CAPTAIN MOONLIGHT : Flatworms . . . flying faxes . . . and funny Yorksh iremen

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WELCOME once again to the news digest that keeps you au courant with what's happening at the sharp end of news gathering ... Elvis fan Shirley Fitzgerald of south London asked for her Caesarean to take place on the King's birthday. "It was thrillin g," shesaid. "We played Elvis songs. He sang `Stand By Me' as the baby was born ... I'd like to call him Elvis, but David [her husband] won't let me." ... Women have lower tolerance of chilli peppers than men, according to recent research by scientists ... Aman threw his wife from the window of their second-floor flat in Cairo because his dinner wasn't ready. She suffered multiple fractures. He was freed on £8 bail ... Sting has spent three days in Brazil with followers of a 5,000-strong sect called the Union of Vegetable ... John McCarthy has been asked by a television travel programme if he will go to Beirut to make a piece for them ... And, finally, a piece of personally affecting news from Australia, where 300 people gathered in Gundagai, New South Wales, to

witness the re- burial of one of the family's "blacker" sheep, Andrew Scott, also known as Captain Moonlight, preacher, soldier and bushranger, executed in Sydney 115 years ago. It was the Captain's last wish, churlishly ignored, that he should lie next to histwo mates, shot dead on his last raid at Gundagai.

Requiesce in pace, grandad.