Captain Moonlight: A giant leap for fashion?

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WHAT a reassuring sight] John Major's special anti-yob squad pictured yesterday after dealing with a spot of trouble in Trafalgar Square. The crane in the background is used to deal with the really tough customers. The 'Majormen', as they are known, will be issued with umbrellas for rainy days; the protective clothing has also been designed to be graffiti-proof. No? Very well, then: the Prince of Wales leading other members of the Royal Family down the beach at Le Touquet for a quick dip before dinner in their new anti-intrusion suits. The Queen is the small figure at the back. The photographer from the German news magazine can be clearly seen in the cab of his cherry- picker. Hard cheese, Fritz] No? How about Gro Harlem Brundtland's new population control device? All right, all right: they are Russian firefighters taking part in an international disaster exercise held at an oil refinery in Astrakhan last week.

(Photograph omitted)