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"Politics US-style" (8 September)? God forbid! If any politician's wife does a Mrs Dole on us her husband will be cast into the political wilderness.

Bernard Charnley

Biggin, Derbyshire

Thank you Peter Dunn for describing the drinking (and vomiting) habits of Dorset's youth ("Designer drinks? In Dorset we've got Oggie Special", 8 September). Now I know I will never move out to the sticks.

J Drinkie, London N1

The Conservatives ought not to emphasise any modest increase in the feel-good factor: the electorate is just warming to the idea of getting rid of them.

M Gordon, Chesham, Bucks

By Toutais! Your article, "Asterix out of retirement after five years" (1 September) was excellent but everyone knows that Asterix's friend is called Obelix and not Obelisk! Also, it's Cacaphonix - as in cacophony, because he's a poor singer.

Tim Gowen

In "Estate agents join the workers" (8 September), Paul Routledge refers to "the impending affiliation of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers" to the TUC. This is premature. Conference this year decided to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of TUC membership. This work is underway.

Terry McElligott

ATL, London WC2