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Having discarded the dry/wet dichotomy, intelligent Heathites should stop pretending that there is any longer a danger of falling leftwards into the jaws of Leviathan ("What we are up against", 5 October). Why don't they stay ideologically exactly where they are - and cross the floor to join New Labour?

Michael Taylor


Baroness Castle attempting to unify Britain with Europe's breath test limit of 50mg of alcohol with 100ml of blood? ("Castle breath test plea", 5 October). Is this the same Barbara Castle who campaigned so vigorously against our joining the EC in order to avoid harmonising with crippling and draconian red-tape?

Alan C Hiller

Newport, Monmouthshire

The front over of your Real Life section features a picture of a strangely elongated wraith, naked save for a "wearable, commercial" wraparound piece of wet muslin (5 October). This is not real life as I know it.

Penny Bradbury