Captain Moonlight: Catch-up service

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STEADY. Concentrate. Here, once again, for the benefit of you, the busy, busy person who might have missed some of the past week's media output, is Captain Moonlight's Catch-Up Service (Camcus). A few minutes spent here will give you the material to shine in conversation and acquire a reputation as an interesting person . . . On Tuesday, a policeman locked in a lavatory was freed after calling to a woman passing by at Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire . . . Peter the Budgerigar, of South Bank, near Middlesbrough, died, aged seven, of lung cancer. His vet blamed it on passive smoking, but his owner, Mrs Eileen Wilson, a 40-a-day person, was not convinced . . . Burt Reynolds was so shaken by the Los Angeles earthquake that he decided to settle his differences with Loni Anderson, the wife he is divorcing. 'It startled me into realising what's important and what's not,' said Burt. He keeps two houses; Loni gets one and pounds 1.5m to buy another . . . Simon Foster, a postman, won pounds 240 by winning a fishing match with a gudgeon weighing a quarter of an ounce. 'In 16 years I have never won with such a small fish. It was amazing,' said Mr Foster . . . more from Camcus soon . . .