Captain Moonlight: Catch-Up Service

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BUSY, BUSY. What a week. No time to relax and read the newspapers as thoroughly as you would wish. That's why you need Captain Moonlight's Catch-Up Service. CAMCUS, only available here, provides, at no extra cost, an invaluable, unmissable digest . . . Researchers at Ohio State University, for example, showed that arguing with your marital partner was bad for your health, as was bereavement . . . Reg Kray ordered a canary-yellow cord carpet, similar to Princess Anne's at Gatcombe Park, for his cell in Blundeston Prison, but then the Home Office said he could only have a rug . . . a ram fitted with a wooden back leg from an old bedpost has sired five lambs for his delighted owner, a farmer near Maidstone . . . John Elliott, an army corporal, is claiming a world record after balancing 40 pint glasses on his chin . . . the Jolly Pecker, a jumping clockwork penis, was found not to be indecent at Preston Crown Court . . . and, finally, just in, the Princess of Wales has accepted an honorary fellowship from the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons . . . More from CAMCUS very soon . . .