Captain Moonlight: Bond's style counsel

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SOME so-called fashion pundits have taken it upon themselves to scorn Pierce Brosnan, the new James Bond, for wearing brown shoes with a suit, in town (pictured above). What is it about brown shoes that irritates the English so? The Captain's father, who was a major, but from the ranks, was once offered violence in the mess at Colchester for the light-brown pallor of his shoes. I wear mine in his memory, despite all social censure. Not brown suede, however: they are for politicians and golfers. All a bit of a minefield. I recall coming across a Daily Telegraph sub-editor in Fleet Street on his way into work on a Sunday in tweeds. It was pouring with rain; he was very wet. I asked him why he didn't have an umbrella. The look of contempt sears me still. 'What?' he said. 'With country clothes?'

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