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From Ms Gillian Tindall Sir: It is a pity that Jonathan Glancey's timely article on the folly of destroying old buildings, just because they represent a politically unfashionable era, was misleadingly illustrated.

In his text he mentions Madras, correctly, as an Indian city where crass provincial prejudices are still permitting the destruction of its architectural heritage. He does not mention Bombay, yet the piece is accompanied by a picture, allegedly of Victoria Terminus there, that does justice neither to that splendid edifice nor to Bombay's current record of conservation and rehabilitation.

A dozen years ago, when working on an urban history of Bombay, I, too, feared that the city's great Saracenic-Gothic buildings were at risk, but there has been a sea change in attitude: cleaning and floodlighting are now recognised policy.

Much remains to be done but, considering the difficulties under which Indian conservation architects operate, the success has been remarkable. Credit where credit is due.

Yours faithfully, Gillian Tindall London, NW5

19 January