Brief letters

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l JACKSONVILLE is where cautious Northern businesses plant their Florida headquarters, but Robert Hanks is wrong: it isn't the capital ("Miami, scene of the crimes", Review, 24 September,). That's Tallahassee, and west of there isn't exactly "virgin" soil. It's where "pro-lifers" shoot doctors.

Warren French

Swansea, Wales

l BUNHILL goes to some trouble to estimate the cost of levelling the playing field (Business, 17 September). Surely this is all unnecessary. Fairness would be assured provided that the teams change ends at half- time.

Peter Balacs, Brussels

l ANNA Blundy's piece was in error where it described me as judging the talent of clients ("Don't worry, you're very talented", Real Life, 24 September). As an arts psychologist my job is to support the well-being of artists at whatever level they work. A fulfilled rank-and-file orchestral player is to me a successful outcome; a self-destructive and unhappy genius, a cause for concern.

Andy Evans

London W14

l ANNABEL Ferriman's piece ("alternative therapies: where's the health warning", 24 September) was alarmist. No responsible therapist denies there is a need for regulation of training and quality; but the best evidence suggests that mainstream alternative therapies are safer than conventional medicine.

Denis MacEoin, Natural Medicines Society, Heanor, Derbys