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Tuesday, 2 June 1998

  • It will take more than a reshuffle to put the Tories on course
    Wednesday, 3 June 1998

    But what is the Tory Party centre-right, modern and technocratic about that centre-left, modern and technocratic New Labour isn't? Able figures such as David Willetts, who will shadow David Blunkett, find that New Labour is as unafraid of change in o...

  • This is the week of exams - but don't despair if you fail them
    Wednesday, 3 June 1998

    There is one powerful practical reason why exams are going to become more important still. It is that most of the "new" jobs that are being created need skills that can be measured by the technique of an examination. Of course we may be teaching peop...

  • Pandora: Horde hols
    Wednesday, 3 June 1998

    Taki's pal A COLLEAGUE at the Independent on Sunday, Alan Watkins, reported that Paul Johnson might be departing from the Daily Mail in the near future. When Pandora rang Johnson yesterday to inquire, there was no time to broach the question. "You're...

  • No wonder so many young men are alienated when we eulogise this ape
    Wednesday, 3 June 1998

    No matter that what has happened to Gazza is self-inflicted, apparently we can not manage without his magic touch. I do not profess to know much about his footballing abilities, but my line on Gazza has been consistent ever since he beat up his wife....

  • Letter: Musical disaster
    Wednesday, 3 June 1998

    AL MURRAY Hampstead, London

  • Letter: Fake science in schools
    Wednesday, 3 June 1998

    Your explanation is, however, also flawed. It is not mainly the heating of the air before the jar is placed over the candle which causes trouble but the heating after this, which expands the air inside the jar, forcing bubbles out under the rim. On c...

  • Letter: Work or family
    Wednesday, 3 June 1998

    I have no children but I do have elderly parents. I wanted to be here for them, to reduce my stress levels and to get a life. I chose to give up a good pension, a guaranteed regular income, paid holidays and sick leave. I have gained time; time to sp...

  • Letter: Banana islands
    Wednesday, 3 June 1998

    The Windward Islands have probably the most participative banana industry in the world. Each island has its own Banana Growers' Association, owned and controlled by the farmers. These associations, together with the Windward Island governments, own t...

  • Leading Article: Fame fit for pigs
    Wednesday, 3 June 1998

    Enter the pigs. The Tamworth Two are emphatically not flawed geniuses. Although they are highly intelligent creatures with correspondingly complex personalities, they will, probably, never bother to go drinking with Chris Evans. They got one good bre...

  • Letter: Difficult Labour
    Wednesday, 3 June 1998

    But then, we all know about rugby league don't we, all those whippets and flat caps and oh, how wonderfully quaint and Northern and working- class it is - all this and that poor man Monks still expects to be taken seriously as a progressive voice in ...

  • The Gazza school of languages - it's enough to make you weep
    Wednesday, 3 June 1998

    And that's not all. You'll also find they speak a different language over there in France. It's called French. Why not learn a modicum before you go there? It will really improve the quality of life for you! To help you, I have drawn up a basic list ...

  • Leading Article: Brown grasps at the holy grail
    Wednesday, 3 June 1998

    If the golden rule is so straightforward and worthy, why has it proved so elusive? The reasons are straightforward. Politicians, have always found it difficult to resist the temptation to borrow to spend more on the public services. Harold Wilson sup...

  • Leading Article: National Lottery fever needs to be calmed
    Wednesday, 3 June 1998

    Distasteful and miserable though much of the lottery phenomenon is, this is certainly one genie that will never be put back in its bottle, if only because too many public projects have, sadly, come to rely on it for funding. But there are limited, pr...

  • Letter: Work or family
    Wednesday, 3 June 1998

    That is the opposite of what the survey you report suggests. You state that women suffer most over the loss of personal life through work. The difference between men and women on this point, however is very small - 61 per cent of women and 55 per cen...

  • Letter: Difficult Labour
    Wednesday, 3 June 1998

    Robin Cook's vaunted "ethical" foreign policy lies exposed as a sham. The "new" European policy consists in continuing with the previous government's policies, but saying so more politely. At home Jack Straw has embarked on an unprecedented programme...

  • Letter: Work or family
    Wednesday, 3 June 1998

    It would appear that the "what I want I want now" culture is running up against the buffers of reality. If one wishes to indulge in all that's on offer, and that costs money, sacrifices have always had to be made; so let us have a little less whingei...

  • Letter: Difficult Labour
    Wednesday, 3 June 1998

    ALASTAIR CAMPBELL 10 Downing Street London SW1

  • Letter: Hoddle's masterstroke
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    CHARLIE McCORMICK Geddington, Northamptonshire

  • Letter: Training oppressors
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    Suharto originally institutionalised the political and economic role of the military, buying their support through the establishment of business fiefdoms. The military is a business machine which has benefited mightily from its position of power. The...

  • Letter: 'Mail' apology
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    The actual figure is, of course, a confidential matter between Miss Shields and us but it is considerably less that the one you quoted. Far from being "po-faced in the extreme" (whatever that means) we took urgent steps to correct our mistake as soon...

  • It's little things that can make the difference in urban renewal
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    Not all is gain, however. I was recently in the middle of Liverpool, also in the evening, The area around Lime Street station and St George's Hall is a sort of urban hell - featureless except for a few islands of the old Liverpool still standing, cut...

  • Letter: The consultants' club
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    Nationally, only 19 per cent of consultants are women, and this drops to 4 per cent among surgeons, despite the fact that 52 per cent of medical students are female. Additionally, 85 per cent of women doctors have children. If these mothers had been ...

  • Letter: Music on the Net
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    It is in the interests of all creatives to take part in the development of new technologies, and this includes means to protect rights. GAVIN ROBERTSON New Media R&D Manager The Music Alliance London W1

  • Mean millionaires keep charity out of mind and out of pocket
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    New figures for charitable giving in the UK show that since 1992 most of the rise in charities' incomes has come from either their own trading activities - those now ultra-hip high street second-hand shops - or from higher fees and grants. The amount...

  • Let us now praise the surprising successes of multicultural Britain
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    Those who survive, many of their descendants and other black and Asian Britons would question if this country has been "home" to them. Evidence daily emerges of how much racism, discrimination and racial violence still blight the lives of black Brito...

  • Letter: Quake puzzle
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    Dr JAMES HUTCHISON Birmingham

  • Letter: Modified soya
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    GEORGE STIDOLPH Chairman Scottish Consumers Association for Natural Food Glasgow

  • Leading Article: Yesterday's men or a Tory tomorrow?
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    True, Miss Widdecombe, Mr Willetts and the new shadow Chancellor, Francis Maude, have "form", but they are not readily recognisable as relics of the last government and thus "yesterday's" men and women. Mr Hague has also tilted his team towards a fre...

  • Letter: Fuming
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    RICHARD PREECE Wirral, Merseyside

  • Leading Article: Don't cry for Gazza
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    It is unlikely that Gascoigne ever possessed these magical qualities. He may have been one of the most talented players in his generation, if not the most talented, but this may have told us more about that generation's abilities than anything else. ...

  • Leading Article: Crown prosecutors guilty as charged
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    The ability of the service to do its job properly has been a matter of public concern for many years but, as with other bureaucratic bodies, the CPS and those who ran it seem to have placed a premium on protecting themselves from investigation and re...

  • As 2000 looms, the world awaits the end - and Melvyn Bragg's last judgment
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    But he is not yet happy. He has one burning, unfulfilled ambition, and that is to be a guest on Start the Week with Melvyn Bragg. Until that is granted, one feels he will not be a happy man. "It sounds illogical," he smilingly agrees. "Indeed, it is ...

  • Letter: Training oppressors
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    The armed forces have dominated everyday life and intervened in everything from land disputes to labour disputes for the last 32 years. The special forces, Kopassus, some of whose officers are studying at Hull University, are trained in interrogation...

  • Letter: Music on the Net
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    As a working songwriter I rely on copyright and the ability to enforce my rights to ensure payment. I don't actually get paid for writing a song: I only earn money when it is bought or played. I do not have the luxury of hoping that an unregulated Ne...

  • Pandora
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    Tea & sympathy EVEN before the first ball is kicked in the World Cup, watching England has become a major strain on the nerves. Take Glenn Hoddle's pastoral care for his players. After the recent introduction of a faith healer to the squad, Engla...

  • Letter: Hoddle's masterstroke
    Tuesday, 2 June 1998

    Admittedly, Ginger Spice has yet to prove herself as a footballer at the highest level, but this has never been a barrier to inclusion in the England team. Her platforms could give us some much-needed height against Continental defences in the set pi...

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