Captain Moonlight: Catch-up Service

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MARVEL. Gasp. Shake your head and mutter, 'well, I never'. Yes, it's here again, Captain Moonlight's Catch-up Service, my indispensable, exclusive digest of the week's news: Sergeant Ian Hendrie, who locked himself in the annexe of Bethnal Green police station, east London, as he shut up for the night, had to write a note to get the attention of a passer-by . . . One-quarter of Frenchmen don't know how to undo a woman's bra, and one in five Frenchwomen thinks her husband is unbearably ugly, a survey for a French women's magazine found . . . James Major, the Prime Minister's son, won second prize for a window- dressing display using old coat hangers at Marks & Spencer in Cambridge . . . A man who had a calendar tatooed on his back in Hobart, Tasmania, sued the artist for misspelling February and September . . . Devoted Do die Wyantte, 46, waited on her blind husband, Harmon, for 18 years. But when an operation restored his sight he threw her out because she was too ugly. At home in Miami, Florida, he said: 'Dodie's a sweet woman and all that, but I never realised what a dog she is. She was a great wife as long as I didn't have to look at her.'