Captain Moonlight: In a tizz here and now

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NOW THAT the Great Question Time Question has at last been resolved, you will be wanting another television teaser for the dinner table, the bus queue and those moments in the small hours when sleep just refuses to come. So the Captain gives you: Sue Lawley and Here and Now.

Here and Now is to be the new, punchy BBC1 current affairs programme, occupying the famous early-evening Eldorado slot. Tabloid television, short pieces by reporters on the road, the new Birtism with accessibility added to earnestness. Reporters include Sybil Ruscoe, from Radio 1, Sankha Guha, formerly presenter of Channel 4's Rough Guide series, and the veteran stirrer, Tom Mangold. Jill Morrell, John McCarthy's spirited other half, just missed out. And Ms Lawley? Well, Alan Yentob, BBC1 controller, presumably mindful of Ms Lawley's disappointment over Question Time, suggested her for Here and Now, thus throwing its devisers into a tizz, since they do not want a studio presenter and do not quite see her putting feet in doors. What will happen? The Captain says: you worry about it, I've got Terry Wogan to sort out. And all these puppets. Did you see that the Wombles are coming back? And guess who is one of the managers in this new celebrity football television programme, Fantasy League? Basil Brush. Help. And, you ask, Roland Rat? Resting in Florida, says his agent, with no immediate plans to return. Hallelujah] Boom, boom]