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I thought it was going to be jungle and Tarzan . . . Cairo was totally disgusting rubbish. The people were not good, the land they just destroyed, the food was rubbish.

17-year-old youth sent on a three- month tour of Africa as Bryn Melyn therapy for criminality

You know, I just can't think of a book I haven't read.

Peter Ackroyd, asked to contribute to a 'Daily Telegraph' series on books writers haven't read

We were simply trying to find out if the relationship could be on-going and things took on a dynamic of their own.

Rev Gareth Miller, married with four children, who had an affair with his parish secretary, who bore him a son

I would bet a large sum of money that among the members of Mr Yeo's constituency association now howling for blood, there are ladies so unlovely that they fear to look in the mirror, and yearn to take out their lack of beauty on Mr Yeo and the delectable Miss Stent.

Bernard Levin writing in the 'Times'