Captain Moonlight: Here's the catch-up

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YUP, here it is again, Captain Moonlight's Catch-Up Service, the news digest that's an indispensable aid to stimulating conversation at dinner table and bus stop . . . Rob Banks is to get a new trial in Adelaide. This time he will be referred to as Mr X after a judge held that his name prejudiced a fair hearing on a bank robbery charge . . . A shop in Merida, Venezuela, has 567 flavours of ice-cream . . . Sir Peregrine Worsthorne has been found to be suffering from psittacosis after being bitten by a parrot . . . The Japanese are paying pounds 13 a pint for Boddington's beer . . . Almost 100,000 children voted Michael Jackson the world's most caring pop star . . . Cec Welch, of Barton-upon- Humber, has been buried blacked up and dressed like Al Jolson . . . Tourists to Britain have complained that there are not enough cows . . . A man with amnesia asked police who he was at Hanau, in Germany, to be told that he was Manfred Bissinger, wanted for fraud . . . Bobby and Jack Charlton could have played for Scotland. 'Bobby and I only found out about five years ago that our grandmother came from Dundee,' said Jack . . . The first flea of the spring was found on an Essex dog, a golden retriever from Thundersley, near Basildon . . . Psychiatrist Stabrula Oratarus, appearing on Greek television to promote her new book, Life Without Sleep, dozed off while being interviewed . . . And, finally, the unusually cold weather is playing havoc with the sex lives of domestic rabbits and leaving pet shops across England in short supply . . .