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l YOUNG people do not need a guide to the Beatles ("The old kids on the block", Review, 19 November). They simply have to buy the latest Oasis record.

Charles Murray, London N17

l YOUR leading article on the monarchy, "It's just showbiz" (19 November), ends by saying that it is "the show of the century" and that "we want it to run and run". Not all of us, we don't. More and more of us would like it to run away, once and for all.

Nicolas Walter, London N1

l HOW I enjoyed Julie Myerson's "Three cheers for Enid Blyton" (19 November). As a working-class child growing up in Leeds in the early 1960s, I scoured jumble sales and saved my pennies to buy every Enid Blyton book ever written. I read them by candlelight because our house did not have electricity in the bedrooms and suffered permanent eye strain as a result.

Cherril Cliff, Leeds

l WITH regard to the article on Satya Sai Baba ("Baba's very big birthday bash", Review, 19 November) no mention was made of the voluntary service activities engaged in by his followers. These include mobile eye clinics, organising convoys of aid to Eastern Europe, supplying artificial limbs, running soup kitchens and caring for the severely handicapped, among many other projects all over the world.

CM David, Nottingham