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Friday, 29 May 1998

  • Letter: Farmers fight back
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    A free-for-all reduction in suppliers inevitably leads to controlled markets and higher prices. As small farms die, agribusiness takes over and soon yet another industry will be entirely in the hands of a tiny, all-powerful elite. TOM PEER London SW1...

  • Letter: Fuming
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    WILLIAM PROCTER (a smoking cyclist) Nottingham

  • Letter: Farmers fight back
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    I suspect that if the writer, from a low base, had suffered a 46 per cent decrease in income, he or she would be "bleating like a spring lamb", especially if the fall had nothing whatsoever to do with performance. Anyone who imagines that the demise ...

  • quote unquote
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    "The teaching profession is full of heroic people confronted by Kafkaesque absurdity" - Justine Cartwright, novelist, and former teacher. "For the Government, history is an embarrassment, something that gets in the way of the bright, cheerful, user-f...

  • Letter: All-night NHS
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    Before this notion is taken seriously it would be wise to remember that human beings are diurnal. A mass of research work shows that people are considerably less efficient and effective working at night. Furthermore the chances of dying are greater a...

  • Letter: All-night NHS
    Saturday, 30 May 1998


  • Letter: Farmers fight back
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    Farming has for decades been claiming to be an "industry"; farms have, for the most part, become factories; animals are at best a "crop". The farmers, led by the NFU, have sided with profiteers, even when it has involved huge animal suffering, as in ...

  • Please, Sayle-san, lend your bank some money
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    We know him well. He works at our local building society, which takes deposits and lends to buy homes. "Can you help us out, Sayle-san?" he asked. "If you have any money around the house, please come and pay it in straight away. It's only for 24 hour...

  • Letter: Farmers fight back
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    It is true to say that farmers, faced with new technology, have polluted the environment, as have the chemical, extraction and manufacturing industries. The intensification of agriculture was in response to government and, latterly, EU policies. Howe...

  • Leading article: Shock to the new
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    But times change and the enfants now find themselves eminences with no intervening period whatever. Still in their thirties, they are being ousted by the so-called New Neurotics, who are embraced by the Saatchis and rely more on traditional influence...

  • Letter: All-night NHS
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    SEAN MACKEN Edgware, North London

  • Letter: What Nimbys forget
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    To maintain and travel to and from this home I am sacrificing my ability to build up savings or a pension. I have to duplicate all the utilities I have in my London home. I also pay a second council tax, albeit at a reduced rate, but then, I do not m...

  • Letter: `Poisonous' Gulf shells
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    The headline states that DU is treated as a hazard in the UK. In fact, DU has a number of applications in the civil sector: ranging from shielding against radiation in hospitals to counterbalance weights in yacht keels and aircraft. DU can constitute...

  • Leading article: Shoppers deserve a fairer deal
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    It is possible to argue that anyone prepared to pay silly prices for fashionable labels or football insignia deserves to be fleeced for all they are worth. Possible, but dangerous. Because price-fixing is not limited to high fashion. Tesco sells a ra...

  • Leading article: Weeding out the dangerous doctors
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    There should be no doubt that Wisheart and Dhasmana were attempting to work at a level far beyond their competence. Out of 53 babies operated on between 1988 and 1995, 29 died and four suffered serious brain damage. What makes this case so important ...

  • What could be more harmless than a pub full of songsters?
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    Contrary to our common assumption that there was nothing the Fuhrer liked better of an evening than to settle in with a bottle of schnapps, a plate of Schweinswurstchen, and a picture book containing caricatures of gypsies, homosexuals and semites, i...

  • Letter: Gamblers on the Net
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    Although there are few problem Internet gamblers, the situation will almost certainly change as more and more people go online. The Internet will become technologically more sophisticated, allowing faster speeds, which will facilitate "hard" gambling...

  • Letter: Never too old
    Saturday, 30 May 1998


  • History need not be bunk - in fact, it can be put to positive use
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    In Northern Ireland, in spite of all the talk of a new start, the return of something like conventional politics has unleashed a barrage of recrimination. And in the Indian sub-continent, two nations which can still barely afford to feed their people...

  • Letter: Gypsies in the Ghetto
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    Many of the Romanies who live in the Czech Republic today were relocated to the north Bohemian and Moravian industrial heartland as manual workers by the Czechoslovak Communist government in the 1950s. There never was a comprehensive resettlement pla...

  • Letter: School of Liverpool
    Saturday, 30 May 1998

    Liverpool School of Art has had some of the finest, most influential teachers in Britain. The city had a thriving Academy and to its cathedrals attracted many notable artists. Painters and sculptors such as Sam Walsh, John Edkins, Arthur Dooley, Adri...

  • Pandora
    Friday, 29 May 1998

    THE SAVAGE attack on 10 Downing Street by political editor Kevin Maguire in yesterday's Mirror was aimed squarely at "Teflon" Tony Blair and his gruff press chief Alastair Campbell. Will Maguire's charge that Blair is "badly out of touch with his Peo...

  • Letter: Paisley and the Queen
    Friday, 29 May 1998

    Mr Paisley's surprise ("Queen is attacked as 'foolish' by Paisley", 27 May) illustrates the fact that his "loyalism" is to a Britain which has not existed for a long time. The sooner he decides his attitude to the Britain which exists now, the sooner...

  • Letter: When the music stops
    Friday, 29 May 1998

    PATRICK ROWE London N1

  • Jobs, not wages, are what really matter to Blair and Brown
    Friday, 29 May 1998

    For all the common assumptions routinely repeated about the unbridled power of the trade unions in the late Seventies, the firemen's victory was actually a rather rare event, borne in large part of the unique public popularity deservedly enjoyed by t...

  • Letter: Back to front
    Friday, 29 May 1998

    I do hope our old boys understand the message they're sending. B D SKINNER London N10

  • Letter: Albania's wise words
    Friday, 29 May 1998

    As my Albanian godfather is fond of saying: "Dung beetles will settle in a mouth that is forever open." LATSZI RUZNIK Purton, Wiltshire

  • If we act now to save the rouble, we will be helping ourselves too
    Friday, 29 May 1998

    Russia is not like Thailand or Malaysia. Last year it had a balance of payments surplus and, after the fall in the oil price, the deficit this year will be under 2 per cent of GDP. Tax collection is better than in the first part of last year, and the...

  • Trial and error: the case that's putting the principle of passive suffering to the test
    Friday, 29 May 1998

    Counsel: Your name is ...? Plaintiff: Is it strictly necessary to know my name? Counsel: Yes, Mrs Whittaker, it is. Plaintiff: Ah, you know my name already! Counsel: Of course I do. This is a piece of court formality in which we have to establish tha...

  • Leading article: The "third way" must go further
    Friday, 29 May 1998

    Tony Blair has been much mocked for promoting the "third way" as an ideology. When he invited a collection of academics to Downing Street for a seminar on the subject recently, Roy Hattersley, his former patron, was cutting. Since the "third way" was...

  • At times all politicians need a well-placed blow to the ego
    Friday, 29 May 1998

    There has been a run of American films recently that are cynical about politicians almost to the point of revulsion. Wag the Dog brought us a world where inventing a war was the most reasonable way to conceal an "incident" with an intern in the Oval ...

  • Letter: Training Indonesia's army
    Friday, 29 May 1998

    Dr Carey and I both agree that it is important to exert pressure and influence to persuade the military in Indonesia to adopt a different approach to what they regard as civil unrest and what we see as the legitimate expression of political dissent. ...

  • Letter: Life is sweet at fifty
    Friday, 29 May 1998

    1. You aren't dead. 2. You survived the Sixties and Seventies and can lie about going to Beatles / Stones / Status Quo concerts before the old rockers got wrinkles. 3. You can purport to be wise and worldly when you're really just as confused as ever...

  • Letter: Paisley and the Queen
    Friday, 29 May 1998

    Should the voter's first preference not be elected, the vote is "transferred" to the second, and subsequent, preferences. Sinn Fein is therefore suggesting that their supporters consider ranking Ulster Unionists as a preference immediately behind the...

  • Letter: We don't want to inhale
    Friday, 29 May 1998

    The evidence for and against the detrimental effects of passive smoking may be inconclusive, but should we not err on the side of caution? Should the smokers' case be proven in the future then they may have suffered a discomfort for a few years, bein...

  • Letter: The ethics of arms sales
    Friday, 29 May 1998

    Whether the world - let alone British industry - is ready for such a policy is another question, but let us be clear about what we are aiming at. BILL LINTON London N13

  • Letter: Music on the Internet
    Friday, 29 May 1998

    The music downloaded in MP3 format is not CD quality. MP3 is a compression algorithm, the use of which reduces the storage space required to 10 per cent of that required for CD-quality music, but which inevitably affects the quality of the music in d...

  • Letter: Pay figures don't add up
    Friday, 29 May 1998

    The Treasury suggests that this is nothing to worry about, because rising inflation has been caused by tax increases which will in due course be ironed out of the inflation figures. The inflation rise reflects the cut in mortgage interest tax relief,...

  • Leading article: A dangerous game of leapfrog in the dark
    Friday, 29 May 1998

    "We have evened the account with India," said Nawaz Sharif, the Pakistani prime minister. That simple statement explains why the pleas from Bill Clinton and Tony Blair for Pakistan to show restraint fell on deaf ears. But evening the account does not...

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