Captain Moonlight

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SOCIAL note: strange rumours insinuate themselves through from heat-dazed Westminster. One bespeaks attempts at rapprochement between doughty Gordon Brown, the Shadow Chancellor, and his exotic companion of long-ago Edinburgh University days, Princess Margarita of Romania. The Princess, a god-daughter of the Duke of Edinburgh (qv), is the eldest daughter of King Michael of Romania, who was forced out at gunpoint by Communists in 1948. She has been described as the strongest candidate for a restored Romanian throne. A rekindling of the old flame would raise the heady prospect of King Gordon of Romania. And they say the economy there is in an even worse state than it is here. A challenge indeed. Sadly, my sources report a lack of enthusiasm on Gordon's side; and the Captain's attempts to speak to the Princess have so far proved fruitless. I will keep you posted.