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Saturday, 12 September 1998

  • Letter: Christian transformation without 'mind control'
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    There are more than 500 cults operating in the UK, and they represent a very serious and growing problem. By our definition a cult has five characteristics, the most important being the use of mind-control techniques to recruit and maintain its membe...

  • Letter: Playwrights with peerages are not revolutionaries
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    Racing Demon was indeed "a marvellous dissection of the Church of England" - through it failed to come to grips with female ordination, possibly the greatest shift in that institution since Henry VIII. The political play Absence of War managed, like ...

  • Clinton In Crisis: Cloud of financial scandal looming
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    Attorney General Janet Reno has in the last two weeks taken several steps towards authorising new prosecutors to look into another potential scandal for the administration. The issue this time will not be sex, but fund-raising during the 1996 Clinton...

  • Clinton In Crisis: Hillary confronts past, present, and future
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    The woman who had said memorably in 1992 that she was not a little woman, standing by her man like Tammy Wynette, was doing just that - but with such bravado and presence, that there were times when she and not her husband seemed the one ensuring the...

  • Clinton In Crisis: Now we all know - so what's next?
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    But at 3.45 Wednesday afternoon, the room became the centre of explosive activity. Officials in the office of Kenneth Starr, the independent counsel investigating the affairs of President Clinton, telephoned the Sergeant at Arms to tell him a deliver...

  • Clinton In Crisis: Powerful and yet powerless
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    Kennedy was shot. Johnson, after a brilliant season of legislative achievement, chose to abdicate when he was so unpopular over the Vietnam War that he could hardly leave the White House except to visit military bases. Nixon had his moments of glory ...

  • Clinton In Crisis: Have you heard about the cigar?
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    In the House, the Yea/Nays began to flicker on the scoreboard. In church, Bill/Hill didn't do the have-you-heard-this-one laughing routine from the night before. Then Newt called it: 363-63 - rip the tape off those boxes, and throw the dirt on the Ne...

  • Clinton In Crisis: Three decisions that led to public disgrace
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    The Supreme Court decision was the pivot. Of all the cases argued by his lawyers since he took office, this was the one most keenly fought and the defeat most bitterly regretted. A woman named Paula Jones had alleged that Mr Clinton called her to a h...

  • Clinton In Crisis: US comment
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    The New York Post, 18 August: "Even if the President's reputation is sullied beyond repair, if his honour and honesty are completely and irrevocably undermined, the damage falls primarily on this President. The presidency - the dignity, the authority...

  • Clinton In Crisis: Foes get the glow
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    Some have surfaced already with their told-you-so's. Like Bob Dornan, the former representative from California, who once described Clinton as a "draft-dodging adulterer" and whom we in Washington used to call B2 Bob after the bomber plane. Last week...

  • Clinton In Crisis: Bill's words: `The sorrow I feel is genuine'
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    25 January: "But I want to say one thing to the American people. I want you to listen to me. I'm going to say this again. I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie. Not a single time. Never. These all...

  • Clinton In Crisis: Few find joy in a nation that loses its innocence
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    My lawyer is the chairman of the Gay Men's Health Crisis. He is a graduate of Harvard College. Among the baby boomers, my lawyer and Bill Clinton were singled out early as "the best and the brightest". Like myself, they are members of a narcissistica...

  • Western advice won't help Russia, Mr Blair
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    "It depends," she said flatly, "what kind of bread you like." The interpreter was discomfited; the President's grin wavered. Here was his symbolic endorsement of the newly liberalised economy and the blessings of consumer choice being flattened by so...

  • Profile: Jeremy Isaacs: The nice Jewish bruiser is coming round again
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    Sir Jeremy, as Covent Garden's general director until last year, has inevitably been mentioned in background reports accompanying last Wednesday's news that Sir Colin Southgate, chairman of the Royal Opera House board, has cut Floral Street's Gordian...

  • Poll shock: all men are mortal, even Tony
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    Quelle tristesse. The poor man. How will he live with himself? And what will he tell the boys, and poor Kathryn? The Blair breakfast table must have been a stomach-churning place last Wednesday morning as Tony tried to soften the blow of these terrib...

  • It's a scandal, but nothing like the one about to break
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    Teachers teach that knowledge waits Can lead to hundred-dollar plates Goodness hides behind its gates But even the President of the United States Sometimes must have to stand naked... "It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)" BOB DYLAN isn't the bard of ...

  • Supernurses aren't what we need
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    The solution announced last week by the Prime Minister, and apparently welcomed by the Royal College of Nursing, is the creation of a new kind of nurse: the supernurse or nurse consultant. Forget bedpans and making beds with "hospital corners". This ...

  • The vice of secrecy at No 10
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    What we will get, if Mr Clinton goes, is Pious Tony at his worst, uttering platitudes about the faults which bring about the downfall even of great men. Mr Clinton is not, by any standards, a great man but he is an example of the difficulties politic...

  • Leading Article: Clinton is not finished yet
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    None of this is to make light of Clinton's conduct. His attempts at damage limitation have been, and will continue to be, revolting. While apologising profusely at various award ceremonies and prayer meetings, he has simultaneously pursued a scorched...

  • Was this the way it was?
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    Cut to high waves, vomiting in boats, screaming shells, whizzing bullets, bursting grenades, screams, yells, young men drowning, calling for their mothers, dying of wounds. A leg flies ten feet into the air, a creation of Spielberg's 17-man prostheti...

  • Put a stop to these lily-livered TV confessionals
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    I mention this slippery individual because I am set to become his most deadly rival. Following the success of Kilroy and the even greater success of Vanessa, I have been persuaded by Channel 5 to venture into the same market myself. Arnold! and its c...

  • Letter: No raving
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    I refer to your travel editor's article, "Holiday firms turn on to rave culture" (Travel, 6 September), in which Jeremy Atiyah claims: "Leading tour operators are offering tailor-made sunshine trips to young clubgoers, promoting the sort of non-stop ...

  • Letter: Unpunished genocide
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    When news of the genocide of the Armenians by the Turks reached them, the Allies, on 24 May 1915, issued a joint declaration: "In view of these new crimes of Turkey against humanity and civilisation ... the Allied governments ... will hold personally...

  • Letter: Modernise the monarchy - it encourages us to stay in the past
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    PETER DENTON Teddington, Middlesex

  • Clinton In Crisis: Few find joy in a nation that loses its innocence
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    Both the Democrats and their Republican foes are confronted with a radically altered political scenario. How they should proceed now is not obvious to either party. And they face stakes of unprecedented dimensions. America is just eight weeks from mi...

  • Letter: Briefly
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    STEPHEN HUGHES Hoylake, Merseyside

  • Quotes of the week
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    Derek Draper Former lobbyist Uri Geller says he does his spoon-bending by divine means. I do it by tricks. If he's doing it by divine means then he's doing it the hard way. James Randi Investigator of paranormal There is general acceptance by the int...

  • Quiz of the week
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    1. Which eight-by-six-inch painting on copper has generated a legal ruling that will reverberate through the art world? 2. Colleagues of Pontypridd traffic warden David Hughes admitted he had been over-zealous in his job last week. To what did he iss...

  • Letter: Briefly
    Sunday, 13 September 1998


  • Letter: Christian transformation without 'mind control'
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    Whatever church community we belong to, we are agreed on one thing: that people desperately need to know about Jesus Christ and to begin to form a living relationship with Him. So Alpha is a means of putting across the basics of the Christian faith i...

  • Letter: Briefly
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    EDWARD POTTEN Stockport, Cheshire

  • Letter: Modernise the monarchy - it encourages us to stay in the past
    Sunday, 13 September 1998

    Britain must also cease its habit of looking backwards, one that the monarchy encourages, and which has detrimental repercussions for the well-being of the country. There is nothing wrong in remembering the achievements of the past, but only when the...

  • Letter: Briefly
    Sunday, 13 September 1998


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