Captain Moonlight: Captain Moonlight's Catch Up Service

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HERE it is, Captain Moonlight's Catch Up Service, a vital digest of news you might just have missed during the past week . . . An earth tremor shook parts of North Wales on Thursday. It lasted for 30 seconds and was followed by a loud bang. There were no reports of injuries or damage . . . George the Duck is recovering from an injured foot after he was hit by a shopping trolley hurled into his pond at Farnham, Surrey . . . Scuff the terrier was trapped in a shed at Stoke Abbot, Dorset, for three days because he can't bark . . . Barry Manilow is suing a radio station which boasts that it never plays his records . . . Carpet cleaner Chris Barnaby and Shirley Malerich were married in Southend yesterday dressed as vacuum cleaners.