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Why not do the nation a favour - scrap the Millennium Dome and give the people of Montserrat a fair deal ("Montserrat leaders...", 24 August).

P A King Aberdeen

When in Hong Kong I saw that Feng Shui really does work ("Feng Shui reaches the DIY superstore ..." 24 August). I don't believe in the supernatural forces it invokes: but I saw buildings positioned and constructed on principles other than greed and profit. It's the intervention of human imagination than makes the difference.

Ruth Grimsley, Sheffield

In "Peter's summer hols" (24 August) you say that last month Peter Mandelson "even appeared on the front page of the Times holding a smiling child". Not in my copy. There it was Mandelson who was smiling - the child had a look between amazement and horror.

Trevor Brown, Newbury

So "Television is losing its young audience" (24 August). This might worry executives and producers, but to me it's the best news in your paper - after the Test match victory of course.

Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby

"From ocean to ocean, via a land's desert heart" (Travel & Money, 24 August) on the Indian Pacific Railway was illustrated by a photograph of the much older railway at Kuranda on the edge of the Queensland rainforest.

Margaret Gabbe

Canterbury, Kent