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CAPTAIN Moonlight's Catch-Up Service . . . my exclusive digest of events during the past week which the busy, time-committed person of today might have missed . . . a toad tunnel has been installed near the home of Lord Egremont at Petworth in West Sussex . . . Andy Houldsworth, a Liverpool teacher, has probably the largest Action Man collection in western Europe . . . firemen rescued a cow called Daisy from a swimming pool at Wall, in Northumberland, after it mistook the green plastic cover for grass and fell in . . . Norman Webster, a garage mechanic, is being plagued by a phone pest who rings him three times a week and plays him Des O'Connor records . . . the Spanish nightclub of Ronald Knight, wanted by Scotland Yard in connection with the pounds 6m Security Express robbery, has been burgled. The thieves took his karaoke machine, giant television screen and burglar alarm. 'There's no justice in this world,' said Mr Knight . . . and, with that sad tale, I leave you until next week.