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'(Princess Diana), stripped of the royal apparatus, will by her person remain, wherever she goes and whatever her fate, a living reproach to Charles. Even if, and this, his entourage says, is an intention which is becoming more and more certain, she finds herself the divorced wife of the heir to the throne. He would do well to remember that the great of this world, however powerful, are constantly faced with the unspoken question of those who (for an instant) bend their knee before them: 'Who made you King?' '

Paris Match, French weekly

'All the Church is doing in raising these matters publicly is drawing yet more attention to the supposed moral failings of the Queen's heir without finding any solution. And is there really any problem? . . . All of this would, of course, be irrelevant and remote as far as Australia is concerned except for the fact that Prince Charles, if he becomes King, will be our next head of state. That is, unless we become a republic before the coronation of this alleged adulterer.'

The Age, Melbourne daily