, maintain the nuclear reactors properly (to prevent a fallout) and safely...

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