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If NHS hospitals are crying out for nurses ("NHS chiefs fly to Canada to find nurses", 8 September), why can't my husband find a job? He is qualified as a Registered Mental Nurse and as a Registered General Nurse and has been looking since September 1993. He has applied for all grades of jobs everywhere in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, to no avail.

L Hannon

Folkestone, Kent

Paul Rodgers, (Bunhill, Business, 15 September) is wrong to say that the real Kilgore Trout, author of Venus on the Half-Shell, after Kurt Vonnegut's fictional science fiction writer, was Philip K Dick. Venus was written by Philip Jose Farmer and published by Dell in 1975.

Erik Arthur

London N7

You report David Wilshire MP's hysterical outburst ("Adams `launches book' in House", 15 September) that Gerry Adams will give the money from his forthcoming autobiography to "murderers".

In the 1973 Honours List, the officer commanding 1 Para the previous year, when 13 unarmed civilians were shot down in Derry, was awarded an OBE.

Adrian Kozlowski