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l Richard Rogers' analysis of urban development and its potential future was remarkable for its clarity of thought and humanity ("This is tomorrow", Review, 23 November). His suggestions as to what could be done to create a capital city that would be a source of pride to all are radical, enlightened and practical. May those who are in a position to do so urge him to offer his services as Mayor of London.

Constantine de Goguel

London SW17

l Please advise William Hartston ("What the papers said", 23 November) to leave attempts to correct other people's Latin to the experts. As every schoolboy used to know, you do not need the genitive case as well as the preposition "of". Furthermore, horribilis, being an adjective of the third declension, forms the genitive plural horribilium, not horribilorum. For this howler Hartston should be made to write "I must not add ignorance to arrogance" 100 times.

JE Cloud, Leicester

l Neal Ascherson (23 November) credits Paul Virilio with coining "teledildonics". In fact it is defined in Howard Rheingold's Virtual Reality, published in 1991. Rheingold credits "dildonics" to a Theodor Nelson in 1974.

MJ Knight, Langley, Berkshire