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Saturday, 6 June 1998

  • Letter: A long road to racial identity
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    Later I married and now have two mixed-heritage children. When they asked me about their identity I took them to Kenya, where I too needed to search for my identity. I found the village where my father lived; I met him and my grandmother for the firs...

  • Letter: Movie choice
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    Films are routinely and successfully dubbed for French, German and Italian markets. If distribution followed the market,there could be massive audiences for French blockbusters or quirky and sexy Scandinavian films. But the British market seems to be...

  • He used to be a shy boy
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    Likewise in recent months there have been rumours circulating that Stuart Higgins would be departing the helm of the Sun, to be replaced by the woman who was recently appointed his deputy, Rebekah Wade. A 30-year-old high-flyer from the News of the W...

  • Don't blame the Bank when it all goes wrong
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    The nationalisation of the Bank was the first significant measure of public ownership carried out by the 1945 Labour government. At the time it caused surprisingly little fuss, certainly nothing comparable to the rows about the creation of the health...

  • Letter: Parenthood is a positive career move, too
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    Helen G Brown Cardiff

  • It's the way Tony tells 'em...
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    But they say it's the way you tell them, and the way Mr Blair told them was in "mockney", a faint but perceptible faux-plebeian accent. Harold Wilson used to broaden his Yorkshire accent when he went North, and Blair lapses into a mild form of Estuar...

  • Well said, Clare Short
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    Aid workers are used to being not simply beyond, but above reproach. They take it for granted, and assume everyone else does, that they are "committed"; that they "care". From their moral high ground they are more accustomed to attacking others for t...

  • Why ITV is the real scandal
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    This must be of great concern to the Independent Television Commission, which is charged with watching standards on ITV and is these days the only organisation connected to commercial television that is not obsessed with ratings. Already the programm...

  • Letter: Cheaper drugs that work
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    First, the storage conditions ensure that there is no product deterioration. In fact, most drugs are stored for longer periods in other parts of the supply chain. Secondly, packing and repacking systems have built-in check routines to prevent contami...

  • Letter: Home truths
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    Tim Mickleburgh Grimsby, LincsA knife-edge

  • Letter: Parenthood is a positive career move, too
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    Rosie Carnall Sheffield

  • Letter: Islam majority
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    In 1945, Jinnah's Muslim League which had adopted the goal of Pakistan as the essence of its manifesto, won all the Muslim seats in the Indian central legislature. These elections were based on a wide (albeit limited) adult franchise. So the basis of...

  • Letters: Briefly
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    Jean Loutz Senlisse, France l WHILE naturally delighted that Maggie O'Farrell thought so highly of Alan Warner's novel The Sopranos, (Review, 31 May), I was puzzled by the stern knuckle-rapping delivered in response to the author's "irksome habit of ...

  • Kids like Gazza and Blair make me feel grown-up
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    This is a widespread malaise, perhaps the defining one of our times, and a list of the people who suffer from it would easily fill the remainder of this column. They certainly include Teddy Sheringham, the England player who tried to claim on Friday ...

  • Leading Article: This time we must care
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    Just because we failed the Bosnians it does not necessarily follow that we should do in Kosovo what we failed to do in its Balkan neighbour. But all the evidence is that the lessons of Bosnia do in fact apply. In the case of Bosnia, the prevailing mo...

  • Forget dumbing down. We have never been so clever or original
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    The thinking classes sigh, tut and embark on another round of jeremiads about the dumbing down of Britain. The phrase has taken on a mantra-like quality. Accusing others of being dumbed down puts the speaker on a platform of discernment which the ins...

  • William and I look to the ordinary, decent people
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    It is surely one of the most courageous moves William has made since he first took over the reins of the Conservative Party, well on a par with his decision to attend last year's Notting Hill Carnival dressed as a village idiot. Broadly speaking, he ...

  • Letter: The protests were for this
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    The responsibility is ours. Some people saw this coming. Fiona Walker London N19

  • Letter: A knife-edge
    Sunday, 7 June 1998

    TS O'Brien London W4

  • Letter: Pharmaceutical threat
    Saturday, 6 June 1998

    The industry has a long tradition of over-reacting to modest proposals. In 1993, a new public right of access to information about drug safety was proposed in a private member's Bill: disclosure, of such information by the licensing authority was (an...

  • Letter: Secular babies
    Saturday, 6 June 1998

    Moreover, the BHA has been following work done for a long time by the freethought movement; the Ethical Church produced a ceremony for the "Recognition and Dedication of Children" in 1913, and the National Secular Society produced a ceremony for the ...

  • Letter: Case for Kenya
    Saturday, 6 June 1998

    President Moi had foreseen that multiparty democracy may divide Kenyans along ethnic lines and in exercising his freedom of expression warned Kenyans about it. This unfortunately has turned out to be the case. He however accepted the eventuality and ...

  • Why this millennium logo is just plain wrong
    Saturday, 6 June 1998

    A piece of art that would live for another millennium? The best work of the most up to date designers and sculptors? An imposing monument? These, it appears are the qualities sought by the creators of the Millennium Doll, a (literally) statuesque fem...

  • Letter: Close calls
    Saturday, 6 June 1998


  • Letter: Lessons for Indonesia
    Saturday, 6 June 1998

    Both correspondents, however, fail to engage with the arguments of those with considerable experience of Indonesia who recognise that within the armed forces there is good as well as bad, and that every attempt should be made through teaching fora, s...

  • They thought the L-word was dead and buried, but it's back
    Saturday, 6 June 1998

    WILLIAM SAFIRE is not, as you might have gathered, a liberal. His columns in The New York Times make no bones about it. But the entry for liberalism in his political dictionary tells us about more than Mr Safire's personal political credentials: for ...

  • Leading Article: 'Conspiracies' and national icons
    Saturday, 6 June 1998

    In the case of Diana there is one person who seems determined to stimulate the theorists' fertile imaginations. Mohamed Al Fayed has consistently raised questions about the circumstances of her death. His tenacity makes many observes feel queasy, for...

  • Leading Article: Off-message on student loans
    Saturday, 6 June 1998

    That is why next week's threatened revolt by Labour MPs against the Higher Education Bill is misguided and unjustified. The principle of the Government's reform is sound, but the case simply has not been made, either to MPs or to the general public. ...

  • Quote unquote
    Saturday, 6 June 1998

    "I think I have peaked too early. Everyone will be sick of me by the time it comes to vote" - Ken Livingstone, Labour MP, on his chances of becoming Mayor of London. "Soundbite and slogan, strapline and headline: at every turn we meet hyperbole. The ...

  • Letter: Fawning MPs
    Saturday, 6 June 1998

    I have long wondered what possible use was served by those braying voices of Conservative Members of Parliament who used to compete to ask the most fatuous question of the day. I remember reading a copy of Hansard from the Second World War. Members w...

  • Letter: The real Synge
    Saturday, 6 June 1998

    RICHARD SYNGE Cambridge

  • Letter: Countryside in peril
    Saturday, 6 June 1998

    To accuse South Lakeland District Council of Nimbyism is also wide of the mark - we have gone to great lengths (and expense) to overcome the Nimbys in order to provide affordable housing for local people. As councillors here can tell you the problem ...

  • Letter: Lottery victims
    Saturday, 6 June 1998

    It is for these reasons that the public policy of providing gambling on the basis of unstimulated demand was so effective. When it was still being implemented, there were more gambling facilities in Britain than any other European country and they we...

  • Letter: It worked!
    Saturday, 6 June 1998

    TONY NEWPORT Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire

  • Letter: Countryside in peril
    Saturday, 6 June 1998

    Yes, people have the right to live and work where they choose, but forcing hardworking local people out of the towns and villages they grew up in to make way for absentee owners has torn the soul out of communities the length and breadth of Britain. ...

  • We need bad behaviour in sport, it's the way to win
    Saturday, 6 June 1998

    I was head over heels in love, when I was seven, with a lovely golden- plaited girl called Josephine. 'Ah!' I remember our parents crooning when they saw us skipping along to school together, our innocent little fingers intertwined like sleeping baby...

  • Letter: Fawning MPs
    Saturday, 6 June 1998

    ANNE LEWIS London SW15

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