Captain Moonlight

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SOMETHING missing in your news coverage? The Captain's weekly digest is here to help . . . Armed raiders wearing Balaclava masks ambushed an Indian restaurant delivery driver at Swanscombe, Kent, and stole two curries . . . Maria Valdez is suing her ex-boyfriend's family in Barcelona because he ruined her car interior when he broke in and shot himself . . . Italian researchers are recommending waking to the cock's crow rather than an alarm clock. 'Brusque early awakening by shock and persistent noise . . . can lead to unexpected death,' said Prof Michele Trimarchi. Quite. The Captain's grandfather liked to be awakened by Scotch dripped from a feather . . . The Prince of Wales, according to a report, has 160 business suits, 40 uniforms, 20 sports jackets, 40 pairs of slacks, 35 sports outfits, 50 pairs of dress shoes, 25 pairs of sports shoes, 150 shirts and 200 ties . . . Shigeo Ogawa, a Japanese kamikaze pilot, has revealed that he flew 11 suicide missions. This is believed to be a record . . . and, finally, funeral music at West Hertfordshire Crematorium has included 'Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye', 'I'd Like To Get You On A Slow Boat To China', and 'Happy Days Are Here Again'.