Bunhill: Instant erudition

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STAND by, wait for it: yes, it's Captain Moonlight's Catch Up Service, the news digest with a unique combination of life's- rich-pageant and just-fancy- that . . . The British replace their toothbrushes every 11 months, says Euromonitor, the London-based market analyst . . . Three llamas which escaped from a farm were chased by police round a Hull council estate for more than two hours . . . Roman Catholic bishops in Spain have declared driving too fast to be a mortal sin in an endorsement of a government road-safety campaign . . . Pensioner Peter Bessamer had his trousers ripped off by a crazed duck outside the chemist's in Toddington, Bedfordshire. The duck, a Muscovy, attacked from behind . . . An office-safety talk ended in near disaster when the demonstrator fell down a lift shaft. Librarian Clive Joynson, of Leek, Staffs, was rescued by firemen and treated for a knee injury . . . Cats going out into the sun should have high-factor sun block rubbed on to their ears and noses, advised the British Small Animal Veterinary Association . . . Street trader Igor Roskny was beaten to death in Perth, Australia, because he put mustard on a customer's tuna sandwich by mistake. The man, who wanted mayonnaise, faces a murder charge . . . The Duke of Edinburgh has drawn Cameroon in the Windsor Castle World Cup sweepstake . . . and finally, 24 people were killed or seriously injured in Tokyo between 1988 and 1993 while bowing greetings to each other. Most of the dead citizens were nudged under trains, trapped in revolving doors or plunged down escalators. Safe 'Greetings Zones' have now been introduced.